Foreo Luna 3 Vs Meejee: Which Skincare Cleansing Device Is Best?

Skincare cleansing products have recently been a trend, and if you’ve looked around to see what the deal is, the Foreo Luna 3 and Meejee might’ve popped up on your radar.

Do these devices work? If the customer reviews are something to go by, they seem to get the job done.

But what is this sorcery? A device that can clean, cleanse, and give you anti-aging effects? To see if that’s true, we went and tried both of these products. We reviewed them and we tried to see which one is the better option to go for.

Also, skip to the table comparison below, if you already know what these devices are.

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What Are These Skincare Devices?

Foreo Luna 3

These skincare devices are pretty interesting, and they don’t seem voodoo to many it seems like. At least not as much as microcurrent devices which are on the rise as well. If you want to know what those are about, we compared the well-known devices – SolaWave Vs NuFace Vs ZIIP.

Anyways, there’s a lot of research to suggest that facial massages can help with aging, wrinkles, sinus pressure, acne, glowing skin, improved skin blood flow, facial rejuvenation, and more.

So, the research that these devices are based on isn’t that crazy. Now, some of the claims of these devices are overly exaggerated, so don’t expect too much. BUT, they’re definitely beneficial.

Apart from healthy benefits, they can be used to remove makeup, and they do a pretty good job of it.

Usually, at least in Foreo Luna 3’s case and Meejee, they have a lot of silicon bristles which vibrate and massage your skin. The silicon bristles are the most important thing about these devices.

Comprehensive Overview – Table Comparison

If you’ve checked out both devices before, the most obvious difference on first glances is probably the price. But why there’s such a big difference on the price tag between both devices?

This table will put things in perspective. In short, the Luna 3 has a bit more features. Here’s the table comparison between Foreo Luna 3 and the Meejee Cleansing Massager:

Foreo Luna 3 VS Meejee Cleansing Massager : Skincare Cleansing Devices
How Many Uses On One Charge?Up to 650Up to 320
Intensity Modes165
Type Of MassagerSiliconeSilicone
PriceAffordable – $$Very Cheap – $
Skin TypesNormal, Sensitive or CombinedN/A – Not Disclosed
Warranty2 – year limited warranty6 – months limited warranty
Return Policy14 – day return policy30 – day return policy
Shop Skincare Cleansing Devices:

So, there’s a reason why there’s such a difference in the price between both devices. The biggest difference for me at least, is that the Foreo Luna 3 is optimized for different skin types. Meaning, there’s a different version for each skin type.

On the other hand, Meejee is just the same. It will probably be fine for most people, but it’s good to have some options. Plus, there’s a difference in size of the silicon bristles when you choose a different skin type on Foreo.

Foreo Luna 3 Review

Foreo Luna 3

Foreo’s lineup is rather complicated if you’re browsing their store for the first time. There are a lot of models to choose from – Foreo Luna 1, 2, Ufo Mini, Luna 3 Plus, Luna Go, you get the picture.

The Luna 3 is amongst the most efficient devices they have, and they have both male and female versions of it. There isn’t much to say about this device, except that it is one of the best, probably in the world.

The different colors of the Foreo Luna 3 resemble different skin types. So, there’s a version for more sensitive skin, for normal skin, for oily, and more. What is impressive about it is the fact that you’re looking at about 600 times usage between charges.

It has been heavily modified since the last version, now with longer and softer silicone bristles, and it seems like more of them.

On the Foreo Luna 3, there are a whopping 16 modes of intensity. To put it in perspective, the price is a bit on the expensive side. Especially now, when there are hundreds of companies manufacturing these types of devices.

However, the price is representative of the quality and efficiency you will get from the device. Yes it is more expensive than the competition, but also better. Plus, it’s a one time investment, so it is kind of worth it to go for it, knowing the benefits.

Their customer review rating according to third-party review sites is absolutely stellar. However, I do have to mention one thing. The small number of criticism was directed towards their return policy and customer support.

We didn’t find any negative experience customers had with the actual product, and we didn’t either.

So, here are the pros and cons of the Foreo Luna 3:


  • Unparalleled quality
  • Amongst the best devices in the world
  • 16 different intensities
  • 650 uses on one charge
  • A lot of silicone bristles
  • Very easy to use


  • Not a flexible return policy

Meejee Review

Meejee Cleansing Massager

Meejee’s massaging device is called the Cleansing Massager. It does its job nicely, and it’s far cheaper than the Foreo Luna 3.

It has a unique device and the ergonomics of it are nailed. Which means that it is very easy to use. If you go with Meejee’s Cleansing Massager, your box will include a device, a USB charging cable, and that’s about it.

You can get somewhere in the ballpark of 320 uses per one charge. It is rechargeable coming with a 5.7V lithium-ion battery. Your milage may vary when it comes down to how many times you can use the device on one charge.

For intensity, it’s not the most efficient device in the world but it does have five intensity modes that offer anywhere between 3000 to 8000 sonic vibrations per minute. Like I said before, it does its job nicely, and even though it’s far less powerful and has less silicon bristles and intensity modes, it will still be beneficial for your skin, there is no doubt about that.

The real question is whether it’s better than its competition like the Foreo Luna 3, or devices in a similar price range. For devices in a similar price range it may be better, but we’ll go over why it isn’t as superior as the Foreo Luna 3 in the head-to-head below.

In terms of the pros and cons for Meejee’s Cleansing Massager, they are:


  • Good value
  • Good ergonomics
  • Long and short silicone bristles
  • Easy to use


  • Not that good compared to other devices
  • Low amount of intensity modes
  • Low amount of uses between charges
  • Smaller

Foreo Luna 3 VS Meejee Cleansing Massager

Foreo Luna 3

It’s pretty apparent that there are major differences between both devices.

Firstly, the size. The Meejee Cleansing Massager is much smaller than the Luna 3, which is fine, but you the Meejee is just too small. Whenever you’re using it, you’ll notice that you’re covering a really small area, especially when compared to the Luna.

On top of that, the number of silicon bristles is higher on the Luna 3. Size wouldn’t have mattered much if the Meejee was just covered more with those silicone thingies. But it isn’t. It makes sense to go with longer bristles like Meejee has on the top side of the device, but Luna 3 beats it by having same size bristles everywhere.

Luna 3 also takes the win for more intensity modes. Now, some people note that you’ll actually end up using only a couple different intensity modes, but it’s good to have the option to go higher or lower intensity. As a reminder, the Luna 3 has 16 different intensity modes while the Meejee has only five.

In terms of battery life, you’re looking at more battery with the Luna 3. Foreo advertises 650 uses per charge, but you milage may vary. On the other hand, Meejee states that the Cleansing Massager is capable of 320 uses per charge.

Pricing. The Luna 3 is more expensive than the Meejee, which is kind of expected. The devices are at different price points, and the Meejee is more the budget-friendly option.

The Luna 3 is more high-tech and you can kind of tell that there’s more attention to detail on it.

The Verdict: Which One Is Better?

Meejee Cleansing Massager

It’s the Luna 3. It’s expected, since both devices come at a very different price point. The Meejee is impressive too, but has a lot of shortcomings when compared to Foreo’s Luna 3.

Considering this is a one-time investment, and you have the device forever, in my opinion, it’s more worth it going with the Luna 3. It’s probably the best overall from all massaging devices on the market at the moment.

If you’re looking for the budget-friendly option Meejee will perform just fine. But it’s far less superior than the Luna. In my opinion, it’s more worth it just saving up and getting the Luna 3.

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