Cleancult vs Blueland vs Grove: Best Cleaning Solutions

Keeping both your house and your self clean and well-maintained is something we don’t talk about quite often. But why would that be the case? There are thousands of products on the market that offer great results, but it may be overwhelming to choose a particular brand.

Meet CleanCult, Blueland, and Grove. Each of these brands are dedicated to making the highest quality of cleaning products, both for you yourself, and for your household. Although they seem similar on paper, many of them differ slightly.

Usually, these brands have products which you can’t go to the local store and buy. They specialize in a handful of products and services. Some of them have subscriptions, which means you can get a monthly restock.

Choosing between them is daunting, hence why we will evaluate each one, and get into the details about which one you should choose.

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Are There Differences Between Cleancult, Blueland, and Grove?

Source: Blueland

The gist of it all is the fact that these brands, all strive for the same purpose. That is to bring more advanced and better cleaning solutions for both your skin, and your household.

The way each of them plans to accomplish that is quite different though. CleanCult has some exceptional suites and bundles, which are quite easy to start with. While Blueland, has cleaning products they use an unorthodox method for their cleaning solutions.

What Blueland do, that is for praise, is the fact that they’re trying to reduce waste, and not contribute to pollution. They do this by having refillable bottles, usually with something that can dissolve in water. Same goes for CleanCult, and while they aren’t 100% natural materials, most of the time, they’re recyclable.

On top of that, they claim that their solutions are pure, and not chemical-heavy. But, will these products be as good as something that you can buy off the shelf?

As for Grove, they have the usual cleaning products which you can find in your local stores, i.e. they’re usually pre-made. Still, they focus on waste as well, some of their products are plastic-free, and friendly to the environment.

The Best Cleaning Products: Cleancult, Blueland, or Grove?

First off, it is important to note that you can get by with each of these brands, as far as cleaning is concerned. Nonetheless, yes, some are more potent solutions, while others aren’t as strong.

Here is a quick lineup of CleanCult’s most notable products:

  • Complete Home Bundle
  • Complete Hand Soap Bundle
  • Complete Home Refill Bundles
  • Healthy Hands Bundle
  • Complete Liquid Laundry Bundle
  • Double Bubble Bundle
  • Dishwasher Bundle
  • Hand Soap Variety Bundle

Of course, these bundles are premade, but you can shop for individual products from each of these bundles, if you were picking favorites. Meaning, you don’t need to go with a bundle, but rather individual products as well.

While it might not seem like it, Blueland is quite similar to CleanCult. They offer the same products, more specifically, these ones:

  • Seven Reusable Bottles/Containers
  • Three Different Cleaning Ampules
  • Laundry Tablets
  • Dishwasher Tablets
  • Dish Soap
  • Hand Soap

Well, Grove is quite different than CleanCult and Blueland. It has a wide-variety of products ranging everything from household products, to pets, baby, and personal care products. So, it is fair to say that they have quite an extensive portfolio when it comes to hygiene.

Because of that fact, quality is the utmost importance with Grove, and it shows with their product line. In all fairness, many have found it way more effective to clean with Grove, compared to the other two.

This might be because of the quality difference between the products.

However, the difference is very small, and chances are that most people won’t notice it. It all boils down to personal preference, difference in smells and what will accommodate your home more.

Who Has the Best Cleaning Solution? – Cleancult VS Blueland VS Grove

Source: Grove

First off, it is important to say that we will take a couple of products into consideration. We will take all of CleanCult and Bluelands products into consideration, as well as their Grove counter-parts, in order to even out the playing field.

For CleanCult, the all-purpose cleaner seems to be one of wonders. On top of that, their dish soap, particularly the grassy-lemon scented one is exceptional. While the consistency may be a bit thick, it is sufficient to remove all stains.

Blueland exceed expectations, with their its ampules/tablets or cartridges. So, for products like surface cleaners, glass cleaners, and similar, you basically mix water with the product. After that, you can use that for your cleaning solution.

While having more environmentally friendly chemicals in the product might not affect effectiveness, sometimes CleanCult and Blueland’s products do feel very refreshing, and not so breathing-heavy.

CleanCult’s most famous bundle is the Complete Home Bundle. It is mind-bending how many products they’ve managed to cram into the bundle. You get: four refillable bottles, one tablet jar, five types of refills, ranging from all purpose cleaner to laundry bars, and five other cleaning essentials

CleanCult and Grove both use a different approach than Blueland. Both have liquid based concentrates, and not cartridges or ampules. This goes for their lineup for glass, all-purpose, counter, and similar cleaners. Other than that, they have bars and cartridges for other products.

Grove will be the strongest cleaning product from the three you can use, but truth be told, the other two will pan out just as good. It is just that they won’t be as strong.

But for a household, you don’t really need the strongest cleaning solution out there on the face of the earth.

Cleancult Cleaning Solutions Review

Source: CleanCult

What we found most notable about CleanCult is how easy it is to start with. Their website is easy to navigate, and the already-made bundles are great starting off point. This is extremely important for brands such as these.

There are some plasticky ingredients in the products themselves here and there, but CleanCult say that they’re 100% recyclable. However, on this topic, you might need to check further with your local recycler.

The packaging is exceptional, but branding and being ‘instagrammable’ is not as good as Grove or Blueland. Still, some might like it, and this is completely subjective, but we’ve felt as though it gives the ‘old’ vibe a bit.

As for the cleaning products themselves, they’re unbelievable. They work great, and the all-purpose cleaner is the king among their line-up. One downside is that their lemon-scented laundry bars smell a bit chemical-heavy, meaning they smell like off-the-shelf cleaning products.

In any case, CleanCult offer some great products, and they’re worth the consideration if you want to stock-up your cleaning cabinet. There are some pros and cons to using CleanCult though:


  • Sturdy packaging, because the bottles are glass, they need to be well-packaged.
  • The process of finding and ordering products is exceptional.
  • There are some great bundles and suites premade.
  • Bottles feel high-quality, as if they were made to last.
  • More scent, and color options to choose from.
  • Anti-slip silicone.


  • A lot of packaging material.
  • Not as esthetically pleasing as the other two in this review.
  • Lemon-scented laundry bars smell a lot like a cleaning product, and not natural.
  • Thicker consistency on some products.

Blueland Cleaning Solutions Review

Source: Blueland

Now, if CleanCult had great packaging, Blueland blows it out of the water. Additionally, that doesn’t go for just the packaging, but each of the individual products as well. What most are fond of are the reusable bottles you get from Blueland.

There are three bottles, one for glass and mirror, one multi-surface, and one for the bathroom. Each of the bottles is slightly colored a certain color, and all are labeled in front, so that you know which is what.

The ampules dissolve in some cases in 30 minutes, and they have to be put in warm water. The solution doesn’t feel as heavy as the one from CleanCult, but it is very effective, especially the multi-surface cleaner.

The surfaces don’t have any streaks after they’re cleaned, even if you use more of the cleaning solution. On top of those cleaning solutions, there are bars for hand soap as well, and also a bottle especially made for the hand soap.

The soap isn’t as harsh as some other soaps you might get over the counter. Although, it sometimes it can feel like your hands aren’t as clean, but that is subjective and depends on your skin type. But it is important to mention that some people might not be impressed with the hand soap.

Overall, the whole theme of Blueland is quite special, and all of the products have decent quality. What is a big bonus is the fact that the products are branded well, and look modern. So, if you choose to go with the whole kits, it might go well with the rest of your household.

This might be a whole lot of information to take in. For clarity’s wise, let’s break it down and see the positive and negative sides to using Blueland:


  • Products are well-made, and look very modern.
  • Cleaning products are great, especially the multi-surface cleaner.
  • More choices than CleanCult.
  • Multiple starting kits.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic.


  • Hand soap might now work for many people.
  • The cleaning solutions might loss potency after some time.
  • Handles don’t feel very sturdy. – On the bottles

Grove Cleaning Solutions Review

Source: Grove

To start this off, Grove has the strongest cleaning solutions by far. Granted, the improvement might feel quite small compared to CleanCult and Blueland, but it will feel like a lot when cleaning.

Seems like the concentrates that Grove offers are quite stronger compared to the unorthodox methods that the other two use. It is the same concept, but Grove has opted for the much more traditional way of DIY cleaning solutions.

Considering what was said above, as far as packaging goes, Grove might need to step up its game. The packages aren’t anything special, but the main upside is that no unnecessary materials for packaging is used. At least not more than it needs to.

Grove does remove more of the scents, but in fairness, does have stronger smells than CleanCult and Bluehand. In any case, even though it has stronger scents, it does not overpower your home, and does not smell particularly heavy.

The main selling point of Grove is the fact that it deals well with heavier messes, i.e. greasier surfaces. Its solutions seems to dissolve the grease and stains much better than CleanCult and Blueland. Yet again, the other two give you adequate cleaning power as well.

Grove makes a strong case on why it would be in the first spot. However, it does have some downsides as well. Here are its positive and negative sides:


  • Strong cleaning power, particularly with grease.
  • Effective at removing bad scents.
  • Much more cleaning solution choices.
  • Reusable bottles are sturdy with a good handle, and a great spray pattern.
  • Microfiber towels you can use with the products.
  • Anti-slip cover for the bottom half of the bottle.


  • Potent smells. Might overshadow your home.
  • Feels much more chemically-heavy (subjective).

Which One is For You? Cleancult VS Blueland VS Grove

In hindsight, both CleanCult and Blueland are quite similar. Now, their methods of compiling the product might differ, but they’re both on the same track as far as potency, and cleaning ability goes.

Whatever the case may be, they’re very different, and one couldn’t argue why Grove seems the clear winner here. However, it may not be as simple as that. These products have differences, and personal preference might play a huge role here.

So, in order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have made a table which you can use, to find out which of these brands ticks all of the requirements for you.

These are the differences between the products, find which one of these works best for you:

CleanCult VS Blueland VS Grove
Cleaning Comparison
Easy SetupSetup is very easy, just fill in the bottle with the refill bottle.Ampules that you can dissolve in water.Heavier concentrates that are mixed with water.
PotencyGreat at dissolving stains and messes, but might be a bit thicker.Not so great, compared to Grove and CleanCult.Exceptional, and best in the class. Can be used for heavier and greasier surfaces.
ScentIf you’re not a fan of strong smells, it might be a issue as they have some strong-scented products.Some products are very pleasant to smell, but others might be a bit harsh.Not as refreshing as Blueland and CleanCult.
Daily UseGreat for daily use, and isn’t very harsh on the surfaces.Can be used as a daily driver, and it adds some style to your household.Some of its products may be harsher than others. Possibility for daily use.
PriceGood 5/5Amazing 5/5Great 5/5
Best Cleaning Products Out There

As far as pricing goes, it is really surprising to see that all of the products are similarly prices, i.e. it the same price-range.

Which Are the Best Cartridges, Bars, Concentrates? – Cleancult, Blueland or Grove?

Source: Blueland

Now, like it is mentioned extensively, each of these brands uses a different method for their cleaning products. CleanCult uses prefilled bottles from which you add your product to the refillable glass bottle, Blueland uses tablets, and ultimately, Grove uses much stronger concentrates.

So, from all of these, which work the best? Well, for one, CleanCult’s and Grove’s cleaning products seem on par with those you get from the store, cleaning ability-wise. Yet, they smell fresh, and not so heavy, but one could say that they don’t smell as fresh as Blueland.

Although Blueland’s tablets aren’t as strong as the other two, they’re sufficient for what you might expect to clean at your household. However, since CleanCult and Blueland are a tad bit similar, between the two, CleanCult seems to be the better choice.

Nonetheless, we have not yet touched on the fact that Blueland has much more esthetically pleasing bottles, well-labeled, and they seem like they would add some character to your home.

As for CleanCult, the bottles and products are much more colorful, but in some cases, that could be a minus. While the bottles feel rugged and high-quality, they aren’t as minimalistic and esthetically-pleasing as Blueland.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a product which is the strongest and will dissolve heavier gunk, then Grove is the one to go for. But if you want an adequate cleaner for your house, then CleanCult, and even Blueland will do the job nicely.

When it comes to dishwashers and laundry machines, then Blueland is exceptional at this. The tablets are great, and will leave your clothes or dishes clean and smelling fresh.

CleanCult’s dishwasher bars are good enough, but in some cases, some scents smell very heavy. This is unfortunate, since we found their cleaning ability to be exceptional.

Cleancult or Blueland?

Deciding between the two pioneers is by no means easy. Both are striving to streamline efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, but after all, this doesn’t mean much if they’re not effective.

Source: CleanCult

Thankfully, they’re. To start with CleanCult, many choose to go this route because of how easy it is to get some cleaning-product stock for your house. There are a lot of bundles, and customizing them is a thing of beauty. Some products are great, but the main downside is some scents. Although, some might be fond of them.

The main reason for going with CleanCult is because the traditional liquid cleaner fill-in route is much stronger on average rather than with Blueland’s bars. However, since they’ve only a small selection of smells, you might consider to go Blueland instead.

When it comes to tablets/bars for the dishwasher and laundry machine, then Blueland is the way to go. The smells seem fresher, and the clothes or dishes don’t seem like they have been chemically attacked.

In any case, because of the special nature of Blueland, and its exceptional branding and quality of items, it does seem like the whole package. Everything from the reusable bottles, to the tablets, is well, themed.

It adds a certain zing to your home, which sadly, you won’t get with CleanCult. Especially with CleanCult’s colorful lineup. But to compensate with that, there are a few different color theme choices to go for if you want to use CleanCult.

Nevertheless, both have great products, but Blueland will get you a better overall package.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Since most of these cleaning products are on a refillable infrastructure, the decision is tougher. In order words, one might have more difficulties when switching, paying more, in order to get a whole kit that can get you started.

Because of that reason, we thought it’d be best if we pin these brands against each other, kind of like 1-on-1, to make the information more digestible.

What to Go With, Blueland or Grove?

When it comes to choosing between Blueland and Grove though, preference does play a huge role. On top of that, Grove has a much richer store, meaning there are much more products that you might need from there.

However, Blueland has shown that it has great and efficient cleaning products, and it is very focused on creating environmentally-friendly products. Waste would be zero with Blueland.

On top of that, even though Grove has much more products, it does not have the style like Blueland does. If your cleaning essentials are somewhere in your household where they can be seen, it would make sense to go for Blueland, because of how well the bottles, and other products are designed.

We mentioned it above, it does add some interesting styling to your home. In any case, the preference that comes into question between these two products is whether you need something stronger or less potent.

For many that don’t need to clean particularly filthy spots, or a lot of heavy greasy or similar waste, then you should consider Blueland. Still, if that is not the case, then one should go for Grove.

Which is Better, Cleancult or Grove?

Source: CleanCult

CleanCult has better bundle choices, and we can’t stress it enough how underwhelming choosing a set might be. As for Grove, they really have an abundance of products, and even if they might be great, it is really hard to know what products to go for.

The Bundles from Grove’s competitor, CleanCult, are much more well put-together. Storing them is a breeze, and most of the time, you will have everything that you need.

Grove on the other hand, has more traditional cleaning products. Most dishwasher, laundry machine, and toilet products aren’t in tablets, but rather a traditional packaging like you would find in your local store.

When potency comes to question though, that is where Grove is better. After all, Grove is far more wide-known and established. So, it is the same case as Blueland vs Grove.

If you want something that will be harsher on your home surfaces, but not in a bad way, toilets, dishes, and more, then you should go with Grove. It is a better cleaning solution for removing persistent stains.

But if you need a cleaning product provider which will take care of you cleaning cabinet till the end of time, then CleanCult might seem like the better option.

Still, in order to make it even more straightforward for you to decide, we will get into the details between CleanCult and Grove:

CleanCult VS Grove For Cleaning
StorageThe refill cartons might take up a lot of space. But overall, you get more.Products are similar to what you might find in the store.
Value for MoneyGood. If you’re looking at bundles, then you will get much more for your money, then you would with individual products.Great value for money. Could be argued that it is better then some ordinary chemical-heavy cleaning solutions.
Cleaning PowerLower than Grove, but adequate for any household out there.Amazing, considering it is not as chemical heavy as some other products on the market.
Air Purity and FreshnessGreat air freshness, bit it might be overshadowed with scent.Might be a bit strong for the nose, after usage.
SmellStrong smells, which might not be for many. On average, CleanCult has some strongly-scented products.Natural fragrances that are from essential oils and other plant ingredients.
Try them out today!

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Go With? – Cleancult VS Blueland VS Grove

Whatever the case may be, all of these brands show many strengths, with very little weaknesses. What works for some might not work for many though. We recommend that you go with the one you would think that would be best for you.

However, that is not to say that there are no clear winners here. Even though CleanCult and Blueland are great products, which might pioneer the new wave of cleaning products, for now, it appears as though Grove has some slightly better cleaning solutions.

Still, Blueland and CleanCult are great as well, but considering all of the three options given, Grove has the slightest edge on the other two. On top of that, since the store is packed, you have a big chance of finding other products for your household, that you would need.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to have some adequate cleaning solutions in your home with some minimalistic zing to them, then Blueland is the one to go with. There is something about Blueland that screams social media material. The design of the bottles, and the supplementary products is exceptional.

Lastly, CleanCult will work in many households as well. They may not have some fancy bottles like Blueland, but they’re glass, and also well-durable.

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