Havenly Review: Read This Before You Buy

More often than not, people struggle with finding the perfect interior designer that matches their style. Mistakes are bound to happen, tastes often get mixed up, customers end up getting disappointed and mad because they waste both money and time. However, there might be a perfect solution to this problem, and this Havenly review will help you find out what it is.

Imagine having an affordable personal designer who knows exactly what you want. How? By researching and learning every important detail about your style and what you want your new home or room to look like. We will find out exactly how a brand known as Havenly does this and whether customers are happy with the results.

Stick around because this is going to be an exciting brand to talk about!

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What Is Havenly?

Havenly Online Interior Design

Havenly is an interior design service that aims to provide an effortless process for all of its clients, regardless of what type of design style you’re looking for. Havenly launched in 2013 and it has been running smoothly since then. A lot about the brand has remained the same since then, given that their unique design process works perfectly and has very few flaws to it, making the majority of their customers happy and satisfied.

To put it shortly, Havenly will help you with your interior design needs from start to finish. They will have a look at your home or rooms that you want to be designed, they will do a custom design based on your style, recommendations, and needs, and they will also help you purchase every item after you’ve confirmed your new design.

As we said, Havenly offers an effortless interior design process that will meet everyone’s needs and requirements.

Havenly Ratings Breakdown


If there is one thing that makes customers leave a positive review is the quality of the results that come with Havenly. Everything from the initial phases to the designers, to the final tweaks and changes is totally worth it when you finally get your finished project.


Considering how easy the entire design process is with Havenly, it definitely makes their service worth it for the money. A slight downside here is that there are only two plans and a few more features could have been included, but it’s overall not a huge problem.


When it comes to good customer experience, customers expect a clean and easy process that won’t stress you out or make you regret your decision. This is exactly the case with Havenly. They offer an easy, stress-free, and effortless process that’s too good to pass up.


The brand itself offers almost nothing to complain about. The entire staff is made up of expert designers who are friendly and definitely know what they’re doing. They are also patient and will listen to your needs without being rude or too suggestive. As a brand, Havenly has no negative reviews given that thousands of customers have tried their services.and stich their logo on the Tree Runners, and it does look pretty good.

How Does Havenly Work?

The process Havenly incorporates to satisfy every customer is simple. It comes with a few phases that are completed in order and follow a strict guideline that guarantees success, an effortless process, and satisfaction.

The Survey Phase

In the first phase, Havenly requires its customers to go through a survey process that is designed to help the brand learn all about your style, needs, and what you want your newly designed rooms to look like.

This phase asks various questions where you help them learn your unique style. This also helps them determine which of their professional designers will be most suitable for your individual case. Once you finish all of the questions and choose your plan, then it’s time to move on to the next phase.

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The Briefing Phase

The second phase of the Havenly interior design process is where you get to meet your new expert designer. In this phase, Havenly chooses and assigns a designer to your project based on the survey you took in the earlier stage.

You will be required to take a photo of your room based on some of their specific requirements. After you’ve taken a clear photo that shows the entire room, you get to have a call with your designer and talk about what you need. This helps them avoid any mistakes and hear you out in full detail.

Once you feel that you’ve covered every single detail that you want your designer to know, the final and most exciting part of the Havenly interior design process can begin.

The Design Phase

Finally, your expert designer may start the designing process. What’s important to know is that you can also check up on them during the process to see how everything is going. They can send you images of what they have so far and you can hop on a call with them at any point in the process.

The key takeaway here is that you will have constant contact with your designer during the entire process. You won’t be forced to just wait until they are done and worry about whether they will do a good job or not.

In the end, once you’re finally happy with your new design, Havenly also helps its customers buy every single item that was included in their design. They work with hundreds of brands to make sure you have everything you need. By doing so, they also handle the shipment and delivery of those items to your home.

So, overall, everything about your interior design, from start to finish is taken care of by Havenly. The reliability and automation that come with this brand are why so many of their customers have solely positive reviews.

What Do Customers Think About Havenly?

When it comes to Havenly and whether their services are good or not, the numbers speak for themselves.

Currently, the reviews on the official brand’s website state a 4.8 rating based on close to 9000 reviews. This means that almost every single one of their thousands of customers was happy with their design. So, if you’re having any second thoughts about whether this brand will do a good job, these stats will most likely help you decide with ease.

The majority of customers describe Havenly as a brand that always gets exactly what each customer wants. They always match their unique style perfectly and take everything for you in just a couple of days. What’s even more positively reviewed is their relatively affordable plans compared to other similar services on the internet that rarely do as good a job as Havenly.

Havenly Pricing and Plans

A common, and completely understandable question you may come across is, “how much does Havenly cost?” Well, they have two similar plans that come with different price tags.

The first plan is called the Mini Plan. This one offers a quick and easy way to redesign an already decorated room but you won’t get layout visualizations or custom floor plans. It’s still a cheaper option than their other plan that still gets you your own expert designer with whom you can have one on one talks to ensure a design that perfectly matches your style. The Mini Plan by Havenly costs $79.

The other plan is called the Full Plan. This costs $129 and has two extra features that a decent number of people will strongly require. This includes custom floor plans and expert and high-quality layout visualizations. You still get every single feature the Mini Plan offers plus these two extra ones. The delivery time is still the same, standing at around 2 days.


  • Affordable prices
  • Fast delivery
  • One on One meetings with designers
  • Unlimited reviews and corrections of the design
  • Easy and effortless process


  • There are only two plans that could have covered more services and features


Overall, Havenly is a trusted brand that has some of the most positive reviews you will ever read. They help their customers get an effortless re-design of their home or rooms and ensure that you are always happy with the results. They work fast, include great benefits, and make sure that you are left satisfied no matter what.

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