Cozy Earth Vs Brooklinen: Which Sheets Should You Get?

Cozy Earth and Brooklinen offer luxurious sheets that are incredibly soft and made of top-quality materials. They’re one of the leaders in the bedding industry, their sheets are free from harmful substances, and they are oeko-tex certified.

In this review, I’ll compare Cozy Earth and Brooklinen as brands as well as their signature sheets.

Read on to find out what makes these two brands different and which set of sheets is a perfect match for you.

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Cozy Earth VS Brooklinen – Brands at Glance

Cozy Earth was founded by Tyler Howells in 2011. They use bamboo in manufacturing their products and that’s quite amazing if you ask me.

When I first heard of Cozy Earth, I couldn’t ask myself what bamboo bed sheets are like. Well, they turn out to be super soft, comfortable, sustainable, and breathable.

Cozy Earth manufactures the entire line of bedding and pajamas using bamboo. Consumers love the natural temperature-regulating properties and the incredible softness. The products are free of toxins and they are woven in a way to stay durable for 10+ years.

Brooklinen’s mission is to create top-quality products at affordable prices.

How’s that even possible? Well, the founders of Brooklinen, Vicki and Rich Fulop, have solved the puzzle – they decided to remove the layers of unnecessary cost such as middlemen services and wholesaling and designer licensing fees.

Who gets all those savings? You do.

Besides providing high-quality bedding at affordable prices, they have decided to go the extra mile for their customers by offering dream-like trial and warranty policies.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set vs Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Table Comparison

Let’s place each brand’s best sellers side by side and check out their main features and the main differences.

Cozy Earth VS
Brooklinen Sheets
SampleBamboo Sheet SetLuxe Sateen
Materials100% Viscose from BambooLong-staple standard cotton
Thread Count300-thread count480-thread count
Trial Period100 nights365 nights
Warranty10 yearsLifetime
Best forPeople who prefer eco-friendly brands with sustainable manufacturing process
Hot sleepers
People with sensitive skin
Those who love soft bedding
People love things that come with a good warranty
Those who appreciate outstanding customer service
People who like sheets in various colors
SizeTwin/Twin XL
California King
Split King
Twin XL
California king

Cozy Earth Review

Cozy Earth’s best sellers is Bamboo Sheet Set. It’s ideal for hot sleepers and people with sensitive skin. Actually, this set appeals to a wide range of consumers.

Bamboo Sheet Set is made from 100% viscose from bamboo and it features a sateen weave. The sheets are durable, ultra-soft, and moisture-wicking thanks to bamboo-derived viscose. Also, the sheets have natural temperature regulating abilities.

Cozy Earth puts a lot of effort into preserving the environment. The viscose they get for the bedding is obtained from organically farmed and wild-harvested bamboo. Wild-harvested bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides.

Also, Cozy Earth has patented a treatment process that recycles wastewater.

Considering all the things listed above, no wonder Cozy Earth products have a high price tag.

The Bamboo Sheet Set comes in seven sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, and five different colors.

If you’re thinking about returning the sheets, don’t rush – Cozy Earth offers a 100-night trial period on its products and a 10-year warranty.

Sounds good to me.

Speaking of care the company advises washing the sheets with cold water on a regular cycle but don’t use bleach or fabric softeners.


  • Extra breathable
  • Incredibly soft
  • Made of bamboo-derived viscose
  • Made for all-around sleepers
  • Natural temperature regulating abilities
  • Toxin-free


  • Generally bamboo tends to wrinkle more than other fabrics

Brooklinen Review

One of the Brooklinen best sellers is The Luxe Sateen and you can often find it in 5-star luxury hotels. It is made of oeko-tex certified long-staple cotton. Just like The Bamboo, The Luxe Sateen features a sateen weave.

The Luxe Sateen is incredibly soft but hot sleepers might not like it since it’s less breathable (Brooklinen Classic Percale would be a much better option).

Even though it has a 480-thread weave this material is more susceptible to rips and tears and may lose some softness after repeated washes.

What consumers absolutely love about The Luxe Sateen and Brooklinen overall is the customer service and their outstanding policies.

With your Luxe Sateen Sheets, you’ll get a 365-night trial and a LIFETIME warranty!



  • Toxin-free
  • Many customizing options
  • 365 nights trial period
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for hot sleepers

Brand Comparison – Cozy Earth vs Brooklinen

We’ve analyzed the best-selling sheets, and now it’s time to compare the brands.


Brooklinen’s bedding products are available in four different styles – The Classic Percale collection and Luxe Sateen are made from long-staple cotton with a soft finish. The Linen collection is made from premium Belgian and French flax and it offers exceptional durability and cooling. Heathered Cashmere products combine luxury cotton and Himalayan cashmere for from-the-outer-world softness.

Classic Percale100% Long-staple cottonPercale
Luxe Sateen100% Long-staple cottonSateen
Linen100% Belgian and French flaxLinen
Heathered Cashmere95% Cotton, 5% Himalayan cashmereTwill

Cozy Earth currently offers just one sheet set – Cozy Earth Sheets that are made from bamboo-derived viscose. The sheets are made of durable and ultra-soft fabric that wicks moisture away.

The winner in this category clearly is Brooklinen.


Both brands offer sheets in 6 sizes. The only difference is that Cozy Earth offers the Split King size while Brooklinen doesn’t.

Cozy EarthBrooklinen
Twin/Twin XL Full Queen King California King Split KingTwin
Twin XL
California king

Only because Brooklinen lacks the Split King size, Cozy Earth wins this one.


Cozy Earth does a lot in terms of sustainability. The only material that is used in manufacturing Cozy Earth’s bedding is bamboo (bamboo-derived viscose to be more precise). The bamboo they use is organically farmed and wild-harvested.

Also, the company made an additional step by patenting a fiber treatment process that recycles wastewater and avoids the use of caustic chemicals.

On the other hand, Brooklinen places all cards on customer satisfaction which we’re going to analyze in the next category.

The winner – Cozy Earth

Trial and Warranty Policies

Cozy Earth offers a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

That’s great! Similar brands with luxury bedding products offer a 30-day trial and a meaningless warranty. So Cozy Earth did a great job here.


Brooklinen offers a 365-night trial period. Aside from the 365 nights you get to test your sheets, you will also receive a LIFETIME warranty.

Nothing can beat that!

Well done, Brooklinen!

Cozy Earth or Brooklinen – Final Notes

In this review I’ve compared two incredible brands that make luxury bedding products. Even though Brooklinen and Cozy Earth are the leaders in their industry, you’ve noticed that they are quite different.

Cozy Earth uses bamboo-derived viscose in the sheet manufacturing process. The sheets are incredibly soft, durable, and breathable. The sheets appeal to a wide range of consumers, especially hot sleepers.

Also, the company uses organically farmed, wild-harvested bamboo meaning it’s toxin-free. They even patented a fiber treatment process that recycles wastewater.

Lastly, they offer a 100-night trial period on the sheets as well as a 10-year warranty.

Brooklinen makes luxury bedding products at affordable prices. In order to approach consumers with a tight budget, they’ve decided to remove the layers of unnecessary costs such as middlemen services and wholesaling and designer licensing fees.

The company offers a variety of sheet collections that suit all-around sleepers.

Their trademark would definitely be customer care. Brooklinen offers an insane 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty.

I assume you can guess how difficult it is for me to declare a winner here. But there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned. While I was searching through dozens of websites and hundreds of reviews I couldn’t find a single negative review on The Bamboo Sheet Set.

I’ve been writing reviews for some time and I’ve never seen anything like that.


Otherwise, I’d probably say that both brands are the winners (even though I do that almost never) but because of the fact I’ve mentioned above, I have to say that the winner of this comparison is Cozy Earth

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