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Vuori vs Lululemon: Which Shorts Are Better?

Let’s be honest, having the best pair of shorts during a workout or a casual get-together makes a ton of difference. I was the type to never bother to look for better alternatives to my local store shorts, until I found out about Vuori and Lululemon. These two brands don’t offer only shorts. They’ve built […]

MeUndies Underwear Review: Read This Before You Buy

You are probably tired from wearing the same style of underwear all of your life and want to try something new and unique. Underwear is one of the few pieces of clothing that we all wear 24/7. Many people are choosing to wear something mundane as black or white colors and that is monotonous, because […]

Allbirds Tree Runners Review: Worth It?

Allbirds is a brand that constantly pops up in the shoe industry. In all honesty, it is very easy to see why. The company is more unconventional compared to regular old shoe manufacturers, focusing more on quality as well as the environment’s health. With using renewable eucalyptus tree fibers, to reversing climate change, Allbirds prides […]

Adore Me vs Third Love vs Cuup vs Lively: Most Comfortable Bras

Let’s be honest, shopping for a bra that fits is a nightmare. Often times, you’re forced to try on a bra or an underwear in a way too cramped fitting room, and usually with not as much privacy as you would want. If you have spent more than 20 minutes a day on social media, […]

Allbirds Review: Most Comfortable Shoe Brand

Oh, mother nature. How many gifts you have bestowed upon us. There is a reason why we’re kicking this off with that, as that will be the main keyword during this Allbirds review. For those that might be looking for shoes, there is a chance that they have stumbled upon Allbirds. Many have crowned it […]

Birddogs vs Chubbies vs Lululemon: Best Shorts on The Market

Even though 2020 and 2021 were years when we all were pretty much locked down, many were starting to consider to stock up their wardrobe. Since it is getting much wormer now, there is a growing need for great shorts. Unfortunately, the store’s regular shorts just don’t cut it, and don’t tick many boxes for […]