Daily Look vs Stitch Fix: Which Clothing Box Is Best?

People have started to fancy fashion subscription boxes recently.

I don’t blame them.

Honestly, there are a couple of things I hate when shopping online – I can never be sure if it’s going to fit me, and most of the time, I experience hell when returning the package.

Subscription boxes such as Daily Look and Stitch Fix have solved both issues.

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Daily Look & Stitch Fix – How Does it Work?

Fashion subscription boxes are mostly styling boxes meaning that there’s a team of stylists choosing the best clothing items according to your preferences.

Now, here is the great part – after you receive the box, you can try EVERYTHING, choose the stuff you like, and return all the rest for FREE.

Okay, perhaps not all fashion subscription boxes do that, but Daily Look and Stitch Fix certainly do.

Table Comparison of Daily Look & Stitch Fix

Daily Look Vs Stitch Fix: Personal Styling
Styling fee$40$50
Shipping cycleOnce a month
Every other month
Every three months
Every two weeks
Every three weeks
Every month
Return period5 days3 days
Target AudienceAdult, business, lifestyle, womenEntire family
Size optionsStandard sizes onlyInclusive sizes

Daily Look Review

Daily Look – Black Frayed Hem Short & Air Sleeeveless Mandarin Collar Top

Here’s what the process looks like from signing up and trying on to returning clothes with Daily Look.


  • Simple quiz to learn your preferences
  • Blue box – thoughtful final touch
  • 5-day return window


  • Only standard sizes
  • Complete the questionnaire

Daily Look needs to learn more about you, so they have prepared quite specific questions about your style, favorite colors, brands, your budget, and even areas you want to keep covered. Also, they ask about your occupation, how you dress for different occasions and even what’s missing in your wardrobe!


The more detailed your answers are the better.

Next, you can browse the “New Looks” section and mark the outfits you like. This will help Daily Look stylists even more to send you the perfect clothes.

  • Your fashion box awaits on your doorstep

    The selected clothes come in a stylish blue gift box. It gives that final touch that matters.

Also, there’s a bag with a prepaid return shipping label for all the clothes you want to send back. It’s free, of course.

  • Try them on and choose what pieces of clothing you want to keep

Besides paying for each piece of clothing, there’s a $40 styling fee for each box and you can use those $40 as credit toward any clothing piece you want to keep.

Don’t worry about your credit stacking up, it will never happen since Daily Look items start at $60.

According to customer reviews, Daily Look does a really good job of matching their clothes and consumer’s style. Instead of taking risks with some ultra-trendy clothes, they’ve decided to play safe and deliver quality pieces you’ll wear often.

  • Return time

You have 5 days to try everything and return things you don’t like. I think a 5-day period is quite enough to try everything on.

If it’s wintertime and you got some large and thick pieces, you’ll probably have a hard time squeezing everything in the return bag. Don’t worry you can pack the rest of it in the blue box you’ve got and send it all together.

  • Making changes

    The great thing about Daily Look is the subscription flexibility. You can cancel or reschedule your box anytime (unless it’s being shipped already).

Also, you can change your stylist if you think they’re not the right match for you.

Stitch Fix Review

Source: Stitch Fix

Here’s what the process looks like from building your Style Profile to trying on and returning clothes with Stitch Fix.


  • Frequent shipments
  • Inclusive sizes for the entire family
  • Well-known brands


  • 3-day return window
  • Style preference learning

Stitch Fix has a bit different approach when it comes to learning your style. You’ll get a questionnaire as well but it’s slightly more complex.

In Daily Look’s questionnaire, you’re answering simply with Yes or No, while Stitch Fix learns your preferences by offering you options like “Hate it,” “Just Ok,” “Like it,” and “Love it.”

Just like Daily Look, Stitch Fix takes into account your budget, size, favorite colors and other important factors.

  • Delivery time

The Stitch Fix box comes with a personal note from your stylist. This is a nice final touch to remind you that there are actual people behind all of this.

All the interaction until your box arrives is online-only therefore you’ve got the feeling like you’re talking to a robot all the time (uhm… yeah…).

  • Trying on

Stitch Fix has a stylist fee as well, but it’s only $20 compared to Daily Look’s $40.

You can use it as a credit toward your new “Fix.” Also, there is a prepaid shipping label for the pieces you want to return.

Stitch Fix offers a 25% discount if you purchase all the items from the box, which is quite a good deal.
That’s why it’s very important to post feedback after every box, giving your stylist clear signals on what you like and what not.

  • Return time

Now, here’s a major downside with Stitch Fix – they offer only a 3-day return period. That’s quite insufficient unless you’re going to try out all the clothes at once.

  • Making changes

    On the other hand, their shipping policy is great! You can manually change the shipping frequency from every three weeks to every two months!

Main Differences Daily Look & Stitch Fix

Here are the main differences distinguishing these two online giants.

  • Daily Look ships its boxes monthly, every other month, or quarterly.
    Stitch Fix’s shipping ranges from every two weeks to every three months.
  • Stitch Fix relies on AI mostly when picking the right clothes for you, while Daily Look focuses on targeted questions and even your social media.
  • Daily Look offers only standard sizes for women, while Stitch Fix offers inclusive sizes for men, women, and even kids.

Daily Look VS Stitch Fix – Head to Head

Now let’s compare Daily Look and Stitch Fix to determine which one is the best for you.

The Styling Process

Daily Look starts with a quiz to learn your style. First, you’ll answer some basic questions about your body type, size, jean length, etc.

Next, you’ll help the stylist learn your preferences by clicking thumbs up or down on the given styles.

Then, you’ll tell them more about your occupation, what might be missing in your closet, how you dress for different occasions, and even the stores you normally shop in.

Finally, if you want you can link your social media accounts and give even more insights into your style preferences.

Stitch Fix has a similar process that relies a bit more on AI. The quiz is a bit more complex – you’ll see many outfits in a row and you should rate them from “Hate it” to “Love it.”

This way AI learns your style without directly asking you.

After that, just like with Daily Look you’ll be asked about size, favorite colors, fit preferences, etc.

I’d say that Daily Look won this round. Their styling process is a bit simpler and more direct. This way I’d feel more certain that I won’t get disappointed when the box arrives.

Target Audience

Even though Daily Look and Stitch Fix have user-friendly websites and excellent customer support, their target audience is quite different.

If you ask me, it seems that Daily Look targets young adult women especially the ones with busy lifestyles. Also, they offer clothes only for women.

Their service leans toward premium one considering the styling fee and the price of the clothing pieces.

Stitch Fix leans more toward practical and helpful use. They don’t tend to present themselves as a premium service but more like a favorite service for those who love shopping.

Their targeting is a bit wider since they offer clothes for the whole family.

Well, this is a tough one. If you’re a lady, go for Daily Look if not, or if you prefer casual clothing, Stitch Fix might be a better option.


When it comes to sizes there are notable differences between these two online services.

Daily Look offers women’s clothes only, therefore it’s a bit surprising they offer only standard sizes – 0 to 12 and XS to L, as well as waist sizes 24-32 for jeans and pants.

They don’t offer any plus sizes, not even maternity clothes, or clothes for kids or men.

Stitch Fix offers not only plus, petite, and maternity sizes but also men’s and children’s.

Standard sizes range from 0 to 16 or XS to XXL. For men, they offer a selection of Big and Tall sizes.

Kids’ sizes range from 2T through 14.

Well done, Stitch Fix, you won this one.

Brands Stitch Fix VS Daily Look

Brands certainly matter. Even though both Daily Look and Stitch Fix offer a variety of brands, there are slight differences.

Daily Look has a list of all brands they cooperate with but they do state that their inventory is constantly updated with up-and-coming brands and designers.

Some of those are Ann Ferriday, BB Dakota, Callahan, Velvet, ELLIATT, Dolce Vita, Hudson, Inkkas, Mara Hoffman, and Gorjana.

Stitch Fix offers a variety of brands that are slightly more known (according to my personal opinion) such as Toms, The North Face, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Free People, Addition Elle, Mavi, Sam Edelman, Sperry, Cole Haan, City Chic, and many more.

Also, Stitch Fix has used its clients’ feedback to partner with some brands and develop new labels only available through Stitch Fix.

Because of this extra mile as well as a bit better brand selection, Stitch Fix scoops the points here.

Subscription Features

I believe that subscription features play a crucial role. I mean, even if a restaurant has outstanding food but terrible staff, you probably won’t dine there again.

Daily Look and Stitch Fix have excellent subscription features but I was able to find a needle in a haystack.

Daily Look ships boxes once a month, every other month, or every three months. The subscription renews automatically until you cancel or pause it.

You’ll receive a box with 12 items based on your preferences. You have 5 days to try them on and the rest you can return for free.

Considering we live quite busy lifestyles and time flies, I like the fact that Daily Look sends an email to remind you that the 5-day period is about to end.

If you want to keep all the items, no action is required.

Stitch Fix has a similar policy but there are some notable differences. First, Stitch Fix ships its boxes more often – you can get your box every two or three weeks, or every month.

You’ll get 7 items in the box however you have only 3 days to try them on.

This is significantly shorter compared to Daily Look.

The rest of the items you’re not happy with can be returned for free.

Even though Stitch Fix ships its boxes more often, I find the 3-day period too short to try all the items, that’s why Daily Look wins this round.


Both Daily Look and Stitch Fix have a styling fee and they both offer a free return of the items you didn’t like.

However, Daily Look charges $40 for styling your box and you can use that amount as a credit toward your next purchase. Also, the clothing items start at $60 and up.

On the other hand, Stitch Fix has a reasonable $20 styling fee, and the prices of the items range from $50 to around $200.

Just like with Daily Look, clients can use the $20 credit toward any future purchase within 30 days.

This styling fee sounds so bothersome, but your stylist won’t do it for free, that’s for sure. You have to appreciate the time they put into styling your box.

Also, you can use that credit toward your next purchase, therefore you basically pay nothing.

Even though both services have a similar price range, I’d go with Stitch Fix only because of the $20 fee compared to the $40 one Daily Look charges.

Daily Look Or Stitch Fix – Winner

Overall, both Daily Look and Stitch Fix offer amazing services and they’re doing their best to appeal to consumers with styling options and convenience.

Daily Look has premium service, therefore it’s a bit more expensive. They offer a 5-day period to try on your new clothes and they have a more direct way of determining your style.

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee which is 50% less compared to Daily Look. They cooperate with well-known brands and have inclusive sizes for the entire family, not just women.

This is a really tough call, even though Stitch Fix won in 4 out of 7 categories, I’d say that overall impression allows me to say that the winner is…


It’s just that the 3-day period is too short and I think the styling process is the most important part here and Daily Look has certainly done a better job there.

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