Everlane vs Madewell: Best Denim Jeans

To be honest, I’m much more of a Levi’s person. Most of my jeans are Levi’s, and I daily drive it almost always. The reliability, the longevity, the never-changing designs are what appeals to me. However, as I’ve come to notice, there are a lot of alternatives out there.

A 5-minute search revealed that these two companies- Everlane and Madewell are making quite an impact on the denim industry. Naturally, I wanted to pick the best one as my new addition to the wardrobe.

With that said, I saw that most people had a dilemma about which of these two brands would be the better option. What follows then, is a review of both denim manufacturers and a comparison of them, side-by-side.

Read on to find out which denim brand is more suitable to your style!

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Are They Better Than Big-Name Brands?

Everlane’s Way-High Jean & 90s Vintage Jean

This was exactly my first question- ‘Are they better than my Levi’s?’, and I think it’s only normal to wonder whether these two have what it takes to be your main and reliable denim supplier.

I’m going to be straight as an arrow and say: Yes, they are, and here’s why.

First off, not many can take away the affordable prices that both companies offer. They’re relatively in the same price range, and in some cases, they are much more affordable than your typical mall brands.

Pricing isn’t everything though, so what else is good with Everlane and Madewell? Their fit, their sizes, their comfort, quality, and a bunch of other things are nailed. We’ll get into the details later, but for now, rest assured that both companies offer affordable denim jeans at competitive prices.

In-Depth Review of Everlane & Madewell

We wanted to have a template which has a clear representation of what some of the differences with both products are, and consequently, their similarities. So, we compared both products and brands on what you typically might look for if you’re considering one of these.

What follows is a comparison of Everlane and Madewell side-by-side:

Everlane vs Madewell
Designs & Styles Way-high rise, Cheeky, Relaxed, Authentic Stretch, Slim/Straight, Curvy, Skinny & Wide Leg. Perfect Vintage, Straight Leg, Skinny, Curvy, Wide Leg, Demi-Boot, Boyjeans & Flares.
Sizing XXS – XL or Size 23 – 35 XXS – XXL or Size 23 – 37
Price Range $ – Affordable $$ – More Expensive
Washes Simple & Minimalistic Flamboyant
Fit Great 5/5 Great 5/5
Return Policy Returns available within 30 days of purchase. Returns & refunds possible within 30 days of the original purchase.
Shipping Free on orders above $75. Consult Madewell’s shipping policy for further information.
Comfort Amazing 5/5 Good 4/5

To be honest, as you might gather, these two aren’t that different after all. However, even though they aren’t different, one is at a higher price range.

Some customers prefer Madewell over Everlane, but I go with Everlane instead. For me, the whole package you get from Everlane at much more affordable prices is more compelling and therefore a better deal.

Everlane Denim Review

Everlane’s Curvy Cheeky Straight Jean & The Original Cheeky Jean

I love Everlane. I prefer it over Madewell for a couple of reasons. First off, it fits better, which was my main concern when shopping with both, mainly because this isn’t your typical store you can go to and try out jeans in a wardrobe.

There are more than a couple of different styles like cheeky, way-high, authentic stretch, curvy, skinny, straight, arc, and more. Sizes vary anywhere from XXS to XL or in practical numeric values, from 23 to 35. So, it is safe to say that they have a reasonable repertoire of sizes.

Some models do have up to 8 different washes, but I must admit, some only have a few washes available, which is a bummer.

The only thing I’ve saw that people had an issue with is the branded patch on the back of the jeans. You know, the one that denim manufacturers put at the waist-line. Some darker washes have a light-colored patch, which might be a turn-off for most.

However, we saw that being an issue with only a handful of designs, while others had more customizability and less over-the-top patches.

I must say though, the washes and the designs are much more subtle than Madewell, which is a big plus for me. What I mean is, the designs are much simpler and minimalistic, and yet, they do attract some eyes. It looks and feels like premium denim jeans.

The only thing I think that Everlane can improve has nothing to do with the actual denim at all. The thing I found slightly worse than Madewell was the shopping experience. Pretty hard to browse styles, and an easily-overwhelming experience.

In any case, Everlane still remains my top choice, and here are the pros and cons for those of you considering Everlane:


  • Simplistic & Minimalistic washes
  • Look & feel like premium denim jeans
  • Great sizing options
  • Clean-looking designs
  • Very good fit
  • Comfortable


  • Shopping experience can be improved
  • Branded patch is very light or dark on some models

Madewell Denim Review

Madewell’s Straight Vintage Jean & Classic Vintage Jean

While I do prefer Everlane over Madewell, I don’t think Madewell is in any way bad.

On top of that, most sizes cannot be really viewed as there are no pictures of them. I get it, some are newer models of course, but there ways to allow for that functionality with 3D models, and such.

In any case, the fit isn’t on par with Everlane but it is close up there. Madewell has also provided a chart that tells customers how stretchy the particular model is, something which we didn’t see with Everlane. As for the washes, they’re a bit less minimalistic.

Granted some models are very clean-looking, but some are a bit too much for my taste. But I’m sure that some people would prefer Madewell’s more flamboyant washes than Everlane ones. Still, for me, they lack the premium look and feel that Everlane has.

Some models definitely have competitive prices, but most of them are priced higher than its rival. It is hard to see why, as most of the time they offer a similar package. Lastly, the shopping experience. Much better than its rival, and I’ve found myself less overwhelmed with so many choices, even though, jeans’ shopping online can be a bit difficult.

Well, I’m glad to say that this is not the case with this manufacturer. Let’s briefly go over the positives and negatives of this brand, before moving forward:


  • Shopping experience is optimal
  • Ripped jeans’ designs available
  • Adequate fit
  • Easily predictable stretching capabilities


  • Washes might be over-the-top for most people

Head-To-Head Comparison

I wanted to go further in more details, hence why we put both brands in a mini head-to-head battle, to see, practically-speaking, which one might be the better option for you, or in general.

This way, I can extend further on why, for me at least, Everlane is the better option than Madewell.

Everlane VS Madewell

Madewell’s Perfect Vintage Jean & Mid-Rise Skinny Jean

For me, the whole package is important, the washes, the fit, and the designs. The washes and the designs are, of course, subjective, however, I did see a lot of consumer lean more towards Everlane for both of those things.

On top of all that, I prefer Everlane because it is way more affordable, while Madewell, does have some prices which go even higher than conventional and reliable denim brands on the market.

It would’ve been okay if there was a huge gap in quality, design, or practicality, but there isn’t, at least there isn’t one that was immediately apparent to me.

For the fit, for some Madewell might be better, but for me, the fit is much better with Everlane.

I am speaking broadly, but only to get an overall better package. But still, I do acknowledge that some models and styles from Madewell can be better than Everlane. Jeans styles like curvy and flares have been repeatedly praised for being better than Everlane, and I can really see that.

In my own opinion, Everlane offers more for your money, and has a better value. The designs and washes for me really do the trick, but Madewell also has some great designs and models. However, I’ll still consider Everlane for myself.

The Verdict: Which Offers Better Jeans? – Everlane VS Madewell

Look, I’m aware that I sound like a die-hard Everlane fan, and the truth is, I’m really sold. Finally, I found a suitable replacement to my collection of Levi’s that’s worthy of being in my wardrobe.

But Madewell is also very cool too. Some models are technically better than Everlane, and the flamboyant designs might be more appealing to you than the minimalistic style with Everlane. If you don’t mind spending the extra bucks for it, then Madewell is a strong alternative to Everlane.

For me though, even though I’m not a fan of the shopping experience or the website in general, Everlane’s jeans make up for those imperfections. They look and feel premium, and yet they have unbelievably competitive prices.

Lastly, it is good to see ethical brands such as these two offer something which can, and sometimes is, better than conventional big-name denim brands.

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