Cora vs Lola vs Rael: Best Organic Subscription Tampons

With the increasing thoughtfulness about what we do or don’t do, there has been a recent shift about that “Code Red” time of the month. As time passes by, more and more women are willing to talk openly about their menstrual cycle.

And why shouldn’t they? Even as young adults, we suspect that many of you were taught that you should keep that part private, and not openly speak about it.

Nowadays, brands like Cora, Lola and Rael are pioneers about the new wave of shopping for your tampons. Not only do they offer exceptional products, but they also encourage women to share their experiences with their products.

As you might’ve guessed it from the title, these brands work on a subscription-based model. Usually, since they’re a bit more modern than the conventional choices on the market, they come in boxes, which are pure social media material. But should you switch to a subscription for your monthly menstrual cycle, or should you stick to regular old supplies from the store?

We’ve set out to find that out. Join us as we unravel why a subscription might be a good idea, and which of these brands is the best!

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 Why Subscription Tampons & Not Regular Ones? – Cora VS Lola VS Rael

Source : Cora

There are many times that when the time of the month comes, you aren’t ready. Whether your menstrual cycle might be early or late for some reason, it definitely happens to the best of us.

It is at such times that we all are filled with panic, especially during times like these. So, having your supplies restocked every once in a while isn’t such a bad idea. On top of that, it is highly convenient, with some brands you can customize your box, and the supplies inside. You’re one click away from not having to worry about tampons.

Nevertheless, the main selling point of these brands isn’t that. What Lola, Cora and Rael offer are organic tampons. They state that your usual in-store tampons aren’t required to disclose their ingredients, even though most of them do, and they’re usually filled with toxins and bleached with chlorine.

But does organic really mean healthier? Well, in this setting, “organic” usually means much more environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable. Claims of the regular tampons not being healthy don’t hold that much water, and are usually discarded.

On record, many have gone out and said that the bleaching with chlorine might cause a release of the toxin dioxin, which might enter your bloodstream. However, this statement isn’t proven, but it is a theoretical risk.

In any case, organic tampons might be a better idea. Still, they’re probably “healthier” or better for you, even though regular tampons work fine as well.

Lola VS Cora VS Rael: How Do the Subscriptions Work?


With Cora, you can either go with a subscription or a one-time deal. So, you can try them out and see if they tick all the boxes for you. When you go with a subscription, you can customize how absorbant the tampons are, from light to super plus.

After that, you can setup how many tampons you’ll need to get every three months. That is from 16 tampons to up to 64 tampons every three months. This way, you can have a desired number of tampons per month.


Lola is quite similar to Cora when it comes to the process of editing and compiling your subscription box. There are four types of tampons, each with different absorbency. They go from light all the way up to super plus, so it is quite like Cora.

The box can be customized in a way where you can have from all of the type of tampons, or just one or two, depending on personal preference, and what experience you had with your menstrual cycle.

The boxes ship every three months, and it remembers your selection forever. Free shipping is for orders above $25, which is a bit higher than Cora’s $20.

There is also the possibility to do a one-time purchase, if you want to test run these tampons.


Ordering and setting up your subscription with Rael is a tad bit more overwhelming than with Cora or Lola. This is because Rael offers much more other products, which means that their website is a bit more full.

Still, when you find organic tampons and start setting up your subscription, you have the option to do a one-time purchase in order to find whether Rael’s tampons will work for you or not. The biggest difference here is the fact that for absorbency, you will only have the option for regular or super size.

That’s a bummer since most people have different needs, and you don’t exactly need super tampons every day of your cycle. Each box will contain only 16 tampons, and the only thing you can do to increase that is to get more boxes.

However, as for your subscription, you can either go with every one month or every three months, which is acceptable. It is fair to mention that you do get an extra product each time you order which is a plus.

Best Option for You? – Cora VS Lola VS Rael

Cora’s boxes branding

Now, there are probably some of you that are not yet sold on the idea of subscription tampons. Whether it be the prices, or not sure about the quality, it is reasonable to ask yourself twice before opting for a method such as this.

But it seems so convenient though. Imagine putting your menstrual supplies on autopilot, it is really easy with these brands. Still, there is a lot more ground to cover, and not much distinction has been made among these innovative products.

In order to make it much more digestible and much easier for you to determine which one of these might work for you, we have made a table, where we objectively compare their practical aspects.

Here is a comparison that might prove useful in order to find which one of these has your name on it:

Organic Tampons : Cora VS Lola VS Rael Vs Tampon Tribe
Substances100% Organic with no bleaches100% Organic100% Organic
Price$1 – One tampon$0.44 – One tampon$0.43 – One Tampon
Shipping FeesFree on orders above $20Free on orders above $25Free on orders above $30
FrequencyEvery Three MonthsOne, three, or every six monthsOne or three months
Subscription Tampons

Even after compiling the comparison on practicality, most of these brands are indeed similar. It might seem like that on the surface, but there is much more to be said about each, in order to make a proper distinction.

Which Has the Best Tampons? – Cora VS Lola VS Rael

Source: Lola

This is hard to make out, partly because most of these brands make the tampons using similar methods and/or ingredients. But whether they will perform as good as their bleached counterparts (store tampons), is the real question.

Whatever you’re used to, it is highly probable that after switching to one of these brands, one might feel a slight difference. It is highly dependent on what type of tampons you’ve used before. But many have went out to say that they might even outperform some regular tampons.

Lola is by-far the most famous brand of the bunch. With that, there are much more positive reviews that even further make this brand more compelling. Furthermore, as far as tampons are concerned, you can easily say that it has highest quality compared to Cora and Rael.

Still, Rael also has some great tampons. We would’ve loved to see more options when it comes to absorbency, but as far as holding liquid, they’re pretty good. The difference is only slight between Lola and Rael.

However, that is not to say that the other two won’t do the job quite as well. To make tampons today, a company must abide by FDA’s absorbency list. Which means that, all of them will have the same types of absorbency, and they’ll all hold the same amount of liquid.

If you weren’t aware about FDA’s absorbency list, or have some trouble picking out which absorbency you need, or should use at a particular time, here it is:

  • Light Absorbency – 6 grams or less
  • Regular Absorbency – 6-9 grams
  • Super Absorbency – 9-12 grams
  • Super Plus Absorbency – 12-15 grams
  • Ultra-Absorbency – 15-18 grams

Granted, none of these brands has an ultra-absorbent tampon, but women who use these are quite rare as well. These can be considered for highly-active women who will need to be on the go, during the worst day of their menstrual cycle.

Beyond Tampons: Cora, Lola & Rael

Source: Lola

Now, chances are that if you’re already considering tampons from one of these brands, you don’t always want to use tampons. And, since getting products from these companies is so convenient, why not try out their other products as well, because they do have others.

Their lineup differs a lot, which is a surprise with brands like these. Some don’t just specialize for menstrual products, but for other self-care, beauty, and/or pleasure products.

To get a better idea of each of these brands, we though it would be best to showcase some of their products, that should be considered. Here’s Cora’s lineup:

  • Organic Cotton Tampons
  • Organic Cotton Applicator
  • Organic Cotton Topsheet Pads
  • Overnight Maxi Pads
  • Period Liners
  • Period Underwear
  • Cora Cup
  • Cup Cleanse
  • And other body and cycle support items.

To be fair, not all the other products are great. While Cora’s cotton tampons are great, their quality falls behind with their body lotions, balms, and similar. However, their pads are adequate, but not as good as those you would find in the drug store. Still, at least they’re organic.

Nonetheless, the most impressive arsenal of products is the one of Lola’s. They have much more products, and product types for different categories. Here’s a sneak peek of Lola’s arsenal:

  • Menstrual Cup
  • Pads with Wings
  • Ultra-Thin Liners
  • Compact Applicator Tampons
  • Ultra-Thin Condoms
  • Personal Lubricant
  • And so much more.

Seriously, this does Lola a disservice. There are so many other products that are worth checking out. So, in any case, there is a brand in this list that has a chance of covering all your required supplies and essentials.

Rael is also one which has some great other products as well. From the three, it can be said that Rael has the best overall products, as the quality of their tampons equals quality in other products.

Most people are impressed from skin essentials, acne treatments, masks, pads, and even toothpaste that Rael offers. In any case, it is great to have the possibility to cover your other needs with these brands as well.

With all of the exceptional products that Rael has, one cannot really go wrong. Considering to get some additional beauty essentials when you get your monthly menstrual supplies might not be a bad idea after all.

However, some products that these three brands offer might be a bit off.

Cora Subscription Tampons – Review

Source: Cora

Based on personal preference, there are many who prefer Cora in general, next to Rael and Lola. They offer adequate tampons, but the main issue is getting your absorbency right. It is really important that you get absorbency that you need (use the FDA list from above).

This is because, even though they’re adequate, because they’re organic, there is a much smaller window for error. So, if you’re having a particularly menstrual-heavy day, consider higher absorbency than normal.

With Cora you can go either applicator tampons or no-applicator tampons, depending on what you prefer. Honestly, both are the same quality, which is exceptional, although the applicator ones are easier to use. However, this all depends on each individual, and what they’re used to.

So, if you have no issue using non-applicator tampons, then Cora’s non-applicator tampons are great. However, make sure you’re not using public restrooms, because they might be a hassle.

One thing which might be annoying for many is the applicator. It must be pushed in a perfect way, fully, in order for the tampon to go all of the way through. Some negative reviews were about tampons getting stuck in the applicator. In time though, people get used to it easily.

With any tampon of course, there are some pros and cons that need to be considered. Cora is no different, and here are the pros and cons to using Cora:


  • Extremely convenient
  • Easy to order and setup your subscription
  • Organic cotton
  • Great tampons
  • Relatively cheap
  • Shop for other products also
  • Adequate applicator design
  • Good packaging/branding


  • No ultra-absorbency tampons
  • A bit pricier than drugstore tampons
  • Ships every three months. No option for one or two
  • Might be less absorbent than store tampons
  • Shipping liable to issues

Lola Subscription Tampons Review

Source: Lola

Lola, like I said multiple times already, is the famous one out of the bunch. Many have ditched their old tampons to go with this brand, and it is easy to see way.

The applicator is compact and will give you a seamless experience. While many use supplementary pads to avoid leakage, with Lola, you don’t need them. We previously touched on how organic tampons might be slightly less absorbent, but with Lola the difference is hard to grasp.

It really holds up to a high standard, i.e. what you might expect from a normal tampon. Sure, it might be only a touch less absorbent, but it is all you need, especially if you have higher-absorbency tampons already selected. Again, Lola’s applicator might be the best one from the three brands.

You also get a bit more modification features for your subscription. You can either go with one month, three month, or a six-month subscription plan. The longer you go, the less the box will cost you, but we believe that one or three months is what the majority would go for.

The issue with Lola isn’t so much the quality of the tampons for people, but rather, that the tampons cost 20 cents more (on average) than regular store tampons. But this is the price to pay for this commodity.

Not all is bright and shiny though. There are pros and cons to using Lola, and to make things much easier for you, we’ve made sure that we gave you the most impactful ones:


  • Boxes can come in every month, every three months, or every six months
  • Cheaper than other tampon subscriptions out there
  • Compact applicator with decent controllability
  • Exceptional organic tampons
  • Instagrammable boxes
  • A wide-variety of other products


  • Cannot get more than 18 tampons in a single box
  • Difficult to transition to
  • Pricier than store tampons on average, but cheaper than other tampon subscription services

Other than that, there is much low downside when going with Lola. We struggled to find cons, but there aren’t many.

Rael Subscription Tampons – Review

Like we continually say, the biggest issue with Rael is only having two options for sizes. Either regular or super. Indeed, in some cases it won’t make much difference, since many other use only these two either way, but still, it would’ve been nice to have the option to customize the box more.

Source: Rael

The applicator has a similar style to ones you would find in the store, and it is everything you would expect from Rael. It is easy to use and it is very convenient. There haven’t been many cases where users complained about the applicator, like they have for Cora and Lola.

It cannot be stressed enough that with these three brands, you get somewhat the same quality and leak-management. Yes, some are better, but the difference is very small. If they had to be ranked, Rael will fall in the middle, only slightly behind Cora.

In any case, overall quality with Rael seems to be on top. Meaning, not just the tampons, but all of the products feel exceptionally well, and on average, they offer great results.

Prices are very modest, and you can get boxes each month, or every three months. Boxes aren’t as flamboyant as Lola or Cora, but they do have their own style. Definitely, social media material.

Still, like with any brand, there are some pros and cons to using the product:


  • Boxes come in every month or three.
  • 16 tampons in a box.
  • Most used absorbencies covered.
  • Free shipping on orders above $30.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Other great beauty products also.
  • Free goodies on some orders.
  • Great applicator.


  • Not much room for customization.
  • Flamboyancy isn’t a thing with Rael.
  • No ultra-absorbent tampon.

There aren’t many cons to using Rael quite frankly. One thing would be that if you have heavy menstrual cycle on average, then consider getting the super size from Rael. Some have experienced some leakage with the regular tampons.

Which Is the Most Absorbent? Cora VS Lola VS Rael

Up until now it has been quite hard to make out which of these has the best subscription box and quality. The question isn’t any less difficult to answer with all things considered. However, we must ask, which of these brands has the best and most absorbent tampons?

We would say that the three of these hold liquid very well. It is a tad bit difficult to rank them accordingly on most absorbent to least absorbent, since the feedback is relatively mixed and usually the same percentage give or take, says that the tampons will give you leaks.

Now, it is fair to say that when compared to traditional choices you would find in your local drugstore, these are only a little bit less absorbent.

This is because they’re 100% organic, and there aren’t chemicals or other ingredients which help the tampon not dry up, or hold more liquid. Realistically, they’re usable, on in short intervals, for example, when you’re on the go, having a gym session or similar.

The three are quite absorbent, and quite frankly, it is really hard to find any difference about how much liquid they can hold. But Lola and Rael do appear to be a much better as an “overall” package.

Biggest downside with Cora is its price. It is close to 100% pricier than the other two. It is hard to see why when looking at it from a practical sense, but when looking it as a brand, it might be “reasonable”. They do have great packaging and products, but that much difference in price is hard to ignore.

This is where personal proclivity might play a huge role. Because their tampons are so identical, it comes down to which brand ticks all the boxes for you. Whether that be their packaging, their other products, the ease of use, or other aspects.

In any case, all these offer great products, and you can’t go wrong when choosing between Cora, Lola or Rael. Or can you?

Head-to-Head Comparisons

Even though we compared these brands carefully under the microscope, there is very little that came from it. We still have three potentially great services, and a tough decision to choose between them.

Well, to make matter easier, we chose to pin them against each other. Chances are that you might already be favoring one or two brands from this list, so, let them battle it out, so we can see how they performed compared to each other.

Cora or Lola?

If you’re interested on keeping your menstrual supply filled every month, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, and not worry about having stock, then these are the brands that you might be considering.

As far as pads go, Lola outperforms Cora. But when tampons are in questions, these two brands are surprisingly very similar. What you need to do is pick out which one you like more on appearance if tampons are what you’re going for, or do you?

What is important to mention is how easy it is to setup your subscription and customize your box with Lola. As for Cora, they offer much less customizability, and the only option for your subscription box is for it to come every three months, which might be a hassle.

Cost also plays a huge role. On top of the better service from Lola, not to mention easier ordering process, Cora is much pricier than Lola, and it is fairly difficult to see why. Packaging is not a proper explanation, since Lola has some amazing branding.

In any case, the tampons from Cora come in at a dollar each, which is quite high compared to Lola’s mere half of that.

Which One to Go For, Lola or Rael?

Before we pin these two head-to-head, it is important to say that there is a market for each of them. Meaning, both are great brands that offer great organic tampons, but ultimately, it boils down to which one you prefer more.

Source: Lola

Let’s start off with Rael. Why not go with it? Well, the biggest reason is the fact that there isn’t much customizability for your boxes, there are only two absorbencies, regular and super, next to Lola’s impressive four.

However, Lola has two absorbencies for the tampons with a cardboard applicator. Otherwise, you will have to opt-in for a plastic applicator if you want to get some of the extra two absorbent tampons.

On top of that, the cardboard applicator doesn’t feel as sturdy as the one from Rael. It seems as though you have to push in really hard at the right angle, to get the tampon to move in a good way. Either way, it really seems like it is down to your choice.

In other aspects these brands are very similar. With Lola you will get free shipping on orders above $25, rather than $30 with Rael. But that is little difference, since you might buy some other products with Rael, particularly some beauty essentials.

Which is Better for You, Cora or Rael?

Now this is a comparison that is worth to consider. While many would consider Lola as the clear winner in this review, there might be some which Lola doesn’t appear like it is for them.

Between Cora and Rael, it is difficult to make a decision, because after all, both are exceptional brands.

Many find it hard to use the Cora applicator for some reason, because it is a bit fidgety, and requires a proper push. Rael’s applicator though, is far better, and chances are that you would have no issues using it, even if you used the traditional applicators up until this point.

Even though Cora is very good, in this comparison, it is really hard to see why one would stick with Cora. The price is too high and even though there are more tampon types to choose from, one can only get boxes delivered every three months only.

With Rael, there are much more choices for how frequent you get your tampons delivered to your door. Pair this up with the difficulty of using the applicator, and well, Rael seems the better choice.

In any case, Cora’s individual missions and impact on the society is great. Still, as a supplier for your monthly needs, Rael might be the clear winner in this comparison.

The Verdict: The Best Tampon Subscription Service – Cora VS Lola VS Rael

Do tampon subscriptions make sense? Well, financially, not quite. If you’ve used the usual drugstore tampons, you might be able to make out how pricier these services are, when considering the prices per tampon. Even though prices are different everywhere in the world, in general these services are much pricier.

But Lola and Rael are relatively close to those prices, while also offering quite a lot of conveniency and practicality. Why run to the store every time you’re in need for menstrual supplies, when you can get them at your own home, in some cases, each month.

So, while they aren’t that sensible financially, as far as conveniency, practicality, and health, these do make a lot of sense. These are organic tampons, which in many cases, work better than the regular tampons.

While all of them offer similar services and products, it is relatively easy to see which is the best one of the bunch. With all facts objectively viewed, Lola makes the most sense for tampon subscription.

Rael is the underdog, but when compared to Lola it is difficult to see why. If you don’t have any issues with using only regular and super tampons, then Rael might be for you. All in all, as a package, both Lola and Rael make a lot of sense.

Cora’s biggest con is the fact that it is a lot pricier than the other two. While the tampons and other products are of great quality, the prices don’t do it any justice. Still, Cora might be for some out there.

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