GEM Vitamins vs Ritual vs Care/Of: Best Vitamin Supplements

Are you always in a rush? Sometimes schedules get hectic, and time for food is minimal. So, you might find yourself grabbing a quick meal on the go. But let’s be honest, those on-the-go meals aren’t usually that healthy, am I right?

Meet GEM Vitamins, Ritual and Care/Of.

These are personalized subscription-based vitamin suppliers, that strive to fix people’s daily vitamin deficiencies.

If you’ve stumbled on these three, you might know that choosing between them is a nightmare. From all the different vitamins, different subscription options, prices, policies, and what not, it can get overwhelming.

Because of that, we put each one against each other. We go in-depth to see which one is specifically tailored to you. Below, you will also find a side-to-side comparison of GEM Vitamins, Ritual and Care/Of.

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Vitamin Supplements – Legit? GEM Vitamins, Ritual & Care/Of

Ritual Essential For Women – Non-GMO Project Verified.

Yes. That’s it. They are legit.

There is an overwhelming amount of research that suggests that vitamin supplements do make a difference, especially to those with particular vitamin deficiencies. So, if you’re not getting your vitamins from your food, which is where you need to be getting it from, you can do so with supplements.

GEM, Ritual and Care/Of know this, and that is why their vitamins are fully packed with vitamins, which are derived from natural ingredients, most of which can be seen on their individual websites.

The vitamins from these three are also targeted. So, you have the ability to choose from vitamins, which are specifically targeted to your needs, or specific variables like age, gender, and others.

Also, the conveniency is there. Since they’re on a subscription model, you get them on a specific schedule, all directly to your door.

In-Depth Comparison – GEM Vitamins VS Ritual VS Care/Of

We briefly touched on what these are all about. But how about what are the differences between that? Well, to put that into perspective, we thought that the best way to do that is to compare them side-to-side on their most important aspects.

What follows is an in-depth comparison of the vitamin suppliers, GEM Vitamins, Ritual and Care/Of:

Gem Vitamins vs Ritual vs Care/Of
Personalized ForWomen, Immunity, Sleep, Calm & Daily-Essentials.
Women, Men, Teens, Children. Ages +18 (18-49), and +50 & prenatal or postnatal.Women, Men, Prenatal, Energy, Immunity, Focus, Relaxation & Sl
RoutineOne bite daily.One or Two capsules per day.Customized daily packs.
Price$49 – $65$30 – $35$5-15 per different vitamin or $14.99-$18.99 for bottle
ShippingFreeFreeFree on orders over $20
Are There Individual Vitamins?NoNoYes
Prenatal & Postnatal?NoBothPrenatal only

Depending on in what customized form the vitamins are coming in, whether it be only for women, for men, for immunity, or the others, your choice might vary a lot. But indeed, these three do have some similarities, but there is a choice to be made for everyone.

GEM Vitamins Review

GEM is unbelievably interesting. The whole esthetic that they have managed to pull off is very appealing. Whether it be the stainless-steel tin can, the whole package, or just the idea, GEM is appealing to almost anyone.

One thing to note though, is the fact that GEM specializes in vitamins and essentials for women only. Now, many believe that this doesn’t make a difference right, after all these are vitamins, so how would it be any different whether you’re a man or a woman?

Well, that is far from the full truth. Yes, while men and women need the same types of vitamins, the amount they need it in is different. So, this is just a minor detail that you should think about if you’re considering GEM.

Other than that, GEM is different than the other two, in one drastic way. Instead of capsules, GEM offers small bites, which are jam-packed with vitamins. They even come in different flavors, depending on the type of vitamins.

GEM vitamins are most commonly produced using the following ingredients:

  • Dates
  • Curry Leaves
  • Chia Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Coconout
  • Mushrooms
  • Ashwagandha
  • Chlorella and many others.

So, let’s say you’re considering GEM Vitamins as your primary vitamins’ supplier, what are some of the pros and cons that you should consider? Here’s a list:


  • Esthetically-pleasing
  • Bites instead of capsules
  • Women-targeted vitamins
  • Tasty
  • Simple trial pack with all flavors – $30


  • No vitamins for men or children
  • No individual vitamins

Ritual Review

Ritual is similar to GEM Vitamins in a few ways.

Back in the day, Ritual was also a vitamin that was solely focused on women’s nutrition. However, after teaming up with some of the best suppliers in the industry, they sky-rocketed their vitamins’ quality, and also started focusing on making the vitamins available for men and children.

Nowadays, Ritual offers an impressive caliber of vitamins, whether it be for men, women, kids, or teenagers. Like GEM, Ritual also focuses quite heavily on branding.

Ritual vitamins aren’t just good-looks, oh no, these puppies are filled with: Folate, Magnesium, B12 Vitamin, D3 Vitamin, Omega 3, K2 Vitamin, Iron, E Vitamin, Boron, Zinc, Choline, Biotin, and A Vitamin. Quite impressive for your daily nutritional needs.

Age is a big thing with Ritual, as it should be. Even though we see that less with vitamin solutions out there, age is quite an important factor, as nutritional needs change with age.

Ritual offers vitamins for women 18+, which are dedicated for women from 18 to 49, and 50+ which target those that are above 50. The same goes for the men’s vitamins. There are also prenatal and postnatal vitamins, which target the mother’s nutritional needs.

Any way you look at it, Ritual is quite impressive. It makes sense as to why Ritual is the first choice for many that are looking to get some vitamin supplementation for themselves.

Considering all that we said about Ritual, what are some of the positives and negatives of it? Below, you will find Ritual’s pros and cons:


  • Age-targeted supplements
  • Vitamins for women, men, teens and kids
  • Exceptional branding
  • Gentle on an empty stomach


  • No individual vitamins

Care/Of Review

Compared to the other two, Care/Of’s approach is a bit different. They really put a lot of emphasis on personalization, and shopping experience.

Their main thing is their quiz. It takes only five minutes of your time to complete, but you do get a whole nutritional supplement arsenal specifically designed to your needs. Questions like: “What are you looking to improve?”, “Do you have any allergies?”, “How well or much do you sleep at night”, are all questions which might pop up.

The point is, that you get a whole personalized routine, depending on what you’re looking for.

If that is not your jam, and you only want to get multivitamins or a specific vitamin, you can do that as well. It is fair to mention though, that while the quiz might be exceptionally good at creating routines and personalized care plans, if you want to buy individual products, it might be a bit, confusing.

That might be a bit subjective, but is no secret that Care/Of’s UI is a bit chaotic. Still, the quality is still phenomenal, and the vitamins and supplements aren’t just good on paper.

Their packaging and branding are also different than GEM and Ritual, and while it may be interesting, spontaneous and fun, it isn’t on par with GEM or Ritual. But still, relatively social-media friendly- we thought we should put that out there.

Let’s get to the positive and negative sides of Care/Of, just to get a better idea of the overall product and experience:


  • A lot of choices of vitamins
  • Great personalization possibilities
  • Quality is of utmost importance
  • Know where your ingredients come from
  • Other supplements available


  • No postnatal vitamins

Head-to-Head Comparison

We get it, it is a whole lot of information to take in. So, how can we make distinctions even further, and find out exactly which one from GEM Vitamins, Ritual and Care/Of is tailored for you?

To do this, we though it be best to put them head-to-head and compare them between each other. Every matchup is covered, and if you’re at a crossroad between two particular brands, there is a chance that you can see what might work for you better.

GEM Vitamins VS Ritual – Which Is Better?

GEM Vitamins, as we touched on it before, is in fact, made like a snack. Instead of downing a capsule, you can grab a bite, and indeed, it is quite tasty. But is this enough to beat Ritual, one of the best in the biz?

The issue is that GEM Vitamins are only tailored for women, and on top of the daily-essentials, there are only a few other vitamin sets for immunity, sleep, and calm. The point is, there are now for specific age groups, or men, teens, or children.

On the contrary, Ritual has those. So, if you’re main focus is daily vitamins, and you’re a woman, and you want something edible, you can go with GEM Vitamins, but I suspect that this is pretty niche.

On the other hand, Ritual is the better choice in every other way.

Between GEM Vitamins & Care/Of, Which One?

Let’s start of by saying that Care/Of is the most customizable in this comparison. The quiz that they have is exceptionally made, and it seems to nail all of your needs pretty easily.

You can also get individual vitamins, should you need to, which is a big plus. In addition, Care/Of also has an additional vitamin category, which is vitamins for men, while that is missing with GEM Vitamins. However, all in all they offer the same categories.

In quality, there is not much difference, and ingredients-wise, both are heavily focused on using the best ones that are available. So, here, it might be the case of which appeals to you more.

One thing to mention though is that you can only get Care/Of bottles only if you live near a Target. So, that might be an issue for some. To mitigate that though, after taking the quiz, it does give you a comprehensive plan specifically for you.

What To Go With? – Ritual VS Care/Of

So, what about these two? Which one should you pick if you like both?

Thankfully, between these two is quite easy to see the differences, and the deficiencies both have. For example, Care/Of has the option for individual vitamins, while Ritual doesn’t.

With Ritual, you get the best-package multivitamins on the market. Most age groups are covered, and there are multivitamins for both prenatal and postnatal individuals. All of this is to say that, if you want individual vitamins, then Care/Of might be the better choice.

On the other hand, if you want something that will solve all of your nutritional needs without all the hassle, well, Ritual has Care/Of beat. At the moment, Ritual offers of the best multivitamin packages out there.

Plus, it tends to be cheaper, considering how much you can get for your money.

The Verdict: Which Are The Best Vitamin Supplements – GEM Vitamins VS Ritual VS Care/Of

It seems like that now, people can easily get all of the vitamins their body needs easily, and it is all thanks to pioneers like GEM Vitamins, Ritual and Care/Of.

Alright, so let’s say you’re ready to make the commitment, which one do you go for?

Let’s start of by saying that, Ritual is the best one, by far. They offer the most variety when it comes to age, gender, and they also have multivitamins for prenatal and postnatal mothers.

Not to mention their focus on quality and their affordability. Truly the best and most complete package. Great value for money. That is not to say that the others don’t make sense too.

For example, if you’re looking for individual vitamins, and don’t need multivitamins, then Care/Of makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, you can go with GEM if you want some taste in your vitamins, and if you want to target immunity improvement.

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