Glossier Makeup Review: New Approach To Beauty?

The internet has opened many opportunities for companies to spread the word about their products and become international sensations, and the beauty industry has no shortage of them.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Glossier, one of the hottest online beauty brands at the moment.

We will talk about their products, whether they’re worth trying, and everything else that is important to know about this relatively new yet very successful brand.

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What Is Glossier?


Glossier is an internet-famous beauty company founded in 2014, becoming famous through its presence on Instagram and other social media channels.

Glossier operates with the motto “skin first, makeup second” in mind, which means that their products prioritize enhancing your natural features instead of hiding them.

Their products include makeup, skincare, body care, and fragrance, with the most popular being their makeup line.

Glossier is very active and has become well-respected within the beauty and makeup community, as their blog is regularly updated with tips and latest developments.

Glossier Ratings Breakdown


Glossier’s products are definitely not of poor quality even at first glance. It doesn’t take reading the writing on their packaging to determine whether this brand creates premium and quality products. However, reading more about their products will only let you know that they use high-quality ingredients and aim to provide safe and harmless skincare products.


Based on a few comparisons between this brand and a couple of similar brands, we can safely say that Glossier is somewhere in the middle between cheap brands and the overpriced mega-popular ones. With Glossier, you’re getting solid value for your money with products that have been tested to do what they’re intended for. Nothing more nothing less.


Glossier offers every customer all the necessary information in regards to how to go about making returns, how to purchase their products, how to contact their support staff, and more. Even though there are a few cases where returns are delayed or not accepted the brand still does everything they can to help their customers out. It may not be perfect yet but at least they’re trying to improve.


The brand itself is one of the most unique in terms of actually trying to put the customers’ needs first. Glossier takes no part in animal cruelty to create or test their products, they aim to help users look better while not having to rely too much on a lot of makeup, and they feature countless products from a wide variety of categories. Overall, Glossier has done a wonderful job in creating a solid and trustworthy brand identity.

Are Glossier Products All-Natural?

Many brands these days claim that their products are all-natural, but is that really the case with Glossier?

Plenty of Glossier products aren’t all-natural, and the brand has never claimed that they only offer all-natural products. However, all of their products are created with skin safety in mind and with ingredients that are nourishing for the skin.

Glossier uses a mixture of plant-based and chemical elements in their formulas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the non-natural ingredients are harmful.

With that said, Glossier does offer some all-natural products and some that are vegan, such as the Glossier lip glosses. The brand is also an advocate against animal cruelty and doesn’t do any testing involving animals.

What Customers Say About Glossier

Monochromes – Glossier

In recent years, Glossier has become one of the biggest names on social media when it comes to beauty and makeup.

They currently have over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and a large number of loyal customers who are passionate about their products.

Their top-selling products have thousands of ratings and are very well-reviewed, with most people praising the available colors and selection of products, as well as their efficiency.

The blush appears to be particularly popular among reviewers, who praise its natural finish and long-lasting effects. They also love its small packaging and how easy it is to apply.

However, there are some customers that have experienced problems with Glossier, primarily having to do with their customer service, gift card policies, and quality of products.

Overall, though, the experience from customers seems to be positive, at least based on the online reviews.

Glossier Best Selling Products

With so many products available, Glossier enjoys a large number of customers among different categories. Below are five of Glassier’s most popular and best-selling products:

Milky Jelly Cleanser

The Milky Jelly Cleanser is a creamy and nourishing face wash gel that works great for all skin types. This formula will make your face feel extra fresh and soft and is excellent for dissolving oil, dirt, and makeup.

Its ingredients are healthy, making the cleanser safe to use multiple times per day if needed.

Unlike many similar products, the Milky Jelly Cleanser is totally safe and harmless to use around the eyes since it uses Poloxamer used for cleansing contact lenses instead of traditional soap.

Overall, customers love this product as a result of these features and benefits and chances are that you will find it quite lovable as well.

Boy Brow

Boy Brow – Glossier

Inspired by hair pomade, this unique wax is excellent for shaping, grooming, and thickening brows into place.

It comes in four shades: Blond, Brown, Black, and Auburn. The wax is well known for being very durable and staying on for long periods and through sweat.

The wax isn’t over the top and gives your brows just enough color to make them look thicker. It is also very easy to apply.

Cloud Paint

This is a gel-cream blush that is very easy to apply and wear. With a little dab on the cheeks, you can quickly layer it across your cheeks for a natural glow.

The formula blends seamlessly with your cheeks and will make them look natural.

Some customers even use it on their eyelids apart from their cheeks. This product will go excellent with the rest of your makeup.


This product provides a gentle “Solution” for dead skin, revealing your true fresh and smooth complexion. It is most effective when used daily, as it treats redness, pores, and other blemishes.

In other words, you will find it highly beneficial if you form an everyday routine with this product.

The Solution works great for sensitive skin too, but you should start applying it slowly to allow your skin to get used to it.

Priming Moisturizer Rich

This is a rich and moisturizing face cream that is easily absorbed by the skin and can be used both in the morning and before going to sleep.

It is rich in fatty acids and ceramides that work as great moisturizers for the skin.

The components of the cream are great for dealing with redness and improving skin texture. The smell is quite unique, though, and some people may not like it, but based on how popular this product is, it seems like most customers are happy with it.

Is Glossier Worth It?

With a heavy focus on customer engagement and satisfaction, Glossier is deservedly one of the top beauty brands on the market. The company is transparent and is happy to share everything about their formulas.

The products they come up with are innovative and bring out the natural beauty in the customers, which is something that very few similar brands aim to do.

On top of that, Glossier products are reasonably priced, and even though they might be a little more expensive than most brands you’d find in your local drug store, they are cheaper than other large brands you’d find in popular beauty shops.

For that, Glossier is certainly worth a try.

Glossier Pros & Cons


  • Products look natural on the skin and bring out your innate beauty
  • Solid price for the value
  • Large and loyal customer base
  • Listen to suggestions from customers


  • Limited shade options with some of the products
  • Some products aren’t of very high quality

Final Verdict

Despite being relatively young, it has been very successful, primarily focusing on products that bring out the natural beauty of their customers instead of providing heavy makeup that completely transforms their appearance.

However, it seems that this might be a problem for some customers, who find their products too tame and like they don’t really do anything to help their appearance.

The customers who do like Glossier, though, are big fans of the brand and usually buy a wide selection of products from them.

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