Frank and Oak Review: Before You Buy

With so many clothing brands popping up online, it can be hard to find true quality. One brand, however, separates itself from the rest by offering clothing made from the finest fabrics that not only look good but are environment-friendly as well.

In this Frank and Oak review, we will find out everything there is to know about the brand. We will cover the products, whether they’re worth it, pros and cons, and everything else you need to know before deciding to shop there.

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What Is Frank and Oak?

Frank & Oak

Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based clothing brand for men and women. Founded in 2012, it quickly became one of the fastest-growing retailers in Canada, both online and offline.

Apart from clothing, they also offer accessories. All of their products are eco-friendly and of very high quality, which has brought them the level of success that they now enjoy.

Frank and Oak currently operates a few physical stores in Canada and offers shipping to over 40 countries around the world.

Frank And Oak Ratings Breakdown


Quality in terms of products, packaging, and shipping is something that Frank and Oak can stand firmly behind. The majority of the clothing items they feature are of top-tier quality and have been known to last for quite a while under normal circumstances. As a result, there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to quality.


Even though most of the items in Frank and Oak’s inventory can get a bit too pricey, there are still a few rewarding upsides. The brand often offers impressive discounts on hundreds of its products. In addition, the prices are definitely not a rip-off compared to the quality of their products. As far as value goes, most customers are satisfied with what they’re paying for.


One of the best things about Frank and Oak’s customer experience is that they offer a massive help center filled with tons of their customers’ most asked questions. In addition, you can email them and even hop on a chat with one of their staff members. The only downside is that returns may get a bit complicated and prolonged at times. But overall, most customers are satisfied with how their shopping experience went with Frank and Oak.


Frank and Oak share a great amount of detail about their brand, their mission, and how everything started. In addition, the brand focuses on providing more value for all its customers by offering a rewarding affiliate program, a student discount program, gift cards, and even a recruitment program that can offer jobs for the right person.

What Do Customers Think About Frank and Oak?

Sustainable fashion enthusiasts can be a tough crowd to satisfy, but Frank and Oak manage to get a lot of love from many of them.

What most customers love about Frank and Oak are products that are all made from the best materials and made to last. The products are also very comfortable to wear, according to most reviewers.

The brand is very transparent about everything, so customers don’t have to worry about figuring out every single detail about their purchase.

The fast shipping times are also a major plus for customers, but keep in mind that you may have to wait a little longer if you’re ordering from outside North America.

Frank and Oak has a solid selection of products. Some customers, however, have complained about the lack of options available for women.

Frank and Oak Clothing Review

Frank And Oak – T-Shirts

Frank and Oak has loads of options for both men and women. Let’s dive in and find out a bit more about each category and the choices inside.


Whether you’re looking for a fancy Saturday-night fit or want to look your best for your upcoming business meeting, Frank and Oak has everything you need. There is a wide range of T-shirts and shirts that can fit any occasion.

You can select from various slim-fit and skinny-fit denim jeans that come in different colors. If you want a more formal look, you can go with one of the three types of pants: skin fit, slim fit, and straight fit.

When it gets cold, you can choose one of their fall jackets or winter coats. These come in varying levels of thickness, and there are options for every weather condition you can imagine.

When it comes to accessories, there is a fine collection of watches, socks, winter accessories such as beanies, and much more.

All in all, the options offered at Frank and Oak are everything, and more, that a man will need for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Best Sellers:

  • The Striped Jasper Oxford Shirt in Dusky Blue
  • The Clark Denim Shirt in Washed Denim
  • The Jasper Good Cotton Oxford Shirt in Mustard
  • The Relaxed Arc Hem T-Shirt in Black


Frank and Oak’s women’s collection may not be the largest in the world, but it probably isn’t too far from it, as you can purchase anything from homewear to complete business outfits.

The t-shirts and tank tops are perfect for a walk or run through town during a hot summer, while there are also many long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts available for the spring and fall season.

You can choose from many variations of denim jeans. When it comes to pants, there are options ranging from very casual to very sophisticated.

Unlike men, women can also shop for activewear and underwear. There are leggings and light tops that will make your yoga sessions a joy.

If you are looking for some accessories to complete your fit, Frank and Oak has you covered. There are bags that perfectly match the clothes. They even provide watches, socks, and even beauty & skincare products like nail polish, conditioners, and more.

The women’s collection is even more impressive than the men’s, so it certainly deserves a high grade both in terms of quality and the wide selection of options available.

Best Sellers:

  • The Good Cotton Striped Essential Tee in White
  • The Debbie Ultra-Stretch Jean in Medium Indigo
  • The SuperSoft Sherpa Overpiece in Peanut Brown
  • The Skyline Reversible Bomber in Dark Rose

Is Frank and Oak Worth It?

Frank and Oak is way pricier than your regular clothing brand. However, the quality that they bring to justify the higher price can’t be denied either.

So, if you have a solid clothing budget, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend it with Frank and Oak, as you will get exactly what you paid for, and that is high-quality and eco-friendly clothing that will last for a long time.

Pros & Cons


  • Good product variety
  • High-quality and eco-friendly materials
  • Available in 40+ countries
  • Offers and promotions throughout the year


  • Limited size options
  • Not all products are actually made with environment-friendly processes
  • Refunds can take a while

Final Verdict

Frank and Oak is a trending online and offline clothing store, and it does many things right. It does the best it can to remain eco-friendly while also offering the best value to its customers. Their customer service isn’t perfect, but it still does a solid job when it comes to returns and dealing with customer complaints.

With everything said, Frank and Oak is a solid clothing brand, and you should at least check out their site to see everything they have to offer.

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