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Stryx Review: Makeup For Men | Is It Any Good?

If you’ve ever wondered whether there are any useful products intended to help men cover up acne or touch up their faces to look more presentable, then Stryx is what you’ve been looking for. Stryx offers various cosmetics products and skincare products designed to help men look better. Yes, Stryx products are designed and intended […]

Hey Honey Review: Honey-Based Skincare Products Reviewed

If you’ve delved into the skin care abyss for just a brief second, you might already know how difficult it is finding something which will easily fit in your daily routine. Some skin care regimes, or most of them, are pretty challenging to follow. Not many of us have the time needed to give our […]

Prose vs Function of Beauty vs Aura – Best Personalized Hair Care

We all vary in our personal care routines, and frankly, some of us have more unforgiving genetics when it comes to hair. Nowadays though, that doesn’t even matter. Brands like Prose, Function of Beauty, and Aura strive to help us meet our hair care needs, without doing days’ worth of research on which shampoo or […]

Cora vs Lola vs Rael: Best Organic Subscription Tampons

With the increasing thoughtfulness about what we do or don’t do, there has been a recent shift about that “Code Red” time of the month. As time passes by, more and more women are willing to talk openly about their menstrual cycle. And why shouldn’t they? Even as young adults, we suspect that many of […]

Glossier vs Wander Beauty vs ColourPop: Best Makeup & Skincare

There is no shortage of companies that offer the “best” products. Most of the time when trying to find a manufacturer for beauty products is like finding a needle in a haystack. Nonetheless, there are many names that come up in this industry, promising what seems to be, the best package. Glossier, Wander Beauty, and […]

Billie Vs Athena Club Vs Flamingo – Best Razor For Women

Shaving is a bit like waxing in some ways. Not the ways that you might be expecting, but in aspects of finding what best works for you. The point is that finding the best razor is a challenge, since there is no exact blueprint to do so, what works for some, might not work for […]