Clare vs Backdrop: Best Online Paint Comparison

Let’s be honest, it has come a time that is bizarre to many, and since most of us are home, what better way to spend the time than with a little home-improvement. The main issue is that, if we’re being honest, not many of us are well-educated on the topic, at least not myself.

Even regular maintenance and house work can be a daunting task, especially if you’re planning to paint your walls. Painting is a hit-or-miss for many, they either have it or don’t. However, in recent times, we have seen a lot of new brands for paint, that might actually be pioneers.

E-commerce brands like Clare and Backdrop, might be a better choice to consider for your paint than your usual local paint store. They’re similar but also very different. They’re similar in the way they’re trying to change painting for the better.

In other words, you can find the perfect color for your walls, without having to set foot outside your door. It is convenient, and quality-wise, it is much better than many would suspect. Choosing between these is fairly challenging though.

Still, today we will explore what makes these brands tick, and also put them head-to-head to see which one will come out ahead. Let’s get you your long-awaited color for your walls!

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How Do Clare & Backdrop Compare to Regular Local Paint Stores?

Back Drop Paint – The New Way to Paint.

It is always a hassle when you make the big decision to repaint your house. Going to your local store and asking so many sales representatives, that often times aren’t much educated on the subject, and chances are you end up with something opposite of what you were planning to get.

Also, even though there are usually so many choices in local paint stores, there is often so much, that people get overwhelmed by so many paint choices. What is different when choosing Clare and Backdrop is their ease-of-use, and the seamless process of choosing and getting the paint.

What we also touched on before is the fact that many avoid these brands because of the anxiety of their quality. However, what we will see later on is the exact opposite. In fact, Backdrop and Clare both have high-quality, and follow a strict and high standard.

When getting Backdrop and Clare, there are many things you can expect, often times something that you would with paints from local paint stores:

So, all in all, Clare and Backdrop don’t have much differences with your local paint store, just incremental changes to how you get or view paints, i.e. a different process.

Why Go with Clare or Backdrop for Paint?

Opening each brands’ website will reveal just how easy the process is. There are no uncomfortable conversations, not many options to feel overwhelmed, and all can be done through the comfort of your own home.

Often times both of these brands do a great job to explain all of their products in detail, but also give you some instructions as far as preparation goes; usually Backdrop.

Tests show that both Backdrop and Clare hold to the highest standards in toxicology testing, meaning less potentially harmful substances, and that both hold a high bar for quality. So really, Clare and Backdrop is for people that don’t like to go through the whole process of going to the local store and consulting with paint specialists.

This way you get straight to the good stuff. With Clare and Backdrop, you have only a handful of colors and finishes. Backdrop also has a calculator to calculate exactly how much paint you need for your walls. So, you sit and home, and then your paint shows up at your doorstep.

Clare VS Backdrop: What’s the Difference?

Back Drop Home Pink Color

When looking on the surface, there is not much to differentiate these two brands. Still, there is a lot more that needs to be taken into consideration before making your choice. The most notable difference though is the number of VOCs.

Granted, the difference is very small and will often go unnoticed, but this is fair to mention since Clare has went through a lot to get to zero VOCs. As for Backdrop, it isn’t as though they have high amount of it, but a bit more than Clare.

For those that are not aware, volatile organic compound, or VOC for short, are chemicals that have high vapor pressure at room temperature. These are usually unhealthy and can lead to adverse health effects.

Still, both meet the industry standard and are both certified. With Backdrop though, many have noticed the smell which is much more obvious than with Clare. Some even reported that it was a week before the new paint smell went away.

In terms of applying and painting with Clare and Backdrop, there are only small difference which we will look at in more detail later on.

Which One Is for You? Clare VS Backdrop

To add to the anxiety of painting your house, this is a hefty amount of information to take in. There are so many stuff that need to be taken into consideration like: price, ease-of-use, paint finishes, painting process, etc.

Because of that, we needed to make sure that you choose the correct one that is for you. We boiled the most important information, and put these two brands in a mini head-to-head to see exactly what are their differences and why many would consider one over the other.

In any case, the most important thing about this whole thing is how easy it makes it for people to choose a color and get it without leaving the comfort of their own home. This is not to say that Clare and Backdrop have the best quality for paint, but it is definitely up there in terms of quality.

But from these two exceptional contenders, what would be better for you. To lay it all on the table is pretty difficult, but here are some things you should consider when choosing one or the other:

Clare VS Backdrop Home
Easy-of-useExceptional 5/5Regular. Similar to regular old paint from the store.
PrimerNo PrimerNo Primer
Color Choices6050
Easy to Find ColorsPerfect, especially when using Clare Color GeniusNot bad.
Price54$ Per Gallon59$ Per Gallon
Better Than the StoreIn some cases.In some cases.
PackagingAdequately packaged, not that interesting.Very good packaging, well branded.
Shop for the best paint!

Which Has More Color Choices? – Clare or Backdrop

In terms of what you can find, both of these are somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 color choices. Granted, all of these colors are modern, and usually follow the common trend amount wall colors these days.

It is fair to say that Clare does have trendier colors on hand. If you’re not going for anything too flamboyant, then chances are that Clare has a color for what you had in mind.

Nonetheless, even though Backdrop has only 50 color choices, it seems like there is more variety compared to Clare; even though Clare has 60 colors. More often than not, Backdrop offers much wider spectrum of colors; colors which in some cases, might be considered a bit flamboyant.

In some cases, many have reported a different color on arrival for Clare, usually darker or a lighter tone. That is not to say that a completely other color has come in on arrival.

A big issue with choosing colors online is the monitor factor. Different screens react differently to different colors, so it is really hard to determine whether Clare has made a hiccup, or it was just a poor representation through a particular screen.

To avoid this, with Backdrop and also Clare, we would recommend that you choose a few colors, and then order some samples for each color. Both Clare and Backdrop surprise in that regard and offer great samples, often times peel-and-stick, which you can easily use to determine which color to go for.

Which is Shinier? – Backdrop VS Clare

Painting Home can be fun!

When it comes to painting, the finish makes a substantial amount of difference. Often times, we find ourselves picking one color, envisioning it, and it coming out completely different than what we have imagined.

This is usually due to the paint’s finish. It is really important to choose whether you prefer less shiny wall paint or shinier wall paint. When it comes to these two, one is definitely shinier, and that is Backdrop.

Clare does lack a lot of shine, and might be considered the matte brand of the two. As for Backdrop, even if this is a huge deal-breaker for you, thankfully, there are two finishes to choose from, and that is Standard Finish and Semi-Gloss.

Unfortunately, with Clare, we would have liked to see a more choices when it comes to paint finishes, especially darker colors. Some Backdrop colors which are darker, also need a bit more shine to them. However, when it comes to interior color, both are easily digestible paints, that won’t be your main focus-points in your house.

Backdrop VS Clare – Easy to Paint With

It isn’t as though you will have a much easier time painting with either of these brands compared to regular paint that you would find in stores. Still, what we find interesting about these brands is also the information that they give on the topic.

Well, to clear up a bit, even though Clare has a great “color genius” which will find out what color works for you depending on multiple variables, it lacks the instructions that you might get from Backdrop.

When using Backdrop, they will also recommend some useful tools that you will need while painting. Of course, each of them will cost a bit extra, and aren’t included in the package, but it is great for beginner painters which wouldn’t know which tools they need for painting.

There are also useful manuals, giving you instructions on prepping, planning, painting, finishing, and other useful tips. As far as the easy-of-use for the paint though, users found Clare much easier to work with, since the consistency isn’t as thick as Backdrop.

So, if you’re a new painter, you must consider whether you need exceptional instructions or an easy to work with paint. In any case, both are similar in difficulty.

Clare Paint Review

Clare Paint

Clare is one of the first and top brands for paint of this nature. It is favorited by many, and many choose it over conventional brands and stores. The only problem when choosing to go this route is color choice. Even if 60 colors are enough for many, it is much less than what you would find in your typical paint store.

However, all things considered, Clare paint has exceptional quality to say the least. The pain is not to dense and extremely easy to work with. To start you off, you have some great samples in the form of square stickers which you can try out on your wall before ordering.

The colors are great and modern, and are usually trendy colors in the painting community. What is great about the paints from Clare is the fact that you don’t need any primer, so it is just the paint and, well, voila.

For those that have a hard time choosing a color, the aforementioned color genius called “Clare Color Genius” will give you a list of colors that will go well with the color of your furniture, and the vibe you’re going for.

Like with any paint, there are some upsides and downsides when going with Clare:


  • Easy-to-use, not too dense
  • Only trendy colors to choose from
  • Starting is easy
  • Choosing paint color is easy
  • No need to go to the paint store
  • Convenient
  • Not that pricy
  • No Primer
  • Matte paints


  • Only a handful of options
  • Less shiny finish options
  • Shipping times
  • Color might be slightly darker or lighter in person, than through a screen

Backdrop Paint Review

BackDrop Paint

It is fair to say that both of these brands have decent quality paint. Backdrop’s paint might be a bit thicker, but ultimately, after two coats the finish is quite astonishing.

Still, what people find most interesting about Backdrop is its packaging and theme. It comes in rugged cans with huge lettering branded – Backdrop on each side. The cans themselves are stainless steel which means they don’t rust, and they are recyclable.

Additionally, what Backdrop do well is recommend additional tools that you might need for painting. Most of the time, these supplies won’t put a dent in your wallet, and are of great quality. They’re similar to the ones you would find at the hardware store.

Darker colors might be quite matte still, even after choosing the semi-gloss finish, which might be a huge downside. Still, at least there are choices for finish with Backdrop, something which Clare lacks. In any case, to make this information digestible, we squeezed the pros and cons of using Backdrop:


  • Great selection of darker colors
  • Amazing paint quality
  • Adequate tools to start with
  • Decent packaging
  • Comfortable prices
  • Good for beginners, with a lot of instructions
  • No primer needed


  • Much thicker paint
  • Shiny-finish might be not so shiny
  • Slightly more potent smells
  • May be more difficult to work with

Head-to-Head Comparison

Even if many have probably chosen a winner by now, not everything is yet covered. These brands might be similar in many ways, but as far as differences go, they have a bunch.

However, let it be known now, that even though they might be same quality as you might find at the store, or even better in some cases, what is interesting about these brands is their efforts to reinvent paint shopping.

There is no more going to the store, and with the world partially locked-down, getting your paint online might not sound like a bad idea. Plus, there is the added benefit of not going to multiple store, and having conversations which might be subjective.

Nonetheless, let’s pin both of these brands, head-to-head, with all-of-the-above information in mind.

Clare VS Backdrop

Backdrop: 5 free samples. Gift a new backdrop. | Milled
BackDrop Home

Before we even start to pin these against each other, it’s important to note that even though these prices might look less pricy, that is not the case. In fact, in many places, you can get paint for more than 20$ cheaper per gallon.

Also, there is not a noticeable difference between these paints and the ones from the store in terms of quality. Nonetheless, let’s get into the dense stuff, and revisit that topic later on.

First off, it is important to distinguish whether what you’re looking for are darker or lighter colors. Even though Backdrop has less paint options, interestingly, they offer much more variety when it comes to the paint colors.

As for Clare, there are only a handful of colors and versions of lighter or darker tone. In addition, Backdrop has many more potent colors, and ones that are darker. The tones for Clare although, are quite light.

So, we see that Backdrop, while having less paint options, has more variety, and more darker choices. Regardless of that, where Clare has Backdrop beat is at ease-of-use. Clare seems like a much thinner paint, that applies relatively easy. With Backdrop, people might go over a spot a couple of times on their first coat for good measure, that isn’t the case with Clare.

Here are the main points you should focus on between Clare and Backdrop:

  • Price – If only a small project is at hand, then either one would work. However, the five dollar difference might start to add up if you’re considering a hefty number of gallons.
  • Lighter Colors – Both have great light colors, but Clare seems to be the clear victor here. Still, there are some light colors that are great from Backdrop as well, particularly the best sellers.
  • Darker Colors – It isn’t as though Clare’s darker colors aren’t that good, it is just that they do not offer as many choices like Backdrop does.Shipped to your doorstep
  • Thickness – This doesn’t matter for more experienced painters, but if you’re just getting into painting, then you should consider a thinner paint, and that is Clare.
  • Paint Odor – Both of the brands are low-odor or certified for small amount of toxins. With Backdrop though, the curing process will take longer, which means that the new-paint smell will last a bit longer.
  • Paint Consistency – Well, this is a bit tricky. Colors will always look different through a screen than in person. That’s why you should consider buying the samples first, before making your order.

Is It Worth It? Clare & Backdrop

With both of these brands, often times, people ask themselves, is it really even worth it. We touched on this before, stating that in many places in the world, a gallon of paint usually costs less than 50-60$. In fact, much less.

The quality might be better than some off the shelve brands, but it is not enough to make up for a more than a twenty-percent difference. Plus, add in the additional things like shipping, shipping issues, waiting, different tone of color on arrival, and you might reconsider.

So, who is this for? Well, if you’re planning to repaint your whole house, or you’re a painter which uses 100 gallons per month, then you’re better off getting your paint from the store. However, if you’re someone that’s looking to do some painting for a couple of rooms, then this is the way to go.

The most important thing we can’t ignore is just how convenient both of these brands make paint shopping. So, those who just had the idea to repaint some walls in their home, can jump on either Clare or Backdrop and be greeted with enough paint choices, avoiding unnecessary trips to the paint shops.

Worth it? Absolutely, especially since most of the paints are made by other paint companies which have years and years of experience.

The Verdict: Which Is Better? – Clare or Backdrop

On Tour Paint by BackDrop

First off, it is important to start on a positive note. Both of these brands show a lot of promise, and both are interesting in many ways. Not to mention that they’re also pioneers for the future of paint shopping.

In any case, between the two of these, there is not a huge margin for a mistake to be made. In quality, they’re similar, since both of them outsource their paint production to companies which are outstanding and have been in the game for a while. In any regard, that is a plus!

As for the amount of color choices both have, it is not a lot. But still, the most daunting task when prepping to paint your home is shopping for paint. When you go to your local paint store, you get greeted with more than thousands of color choices, different paint finishes, primer, no primer, etc.

Such details are easily overlooked, and are the biggest reason why many don’t enjoy paint shopping. With Backdrop or Clare though, that process is seamless, and you don’t even have to go anywhere.

The only game-breaking difference these two have is the thickness of the paint, and the variety of choices. So, for all of the newly-acquainted painters out there, Clare is the way to go, since the paint isn’t as thick, which makes it easier to work with.

But if you’re a veteran and you’re looking for darker colors, then Backdrop has you covered. Still, Backdrop has some great instructions to cover for being thicker.

Whatever you choose though, both of these brands are exceptional, and worth for consideration. When it comes down to who is better on paper, then it would have to be Clare. But there is a lot of personal preference that goes into this, so make sure to give both a proper chance.

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