Glossier vs Wander Beauty vs ColourPop: Best Makeup & Skincare

There is no shortage of companies that offer the “best” products. Most of the time when trying to find a manufacturer for beauty products is like finding a needle in a haystack. Nonetheless, there are many names that come up in this industry, promising what seems to be, the best package.

Glossier, Wander Beauty, and ColourPop have many well-renowned products that are loved by many. On the surface, it seems as though these three contenders don’t have many differences. Most of their promises are generally cliché.

In any case, most of them are built from the ground up, from beauty product enthusiasts. This is great in many ways, but the most notable one is that, these companies care about their products a lot. Distinguishing which of them is the best is no easy task, but we will dive in into the details and see what’s what.

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What’s The Difference Between Glossier, Wander Beauty & ColourPop?

While all of them promise best overall make-up or skin care package, the community says otherwise. We have looked at each individual company, and while it may appear as though they’re similar on the surface, they aren’t.

The keyword here is “niche”. Each of them has strengths in a specific look or feel, but one stands out from the crowd, and that is Wander Beauty.

It seems as though what Wander Beauty is trying to achieve is creating products for all looks, and works for everyone. Glossier and ColourPop, well it says it in their name. One is more focused on glossy looks, and the other on heavy color looks.

Authority-wise, ColourPop comes in at first place, second is Glossier, and third is Wander Beauty, which is understandable. What is not understandable is why Wander Beauty is third when it has the best overall package?

It’s important to note that Wander Beauty hasn’t been present as much as the other two. To sum up, Glossier and ColourPop are tailored for a specific thing, while Wander Beauty is a whole package.

Which Has the Best Makeup Lineup from Glossier, Wander Beauty & ColourPop?

When making these comparisons, we considered all of the variables. In any case, it comes down to what you’re going for, whether it be a heavier look, or weightless makeup that is exceptionally easy to use and apply.

Arguably, all of these brands have great makeup, but it is unreasonable to ignore some of the bad reviews that Wander Beauty gets. Most of the time, it falls behind from Glossier and ColourPop in terms of quality.

Nonetheless, that is not to say that it is necessarily bad, but Glossier and ColourPop set a higher bar for quality anyways. You won’t go wrong even if you use Wander Beauty, especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to take a lot of time in your makeup session.

While ColourPop may be considered the flamboyant one from the bunch, it arguably has the best makeup.

Even though most of the products are for shinier looks, there are others which you can find for less flamboyant looks, if you’re not into that. Nevertheless, ColourPop has only a small percentage of order and shipping issues.

However, this only happened to handful of customers, and since it is the biggest brand of the bunch, it is expected that we see more of that reported here. In other words, since more people use ColourPop, exponentially, more people will experience some issues.

Chances are that even Glossier and Wander Beauty will experience the same, if we compare them in order issues but percentage-wise.

Best Skincare Products – Glossier vs Wander Beauty vs ColourPop

Wander Beauty has been repeatedly praised for its skincare lineup, especially for a certain product, and that is the Dive In Moisturizer. It promises to give you a whopping 72 hours of moisturized skin, and successfully keeps to its promise.

In any case, there is no getting around the fact that it is also the priciest of the bunch. Glossier is what you would expect from Glossier, but their skincare products seem to fall behind their quality for makeup.

The most impressive arsenal of skin care products has ColourPop, and you’re destined to find something that works especially for you, from all of those choices. Although, these are some of the same products, just with different smells and minor changes in consistency.

Still, it holds the first place for skin care products, but you can’t go wrong with Wander Beauty as well. Only thing you should put in consideration is the prices for some of the products from Wander Beauty.

Glossier Makeup & Skin Care Review

Like ColourPop, Glossier is well established in the makeup industry, and they have been around for a while. Many daily drive Glossier, ever since they’ve tried it out.

The keyword with Glossier is quality above all else. Everything else falls in comparison. Most of the products aren’t that flamboyant, and don’t attract attention, but you cannot go wrong with Glossier.

Mainly it is focused for those that can’t find the time to do a full makeup session before going out. The makeup products are usually lightweight with a couple of exceptions. On top of that, most of the looks you can achieve aren’t that heavy, and it makes your natural self pop-off more rather than your makeup.

That’s why with Glossier’s makeup products, and some skin care products as well, the main center of attention is you, and not the flamboyant eyeshadow.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled the upsides and downsides with Glossier’s makeup and skin care lineup:


  • Light-weight
  • Can be applied in a hurry, usually doesn’t require much attention.
  • More natural look.
  • Less flamboyancy.
  • Quality products, with tons of positive feedback, suited for almost all skin types.
  • Relatively easy to wipe off.
  • Great skin care – moisturizing products.


  • Not a wide variety of colors and products to choose from.
  • Makeup kits aren’t as rich as the other two.
  • Difficult to create a heavier look.
  • Not everyone is a fan of the, more natural look.

Wander Beauty Makeup & Skin Care Review

Wander Beauty Co-Founder Lindsay Ellingson

Wander Beauty is similar to Glossier in a couple of ways. One is that it is targeted to people that are in a rush, and often times don’t have the time to allocate for focusing on makeup. The second is that they also are more in favor for natural looks.

The creators are Wonder Beauty are much closer to their customers and users, and focus on making better products based on the feedback from many.

Without any doubt, where Wander Beauty shows some strength is in its skin care line up. Products like the Drift Away Cleanser, Layover Hydrating Ampoule, Eye Masks, and more, are just an example of the exceptional products that they produce.

As for their makeup, it can be said that they’re very similar to Glossier, but fall behind in quality. Both Glossier and Wander Beauty are more for professionals, suited for business environments.

In any case, there are always some downsides and upsides that should be considered, and the same goes for Wander Beauty:


  • Makeup is suited for business environments.
  • Easy to apply, and light-weight like Glossier.
  • A bit more colors to choose from.
  • Outstanding skin care products. One recommendation would be the Dive In Moisturizer.
  • Not relevant for many, but they have the best packaging from the bunch, and the products are well-designed, often times in a gold theme.


  • Far pricier than the others.
  • Not many options for heavier looks.
  • Usually, for quick makeup sessions and not for enthusiasts.
  • Lower quality than Glossier and ColourPop.

ColourPop Makeup & Skin Care Review

Colourpop Makeup

Now, as we have mentioned extensively before, ColourPop does take the crown for being the most exuberant one of the bunch. It is quite different than the others, far more unique, and can be considered the best one for lively looks.

Unlike Glossier and Wonder Beauty, ColourPop doesn’t focus that much on giving you the most natural look. Granted, with this unique style, it is far more challenging to apply, and consumes a lot of time.

But, if a special occasion is on your calendar, then ColourPop is the one to go with. There have been many looks that have been created with their products, some of them unbelievably good.

Additionally, considering it focuses more on heavier makeup, and does it at an affordable price, it is definitely a great value for money.

Still, there are some downsides. Although, we have outlined the upsides and downsides of using ColourPop for you:


  • Great for shinier and heavier looks.
  • Value for money.
  • Most unique set of products.
  • Can be used for work as well as special occasions.
  • Best colorful eyeshadow looks.


  • Can take a lot of time to be applied.
  • Very heavy, often times it suffocates your skin.
  • Tailored for more experienced makeup artists.
  • Not all products hold to the same bar of quality.

Glossier vs Wander Beauty vs ColourPop: Which One is For You?

So, to sum up, we have two brands that are sort of in the similar niche, while the other is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It can be daunting to choose one of these brands.

However, we made sure to pack in as much information in one table (below) to make it far easier for you to decide which one you should go with. Now, personal goals and preference will play a huge role between these brands, but we also review their customer service and other aspects of the brands.

At the end of the day, all of these have great products, but it is definitely a matter of which one is more tailored to you. Here is the chart:

Glossier vs Wander Beauty vs ColourPop Comparison
Easy Application Great for in-a-hurry. The best one of the bunch for easiest application. Rather poor.
Weight The lightest 5/5 Close Enough 4/5 Not Great 2/5
Sensitive Skin Since it is the lightest one, it is great for sensitive skins. Not so good. Surprisingly good, considering it is very heavy.
Will it block out my pores? Decent breathing room for your skin. Some products are heavy, and can clog up some of your pores. Otherwise, not bad. Most of the products in the lineup – yes. There are exceptions, usually less heavy products.
Is it easy to wipe off the makeup? The best 5/5 Second place 4/5 Average, but good for such products 4/5
Cost Affordable. Second place 4/5The priciest of all three brands. Very cheap, great value for money.
Daily Use Glossier is tailored for quick and easy application, which means daily use is great. Can be good, if you’re looking to do some natural looks. Possible to daily use, but very hard and time consuming.

Which Makeup and Skin Care Products are Best? – Glossier, Wander Beauty or ColourPop

Well, there is a lot of information to take in. In terms of quality and use, there is a clear winner. Nonetheless, personal preference will always overrule that.

What is very different between these products is easy application. ColourPop seems like the clear victor for many aspects that many would care about like quality, what looks can be achieved, heavy, great skin care products and more.

The issue then comes down to whether one would sacrifice ease-of-use for quality? ColourPop has unbelievable products, and it goes to show why it is one of the biggest brands here. That is not to disregard Glossier and Wander Beauty. We have seen that they’re typically quite lighter, easier to apply, and they’re enough for everyday use.

So, if you’re looking for something to make yourself pop each day, then ColourPop is for you. More distinctive looks can be achieved with their products, and they seem “higher quality” on average.

Yes, the products are heavier and there is a harder application process, but the looks you can achieve with it are out of this world. Nevertheless, since ColourPop is not for many, our second choice for the best makeup and skin care is Glossier.

While Wander Beauty makes some great products, they’re just not up there with quality like Glossier or ColourPop. But that is not a fair comparison, and in any case Wander Beauty’s products are great as well.

Glossier vs Wander Beauty

There is a rivalry being built between these two brands. Wander Beauty is the contender, and in the last year, they have shown that they mean business, which leads many to wonder whether Wander Beauty has reached Glossier, or possibly surpassed it?

While on the surface they appear identical in some aspects, they’re actually quite different. To easily distinguish between the differences, we have outlined many of them:

  • Mascaras – Interestingly, Wander Beauty’s mascara seems to be quite better than Glossier. It makes your eyes pop, and it isn’t that heavy.
  • Lip Gloss and Lipstick – Glossier does have the better world of both, but that is only if you like a more shiny look. If you don’t want anything crazy as far as shinning goes, than you’re better off with Wander Beauty.
  • Price – The main downside with Wander Beauty is the unreasonable prices. It is far less affordable than Glossier, and ColourPop as well.
  • Quality – Glossier has an incremental quality advantage, and while it may seem insignificant, it actually makes a lot of difference when you apply both products to your skin.
  • Powder – Again, Glossier does produce better powders, but when it comes to choosing one of these brands, it comes to a choice of quality versus practicality, since Wander Beauty has an all in one, easy applicator.

There are other distinguishable differences for other products like: blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, primer and more. Nonetheless, the prices for the Wander Beauty products are very high for the quality they provide, which is lower than Glossier.

Based on all of the things said above, Glossier does seem to be better by a small margin. It can work for natural looks, i.e. light-weight, but also heavier looks for special events, especially glossy ones.

Why Choose ColourPop?

Fourth Ray Beauty – ColourPop

ColourPop, as we’ve said repeteadly, is a great brand. Product quality is exceptional, and what they offer can’t be found anywhere else. If choosing ColourPop, then you should also consider their exceptional skin care products to help with the weight of the makeup.

While the makeup lineup is the best between the three, some individual skin care products aren’t as good as some of those from Wander Beauty and even Glossier. However, these are only a handful of exceptions, and most of their skin care products are based on a formula that they know to be working.

It isn’t fair to mention that there have been some reports about a bad customer service, or sometimes customers receiving wrong or bad products. However, why this is more apperent with ColourPop is because it is also the one with the greatest number of regular users, so naturally, while there are more customers there are more problems as well.

Still, when we look at it as a percentage, there is just a small amount of these cases for us not to recommend this brand. Both their skin care lineup and their makeup lineup are exceptional, but rather time-consuming.

So, ColourPop should be considered by those that don’t have a lot of issues with spending the extra time to diligently care for their look. Those that are more versatile, and need the extra time they can get, are better off with using lighter and easier makeup like Wander Beauty or Glossier.

Head-to-Head Comparisons

Since choosing between three brands can be a bit daunting and challenging, we though it would be best if we pinned them against each other. What follows is a one-on-one battle of each of the brands, to truly prove which one you should go for.

What to Consider, Wander Beauty or ColourPop?

Wander Beauty has been only improving for the last twelve months. They have the best kits if you’re mostly working, or don’t have a lot of time that you can dedicate to makeup. Sadly, prices are a bit high for what you’re getting, but there is no doubt that they have some amazing products.

ColourPop has a quite unique style, and they focus more on makeup and skin care products that you would actually use to something like a wedding. As for daily use, there are some products which aren’t heavy, but it is fairly time consuming to use them.

Other than that, both have impressive lineups, but it comes down more to personal preference than choosing between them. Those that like to be ready in 20 minutes should go for Wander Beauty. But those that don’t mind longer makeup sessions, then ColourPop is the one.

Which is Better, Glossier vs Wander Beauty?

To be frank, both of them aim to achieve the same goal, and that is, great in-a-hurry makeup application. There is a big distinction in looks. While you can achieve some non-shiny looks with Glossier, there is no getting around the fact that they’re particularly more focused on glossy looks.

Even though that’s true, Wander Beauty does have products that make you stand out in the crowd, but maybe not as much as Glossier.

There is a clear choice here, and that is to either go glossier or more natural. In any case, maybe both? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and stick to the facts. We need to break it down, and see what are the differences in both, and why you should choose Glossier.

Glossier vs Wander Beauty Products
Makeup for Everyday Use Glossier can be easily used as a daily driver. The kits are great, and it will seem as though you’re putting much more work into your makeup than you actually are. The same goes for Wander Beauty, although it maybe lacks the zing that you get from Glossier.
Sensitive Skin Very breathable products, and less time wiping. Way behind Glossier. Those that have sensitive skin, might have issues with particular products.
Cost Affordable prices for the amount of quality and functionality you’re getting. Much pricier, and not a great value for money.
Beginners If you’re a beginner Glossier might be a tad bit more technical to use daily. Great for beginners, and easy to learn with. Some products like the blush, bronzer, might be difficult to use.
Powder Nothing special, but it does look natural. Interesting all-in-one applicator with powder, which is very easy to use, and can be used easily while you’re on the go.
Skin Care More traditional skin care products, with good quality and at affordable prices. Wander Beauty has definitely some exceptional skin care products, especially masks, which Glossier lacks. However, prices are sky-high.

The Verdict: Which One Should You Choose? – Glossier, Wander Beauty or ColourPop?

First of all, it is important to note that all of these brands have great products, but all are very different. One is focused on glossier makeup, other on natural look, and ColourPop, well, color.

Wander Beauty has shown many positives, like the masks, moisturizing liquids, powders, and more. The main downside is that even though it is fairly easy to use on a daily basis, and great for beginners, it might be out of the range for many, cost-wise.

As for ColourPop, there aren’t really many negative things one could say. Sure, it is fairly heavy, and not as easy to work with like Glossier and Wander Beauty. But the purpose for ColourPop is to give you something that you can confidently use in the theatre or on a dance.

Considering all aspects when it comes to these kinds of products, ColourPop comes ahead just by a tiny bit. However, a huge downside with ColourPop is that one would have to spend some extra time getting ready, since it requires much more diligent attention. So, if you have that time, by all means go for ColourPop.

Still, if you want something that you can use for everything, and it is relatively beginner-friendly, then Glossier is a great choice. While you can use Wander Beauty daily and use ColourPop for the theatre, with Glossier, you can do both.

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