Cariuma vs Allbirds vs Atoms: What Are The Best Sustainable Shoes

So, you’ve come across Cariuma, Allbirds, and Atoms. What are they? Well, if there was a definition of being unique, this is it.

These three, they’re sustainable shoe brands, which are making quite a fuss in the shoe industry. These days, they’re regularly chosen over your conventional and most popular brands from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, FILA, and so on.

Why is this the case though? For one, the whole ‘less carbon footprint’ and sustainability aspects do play a crucial role of their success. But that’s not all. It seems like these three also put a lot of emphasis on comfort.

We wanted to see what makes this brands tick, and which one of them would be the best overall shoe brand. We put them to the test, and also compared them side-by-side. Let’s see what’s up.

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Why Choose Cariuma, Allbirds or Atoms Over Conventional Shoe Brands?

Cariuma Oca Low

Usually, conventional brands, while they do focus on sustainability somewhat, usually, it is not their main priority. It is as simple as that. Most of the time, mass-production means that you can’t really implement a lot of tactics to minimize carbon footprint.

Well, these three put all of their attention to that. If you’re looking for shoes that were made without much damage to the environment, it doesn’t get any better than this.

But I’m not one to preach about sustainability at the cost of quality, comfort, fit, style, and everything else that one might look for in a shoe. Sustainability and small carbon footprint should go hat-in-hand with the things I mentioned.

So, let’s continue with some additional reasons why Cariuma, Allbirds, and Atoms just make sense.

More Reasons Why These Three Make Sense – Cariuma, Allbirds & Atoms

After all, you can make the most sustainable shoe on the planet with little to no effort, but ignore any type of practicality or important aspects which make a shoe, a shoe.

The whole point of me making this whole argument is the fact that I was sceptical about these brands. But they’re not all hush-hush about quality or practicality. In fact, we’ve derived that some models from these brands can perform better than some top brands on the market. Yup, they do.

Huge thing to mention is that they focus a lot on comfort. This is the main reason why they perform much better in the comfort department that so many companies out there.

Take Cariuma’s IBI line-up as an example. These puppies come in at around $98 dollars, which is more than affordable, and yet they’re more comfortable than some shoes which cost four times as much. And what’s even better? They’re made from bamboo, and have significantly smaller carbon footprint than those shoes that come in at a much higher price range.

The point is, maybe it is time to switch to something more conventional and unique like Cariuma, Allbirds, or Atoms.

Which One Is For You? – In-Depth Comparison of Cariuma, Allbirds & Atoms

It’s not like these sustainable shoe brands are the same either. Often times they’re put in a box where one is called the next Allbirds or the next Cariuma and vice versa. This doesn’t do justice to each individual brand as a whole package and as an offer.

To see just how different they are, we put compared them on variables which are usually the most important when it comes to choosing your next pair of kicks. Here is a comparison:

Cariuma vs Allbirds
vs Atoms : Sustainable Shoes Comparison
ShoesMen & WomenMen & WomenMen & Women
Made FromBamboo, natural rubber, organic cotton, sugarcane, cork, mamona oil, recycled PET, leather and suede and dye chemicals.Merino sheep wool, trees, sugarcane, trino material (tree and merino wool), recycled nylon and recycled bottles.Coated yarns, blown rubber, copper lined insoles, and more.
ShippingFree for most parts in the worldFree shippingFree within the US
Price$79 – $129$95 – $145$129 – $169
Sizes5 – 13 for men
5 – 13 for women
8 – 14 for men
5 – 11 for women
3.5 – 15 for men
5 – 16.5 for women
Return PolicyReturns available within 60 days of purchase.Returns available within 30 days of purchase.Returns available within 30 days of purchase.
Get your sustainable shoes now:

Atoms was a little bit harder to determine the used materials, as they’re aren’t quite clearly disclosed, like with Cariuma and Allbirds. We tried from third-party sources as well, to no avail.

Atoms also only has one model of shoes compared to Cariuma and Allbirds which have substantially more. Allbirds’ lineup has always been impressive, with their offering of running shoes and water-repellant shoes as well.

Cariuma Review

Cariuma Catiba Pro

I would consider Cariuma to be the best alternative to Allbirds, hands down.

They have ten different models of shoes, and with Cariuma, future-classics has been the whole aim. The creator wanted something which will remain stylish and cool to wear for years on end. And it seems like they’re pulling it off quite nicely.

Comfort is very good, but it is fair to say that it isn’t quite on par with the comfort you might get with Allbirds. However, the shoes feel very well made, and they feel like they can last quite a long time, despite using unorthodox materials.

They lack running shoes, but if you’re looking for everyday shoes, there are quite a few to choose from.

I would say that the best everyday knicks from Cariuma, at least for me, are either the OCA Lows or the OCA Highs. Both come in at very affordable prices, and they’re definitely a worthwhile investment. Slip-ons are also available, and they’re from the IBI lineup.

For each model there are more than 5-6 colors to choose from, and since I’m a bit more traditional, the Off-White is my personal favorite. It can be worn with anything, and on a sunny day, the shoes are glowing.

Now, they don’t actually glow, but you get the picture.

If you’re looking for the classic shoe look, I would recommend Cariuma any day of the week. With that said, let’s review the pros and cons:


  • Stylish
  • Impeccable quality
  • Sufficient comfort
  • A lot of colors and models to choose from
  • Both high and low models


  • No water repellant or running shoes
  • Midsole is the same for all shoes – a bit on the bigger side

Allbirds Review

Allbirds Tree Runners

We did have a chance to have some firsthand experience with the Allbirds Tree Runners, which are one of the most comfortable shoes out there.

It is sufficive to say that Allbirds’ success speaks for itself. I’m especially surprised with the comfort department and the fit. They seem to have the formula nailed for those two things, of course, despite them using unorthodox shoe materials.

Very impressive indeed.

We would love an improvement to the overall shopping experience, as it isn’t quite there with Cariuma for example. But that’s just the little things. In terms of the shoe itself, quite impressive, and ultra-comfortable shoe.

Like Cariuma, Allbirds also has both high and low collars, with their high collar signature model being the Tree Topper. Is relatively the same height as the OCA Highs from Cariuma.

If you’re looking for an everyday shoe from Allbirds, it has to be Tree Runners or the Wool Runners. Personal preference might play a role, so that’s why we’re giving you these two best options. Overall, they’ll give you the same things, but they’re different in their design.

There are a lot of color options to choose from, but my only downside with Allbirds, is the fact that some models don’t have a big range of sizes to choose from. It might be a bummer finding out that your favorite model might not be as big or small as you would like.

Allbirds is truly a great option for shoes, so let’s see what some of the pros and cons might be:


  • Most comfortable shoe
  • More modern and minimalistic design
  • Very practical
  • A lot of models available
  • Running shoes and water-repellant shoes available
  • Amazing quality


  • Some models have small size ranges

Atoms Review

Atoms Model 000 White

Atoms is quite newer than the other two, and that can be deducted upon first impressions as well.

There is only one model available at the moment, the Model 000, and it costs anywhere from $129 to $169 depending on the color. To be fair, it kind of looks cool, especially if you’re into that stealthy look.

As far as comfort goes, the Model 000 is impressive. While it may not be anywhere near what Allbirds has, but that’s a high bar either way. We would love to see more models from Atoms, and at the moment, it seems like they’re working on more.

The biggest issue with Atoms though is the width sizes, or the lack there of. There have been so many instances of customers criticizing that there is a lack of wide options, which is very unfortunate, considering there is only one model.

Some color and size variations are often sold out, so expect more waiting time if you choose to go with Atoms. In addition, we touched on the fact that it was really difficult to know what materials the Model 000 is made of.

It does look like Atoms is environmentally-responsible, but we would love to see each individual material that is used to create the only model it has. So, Atoms, please disclose your materials clearly.

In all honesty, the socks from Atoms look better than the actual shoe. At the moment, it is quite hard to distinguish where Atoms stands compared to Cariuma and Allbirds, considering there is only one model.

Here are all the pros and cons for Atoms:


  • Stealthy & Minimalistic design
  • Quite comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Laces are very good


  • Lack of width options
  • Color + Size variations often sold out
  • Only one model

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Just so we can see which is the best choice overall, we put each brand in a mini head-to-head battle. This serves as a way to know in which instances one or the other brand will be a better option to go with.

Which Shoe Brand Is Better? – Cariuma VS Allbirds

Is tough between these two, because both are really good.

But it all comes down to what you might be looking for. For one, Allbirds’ comfort is unparalleled in the industry at the moment. So, if you’re struggling with getting some accommodating shoes for your soles, these are the shoes to go with.

Plus, nailing your fit is very straightforward, and hard to make a mistake on. Cariuma does also have some leeway for getting your right fit, and while it is a sufficiently comfortable shoe, it isn’t anywhere near Allbirds.

However, if you’re looking for a more formal and classic looking shoe, Cariuma is far better. The modern design of the Allbirds means that wearing it in some instances, is not appropriate. Of course, some models are, but the point is Allbirds is a more ‘active’ and comfortable shoe, while Cariuma is more formal and classic-looking.

Which Is For You? – Cariuma VS Atoms

Cariuma Pantone Picante Canvas

Like we said multiple times before, it may be a disservice to Atoms comparing it to Cariuma or Allbirds. But at the moment, many are wondering whether Atoms has the upper hand or is better than the other two.

Unfortunately, it isn’t. Maybe as time goes by, we’ll start to see more models and more variations with Atoms, but at the moment, particularly in this matchup, Cariuma, in our opinion, is the better option.

There are more choices available, it is easier to find the fit for you, and in some cases Cariuma shoes are more comfortable. In addition, the fact that Atoms lacks some wide options is also very unfortunate.

In terms of what you get, Cariuma is better.

What Is Better? – Allbirds VS Atoms

Atoms Model 000 – Black

Continuing the same theme as the last matchup, Atoms is not in a place to be compared to a giant like Allbirds. Allbirds, at the moment, is leading the sustainable shoe market, and with new models being released regularly, there is always something that will work for somebody.

That is not to say that we might not see a shift in the future though. Atoms did start off strong, and in all honesty, we’re really excited to see what they come up with in the future.

The Verdict: The Best Sustainable Shoes – Cariuma VS Allbirds VS Atoms

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles

After all that, I’m willing to say that these sustainable shoes aren’t just better for the envirement, but they’re better in every single way than conventional shoe brands, at least most of them.

There are some sweet kicks to be had from both Cariuma and Allbirds, but like we mentioned before, it comes down to what you might be looking for.

If you’re on the go during the day, or you struggle to find good fitting shoes, Allbirds is the way to go. They’re extremely comfortable, they’re long-lasting, and if you’re active, they’re very practical. Allbirds offers a very good overall package.

On the other hand, if you’re an office worker or sitting through most of the day, Cariuma might be better. They’re more formal, more classic-looking, and will probably be future classics, which was the creator’s of Cariuma goal all along. Plus, two trees get planted in the Brazillian rainforests, for every pair of shoes you get.

Atoms looks very promising, but lacks models and size options, and even color options for that matter. The Model 000 looks cool no doubt, but it’s more expensive than the other two.

We’re excited to see what Atoms releases in the future, but at the moment, in our opinion, the other two are far more superior choices.

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