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Nordictrack Vault vs Tempo vs Mirror: Best Home Gym Out There

Guided workouts aren’t a revelation. They have been around since the 60s and 70s, with a new shift in the 21st century when trackers, smartphone applications, and on-demand workouts became a thing. As time goes on, the fitness industry changes, and workouts are becoming much more comprehensive, personalized, and trackable. A lot of people though, […]

Byte vs Candid vs Invisalign: Best Invisible Teeth Aligners

It is shocking at which pace the orthodontic industry changes. Gone are the days where full head masks, and heavy metal braces were used. Sure, there are still metal braces, as they’re effective at straightening teeth, but they’re much more efficient, lighter, and better-looking nowadays. Still, that only scratches the surface about what is possible, […]

Forward vs One Medical vs Parsley: Best Primary Healthcare

Primary care visits. It is something that not many people look forward to every year, but it is an essential pillar to keeping your health and wellness. Furthermore, not many people even think about their main primary care provider often, even if it should be a common practice to give the most effort into getting […]

Proactiv vs Curology vs Hers: Best Subscription Acne Treatment

Ah, acne. What might have started off as a pimple here and there, might have grown to be a huge problem. That usually happens in the teenage years, but depending on a lot of factors like: environment, genetics, skin care routines, makeup usage, and more, can last a lot of time after the teen years, […]

Obe vs BeachBody vs Neou: Best Home On-Demand Workout Programs

It has come a time when you can’t reach your fitness goals even if you wanted to. Most gyms are closed down because of the pandemic, and most of them, honestly, don’t put the necessary restrictions in order for customers to be at ease. But can you still reach your goals in a different way? […]

Quip vs Sonicare vs Goby: Most Efficient Electric Toothbrush

At a time when personal hygiene is of the utmost importance, we rarely think of our toothbrush choice. Most of us use regular toothbrushes that you would find at the local store, and most of us, don’t change the brush as often as we need to. If you have been on social media in the […]

Amazon Halo vs Whoop vs Fitbit: Best Durable Fitness Trackers

In the last couple of years, smartwatches and fitness trackers have been on the rise. There are thousands of options on the market, and quite frankly, it is no easy task choosing one that will work for you. The whole process, can be overwhelming. There are three names which often come up in the fitness […]

Review: Billie For Razors & Self-Care Products

It is no secret, the world that we live in today is ever-changing, and it is changing at a relatively fast rate. There are much more innovative products out there than before, and one could only think about the potential that one might get if one changed its habits. Question. How many of you have […]