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Bala Vs Clove Vs Vessi Vs Snibbs: Nurse Footwear Battle

Nursing is a very tough occupation. It requires someone to have knowledge of a lot of fields in medicine, though not deep knowledge like doctors. Nevertheless, it goes without saying: It’s a tough gig. Being a nurse is very exhausting work, and requires a lot of energy to go through the day. Nurses will work […]

BlendJet 1 Vs BlendJet 2: Which One Is The Ultimate Portable Blender?

Technology has surely come a long way since then with innovations and such. Cellphones used to be giant bricks and TVs are not slimmer and able to connect to the internet. One such invention that received a major upgrade, one that many no doubt use, is the blender. Blenders are normally kept in one place, […]

Love Wellness VS HUM: Which Anti-Bloating Supplement Is Better?

The price of beauty is high, especially for women. It’s even bigger when it comes to their bodies, as there are a lot of supplements for hair, skincare, bloating, and a lot of other options. Thankfully, Love Wellness and HUM help out with their great value products. Love Wellness was founded in 2019, making this […]

Liquid IV Vs Nuun Vs Hydrant: Which Electrolyte Brand Is Best?

After a hard day at work, or a good workout at the gym, our bodies tend to get a little bit sluggish and fatigued. We’ll be too tired to do anything the rest of the day, which eventually just leads to sleep. Unfortunately, that would mean using the precious hours you have left for the […]

Hypervolt Go Vs Theragun Mini: Which Brand Of Massage Gun Is The Best?

If you’re an athletic person, you’ll understand the feeling you get after a hard workout. What feeling am I talking about? Well, it’s that feeling of tension in your muscles that seem to leave you stiff after your workout. It happens to everyone and it’s become a real problem for athletes all over the world. […]

Foreo Luna 3 Vs Meejee: Which Skincare Cleansing Device Is Best?

Skincare cleansing products have recently been a trend, and if you’ve looked around to see what the deal is, the Foreo Luna 3 and Meejee might’ve popped up on your radar. Do these devices work? If the customer reviews are something to go by, they seem to get the job done. But what is this […]

Hum VS Flo VS Bonafide: Best PMS Vitamins & Do They Work?

Hum, Flo and Bonafide, are these the answer to unbearable menstrual cycles or premenstrual negative physical and emotional symptoms? If you experience symptoms like frequent mood swings, bloating, fatigue, headaches, or stomach cramps, then you might be suffering from PMS. Don’t worry though, it isn’t as scary as it sounds. We’ll go over what this […]

The Ergatta VS Hydrow: The Most Superior Rowing Machine

To many folks out there, with abominably full schedules, at-home rowing machines seem like the be all and end all for a healthier, better-looking, and overall more active lifestyle. But what are some of the options which are available, and the best ones for that matter? Two rowing machines which most frequently come up are […]

Jack Henry Review: Before You Buy (Pros & Cons)

The standards of modern business grooming and style for men have dramatically changed, especially over the last decade, going from the dark and standardized attire and grooming practices of the past to a world that allows way more color, creativity, and expression. One brand that is making waves in this new climate is Jack Henry. […]