Fabletics: How Much Does VIP Cost?

If you are into sportswear, you’re in the right place because Feblitics- the best-known sportswear brand will match you perfectly.

It’s a brand that offers both male and female leggings, trousers, shorts and other types of sports clothes.

 Now they have also an incredible line of swimsuits that will give you the feeling that you don’t wear anything.

From XXS to 4XL, different colors, designs and structured or high waist leggings, bras and tops in one place!

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What Is Fabletics VIP Membership?

This is an offer from this membership-oriented brand, that will give you many benefits.

After you sign up for it you will have the ability to get all of the products for a lower price, and despite that, you will have specific arrival and be the first to have the last clothing collection!

You will be the first one to have the latest fashion. How cool is that?

The good thing is that you can order both with or without the membership but at a higher price than the one that regular customers get.

How Much Does Fabletics VIP Membership Cost?

Do you want to know what’s even cooler?

You won’t need to pay a single dollar to get all of the VIP advantages but there are some conditions and charges if you don’t follow the given instructions.

After you have signed up to be a VIP member, you’ll be eligible to purchase an outfit from their line of products starting at $49.95 each, every month.

Like I said before, there’s no cost to become a VIP member you will only be obligated to do one activity connected with their site like buying an outfit or skipping the month.

The good news is that even if you skip a month, you can still access VIP pricing.

 You will need to buy or skip the first five days of the month, if not you’ll be charged $54.95 for your exclusive membership benefits.

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If you sign up for the membership on the 31 of the month you will then have to make a purchase or skip the next month within five days.

What’s really important to remember is to skip the month if you don’t want to take any action to skip the charges of it.

Also, you can skip the month y contacting their service number (1-844-322-5384).

You have forgotten to skip the month on time? Fabletics offers a one-time courtesy refund of the $49.95 Member Credit.

Benefits From Fabletics VIP Membership?

First, the most important benefit that you get from being a Fabletics VIP Member is that you can unlock member prices of the products and get the products for half-price, or pay one get two.

Also, you can skip the month to escape the fees or purchase an outfit every month! On top of that, you are one of the first to wear their latest collections.

You aren’t satisfied with your workout plan? This membership will bring you IP Members full access to the workouts from the Fabletics FIT app.

For orders over $49.95 you won’t need to pay for shipping extra, also you will get free returns and exchanges for purchases within 45 days.

And you shouldn’t worry at all! You can stop the collaboration with them any moment you have decided to do that and all that without any kind of consequences.

All you need to do is to stay active once you’re a Fabletics member and enjoy the gifts they are offering you.

Don’t waste your time and sign up to be a part of the best sportswear brand!

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