Cariuma Shoes Review — All the Pros and Cons

Shoes today are not only expensive, but they’re sometimes not good for the environment. These shoes are manufactured with harmful chemicals that are released out into the environment. Not to mention the that footwear is responsible for over 1.4% of the global GHG emissions.

But shoes are a part of daily life, so it’s hard to continue our daily lives without them. We’ve grown accustomed to wearing shoes every day, it would simply regress us back to our caveman ancestors if we start going barefoot again.

So, what’s the solution?

Luckily, Cariuma sells environmentally friendly and affordable shoes to the public. But how good are their shoes? Is the quality comparable to high end shoe brands like Nike or Adidas? Let’s find out in this review of Cariuma.

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What is Cariuma?

Cariuma is a shoe brand that focuses on trying to help our environment by creating eco-friendly shoes for the public. Cariuma is founded by David Python and Fernando Porto, who were both former executives in the luxury footwear industry.

The two joined together in order to create Cariuma with the sole purpose to help the environment while simultaneously providing eco-friendly and affordable shoes to the public. Having been in the industry for 4 years since 2018, Cariuma continues to provide fashionable shoes, all the while planting 2 trees with every pair purchased.

Rating Breakdown


According to customer reviews, many have stated that the quality of the shoes is amazing. One customer state in their review that the OCA Low are the most comfortable shoes they own. Another says that the IBI shoes they purchased is so comfortable, it can be worn without socks.

If that doesn’t speak volumes about the level of comfortability and quality Cariuma puts into their shoes, then I don’t know what does.

However, there are some a few low rated reviews. There’s currently no way to view those reviews, as Cariuma’s website does not have the function to filter what reviews you want to see. Although it’s probably not relevant, as there are only 4 one-star reviews.

Still, Cariuma should work on getting a search filter added for their reviews. Every review matter’s in making a decision to purchase something online.


Shoes today are very expensive, especially the big-name brands. However, people still purchase from them for a variety of reasons like status, validation, wanting to own one for the sake of owning one and much more.

If you don’t really care about any of these things, then Cariuma provides exceptionally well-crafted shoes that offer comfortability and great value for your purchase. Plus, purchasing shoes from Cariuma will allow them to plant 2 trees, allowing us to give back to the planet we live on.


Brands who try to help save the environment are always great in the eyes of the public, and Cariuma is a part of those that are great. Not only do they produce environmentally friendly products, but they also plant 2 trees with every purchase. It also helps that Cariuma was created with the sole purpose to provide comfortable footwear, all while helping the planet. Kudos to them.

Customer Experience

According to customer reviews, they all seem to be content with their purchase. Not a lot of reviews stating things went wrong and they received a defective item, or that the item got lost during transit. But then again, there’s no way to view the low rated reviews, so there’s no way to see if there were every any bad experiences that other customers experienced.

However, the overall major consensus here is that everyone who ordered the shoes received exactly what they got, and are overall happy with the product. No one seems to have encountered any hiccups along the way regarding placing the order, shipping, or delivery.

What Are The Shoes Offered By Cariuma?

Cariuma has 7 different varieties of shoes in total, each with different color variations. In terms of sizes, there’s quite the variety. You can expect most of the models to have sizes between 5 and 13.

Cariuma has been pretty impressive in terms of size variety compared to some of its close competitors. It’s also important to mention that those sizes I mentioned are both for women, men and unisex models.

Some models include: the OCA Low, OCA High, Salvas, Catiba Pro, IBI, and more. I’m sure most of these are familiar to most of you from social media, if you’ve been shopping for shoes in the close past.

Cariuma Shoes Reviews

Cariuma has received nothing but praise for their shoes, and the service they have provided. Viewing their most popular item, the OCA Low, will reveal that there are 6822 reviews from customers. Adding them all up, the overall rating for the OCA Low is 4.85 stars, which is very impressive.

Customers do enjoy the products, and there’s no doubt Cariuma provides excellent service. However, they still need to implement a search filter in their reviews that makes looking for low rated reviews easier. It’s important to make all voices heard.

Cariuma Pros & Cons


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Great value


  • Needs search filter in review section

Are Cariuma Shoes Worth It?

I’m going to cut straight to the chase: They’re worth it.

The truth of the matter is, Cariumas are environmentally-friendly, pretty cheap, and high quality. It is precisely these three things in combination which makes me want to switch to Cariuma full stop.

Most of the competitors of Cariuma usually use the “environmentally-friendly” part as the main selling point. It’s true, Cariuma does so as well. However, compared to those other companies, they have the quality and the budget-friendliness factor going for them.

After all, shoes being environmentally-friendly is a plus, not an end-all-be-all. The truth is, quality, versatility, design, and price come first.

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