Brooklinen vs Parachute vs Boll & Branch: Cozy Bed Sheets

It has come a time where home improvement and home decorating might be the best thing to do. Most of us are mostly at home, and with much more remote jobs and flexible ones, there are many people that work from the comfort of their home.

Because of that, many are thinking of what to change next and what are some other viable choices when it comes to home necessities.

If you have spent more than a couple of minutes on social media, you might’ve stumbled upon exceptional sheet brands, which offer extreme comfort with little to no downside. Meet Brooklinen, Parachute, and Boll & Branch.

These three manufacture sheets, which are extremely comfortable, and luxurious. On top of that, some of them also do other products as well, which you might find useful. In any case, choosing between them is no easy task.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your sheets, these might be viable options. But which one to go with? We compared them on multiple dimensions and spectrums to see which work for some, and which don’t.

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Why Brooklinen, Parachute, or Boll & Branch?

Well, it is easy to see why many would run to these for their main sheets’ supplier.

Often times, they look much better than regular sheets you might find at the store, and they’re similarly priced to some luxurious sheet brands which we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Plus, factor in the convenience of shopping for everything you need online, and it seems like too good to be true. That’s the most common issue people have with these three; Are they too good to be true, is their branding more important than their quality, and how are these compared to the ones I’m already used to?

Brooklinen, Parachute, and Boll & Branch all shatter these types of questions. Yes, they’re on par with the sheets you might find at the store, and you can get them with the click of a few buttons.

What are the common types of fabrics in sheets, that should be factored in when looking at these three?

  • Linen
  • Flannel
  • Tencel
  • Bamboo
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Silk

Which One Is For Me? Brooklinen VS Parachute VS Boll & Branch

Honestly, all three brands will be accustomed to you. Pretty much all of the sheets will work for anyone in terms of quality and performance, and sometimes they might just outperform the other sheets that you might be used to.

However, they are all setup differently. Minor details come into question, like: which are the best sheets for cold or warm weather, which are the lightest, which are the most plush-feeling, just to name a few.

So, while indeed they’re optimized to comfort many, there are slightly better and optimal choices for everyone.

What work for some, might indeed not work for others. In order to distinguish the differences between them, and find out which are better at some things, we compared them based on a few variables:

Bed Sheets Comparison
Brooklinen VS Parachute VS Boll & Branch
SoftnessGreat 4/5Exceptional 5/5Great 4/5
WarmGreat assortment of choices, some sheets feel very warm.Unbelievably good in cold environments.On par with Parachute’s warm sheets.
LuxuryFeels and looks the most luxurious of the bunch.Feels luxurious also, but not as much as Brooklinen.Compared to Brooklinen and Parachute, it falls short in luxury.
OrganicGood enough 4/5Good enough 4/5Amazing 5/5 – price might be a bit of a downside, compared to other organic sheet options on the market.
Breathability and CoolExceptional 5/5Exceptional 5/5Higher than average 4/5
PriceAffordable 5/5Pricy 4/5Pricy 4/5

Brooklinen, even though it is the most affordable compared to Parachute and Boll & Branch, it is also the most luxurious. The main downside is that you do tend to lose on the organic department.

How Do Brooklinen, Parachute, and Boll & Branch Fare Against Store Sheets?

When compared to regular store-bought sheets, these three really do surprise.

There are many options from these three brands combined, and when compared with some good store sheets’ brands, Brooklinen, Parachute, and Boll & Branch do seem like a good choice.

On average, they’re much higher quality and much softer to touch, while others are rugged and quite heavy. Still, it is fair to mention that there are some brands out there which you can find and the store, which might be better than some models from these three, but still, all in all, very impressive.

The point is that you shouldn’t be wary about getting your sheets online. They fare great against store-bough sheets, sometimes even better, and all have respectfully good return policies.

Brooklinen Review

Most Popular Brooklinen Sheet : Linen Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen is impressive is so many ways. The fact that the sheets tend to feel heavier, but also so breathable is amazing. Not all tend to like heavy sheets, but there are other options which are far lighter.

Their best seller is the Luxe Sateen sheet, which offers the best overall package. It is a smooth cotton sheet that is very comfortable, but also gives you some style points, from the fact that it has a luminous finish. Plus, what is even more interesting is its price. It is pretty affordable and it sits in the middle of the options available in terms of price.

A Brooklinen set usually includes one fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases for two. Additionally, you get some pretty good choices when it comes to sizes. The size options for Brooklinen are: twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and ultimately, Cal King.

They also offer the most flamboyant color choices, for those that want to spice things up in their home. But there are some flat color choices, that are more acceptable for many.

In any case, there are some downsides to going with Brooklinen as well. Here are all the pros and cons to using Brooklinen:


  • Luxurious sheets
  • Affordable prices
  • A lot of size options
  • Some flamboyant design options
  • A good overall set
  • Very breathable and cool
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A whopping 1-year return period


  • Not as soft as the others
  • Tend to feel heavy, might not be for some. Although not all sheet choices are particularly heavy
  • Not many fabric choices
  • Not organic

Parachute Review

Let’s start by saying, Parachute offers some exceptional sheets.

There is no getting around it, even though Brooklinen’s sheet feel much more luxurious, the Parachute sheets destroy Brooklinen’s in terms of how they feel. Their most notable strengths are the fact that the sheets feel buttery and soft. Still, this increase in softness and comfort might not be enough to explain the huge price tag.

Compared to Brooklinen, Parachute’s sheets tend to feel softer, but the difference is very small, and chances are that it goes unnoticed after some time. Plus, this isn’t to say that Brooklinen doesn’t have very soft sheets, in fact, quite the contrary.

The sheets are down-to-earth and minimalistic, often times, coming in three to four flat colors. Sizes are what you might expect, giving you most of the sizes you would need: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, plus Cal King.

Again, it cannot be stressed that Parachute offers the most comfort. They might not be as luxurious as some others, but they put comfort above luxury. But from the three, it is the priciest, and you can easily say that Parachute is the “no compromise” choice.

However, what are the strong suits and negative aspects that you should take into account? Well, using Parachute has its own pros and cons:


  • Extremely comfortable sheets
  • Minimalistic
  • Breathable and cozy
  • Very warm
  • The whole package – simple, luxurious, and comfortable
  • A lot of size options like Brooklinen
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified 
  • Free exchanges and returns for a period of 60 days


  • Priciest of the three
  • No top sheet in the Parachute set
  • Not the most viable organic option
  • Not many colors to choose from

If you want a no compromise solution that offers you the most comfortable sheets, then Parachute may be the way to go. But the price factor should be weighed in to the package you’re getting.

Boll & Branch Review

There are no other words to describe Boll & Branch, except impressive. While it may not be as reputable as the other two, it completely devours them with some of its strengths. One being, the fact that it is 100% organic.

Being just that, it is not that hard. But being that, plus being comfortable and luxurious is pretty hard to pull off. That’s the main selling point for Boll & Branch, although you do pay the extra cash to go 100% organic.

Still, if you’re looking for the most viable organic option, this might be it.

But make no mistake, that isn’t the only thing it has going for it, oh no. Some of their sheet designs are out of this world. It might be subjective, but I feel as though their sheet designs are much better-looking than Brooklinen and Parachute.

Brooklinen and Parachute’s designs are much more simplistic, with not a whole lot of patterns, and while I understand that they look good for many, Boll & Branch’s sheets aren’t over-the-top or too much details into one product.

Most of their designs are minimalistic, only with a touch of flamboyancy, making the sheets look much more luxurious.

Still, you might be faced with some cons if you choose the organic option. Here are the pros and cons for Boll & Branch:


  • Completely organic
  • Great designs
  • A lot of choices
  • Great value set
  • Good size options
  • Breathable and warm
  • A lot of color choices
  • Easy shopping experience


  • Only a 30-day return period – compared to Parachute and Brooklinen, the difference is quite big
  • Quite pricy
  • Might not be as comfortable compared to the other two, but way above some other organic and normal choices from the store

Types of Fabrics – Brooklinen VS Parachute VS Boll & Branch

Brooklinen has some great choices, choices which you would find in any department store.

Their Percale and Sateen sheets, while soft and cozy, aren’t the same luxury as some of their other sheets like Linen and Cashmere. These are Oeko Tex Certified, and quite frankly, it shows. If you choose to go with this brand, I would recommend trying out their linen sheet first, especially if you have used linen sheets in the past.

It’s a bit pricier than the sateen sheets, but it is definitely worth it.

Parachute’s sheets are also Oeko Tex Certified, but they offer only two types of fabrics: Percale and Sateen. While this is a downgrade from Brooklinen’s lineup, they will work for those people that are used to these materials.

Parachute’s reviews are usually positive, and the thing that most customers take note of is how soft and buttery the sheets feel. While there are some bad reviews here and there, they’re mostly aimed towards the customer service. Although, there are only a few reviews among thousands, making these comments.

When it comes to Boll & Branch, there is quite a big issue. The biggest downside, is the options, or lack thereof. Boll & Branch only makes sateen sheets, and while they’re quite extraordinary, they’re not for everyone.

Boll & Branch have two certifications, GOTS certification and Fair Trade certification. The latter is a certification for how transparent their supply chain is, and how transparent they’re about their business.

Head-To-Head Comparisons

Chances are, that you already have picked out which are more suited for you. But if you’re like me, you might not be able to make your mind up between two in this list.

In order to make it as easy as possible, we devised a plan to pin each of these brands against each other, a 1v1 if you will. Each possible matchup is covered, and you can see which brand is better suited for you by weighing in the positives and negatives.

Brooklinen or Parachute?

Parachute: Diamond Stitched Duvet Cover Set

This is a tough one. Both of these brands are exceptional at making sheets but Parachute has a tad bit more quality, but Brooklinen is much more affordable, and they do offer a lot more fabric options.

Plus, if you would’ve wanted to get a bit more quality and luxury, you would go with Brooklinen’s linen or cashmere sheets. Additionally, what factor comes into play here is design. As we’ve seen Parachute doesn’t offer any flamboyant designs, and sticks to a few flat color choice.

On the contrary, Brooklinen has many flat colors to choose from, and additionally, some designs with art and drawings which might work well with your bedroom. There is a market for Brooklinen just like there is a market for Parachute though.

Since Parachute is no compromises, if you’re looking to make a one-time upgrade for your percale or sateen sheets, then Parachute might offer you better quality.

But, if you’re looking for a consistent brand with much more affordable prices as your main sheets supplier, it makes sense both financially and practically to go with Brooklinen. Nevertheless, it does come to personal preference here, and if you don’t mind spending the extra buck, Parachute doesn’t sound like a bad choice.

From Boll & Branch and Brooklinen, Which One Should You Pick?

Let’s start off by saying that if you’re looking for the best organic choice, it is Boll & Branch. There is no getting around it. They make exceptional sheets, and achieving high comfort levels from organic sheets is pretty difficult.

Those that look for organic alternatives, this is the one to go for.

However, if organic sheets don’t make a difference for you, then there are a few things to take into consideration. Again, just like the matchup before, there is a huge price difference. It is hard to see how Brooklinen manages to be so affordable, while making such great sheets.

But that might not make a difference here. While Brooklinen is regularly praised for its luxury look and feel, there is no doubt that Boll & Branch is more or less the same.

In addition, some of their designs are mind-blowing, combining old-school look with new-school, and managing to be minimalistic. Truly for praise. There is a big “but” though. Even though Boll & Branch sheets are great, the only fabric they come with is Sateen. Sateen fabric is great, but not a lot of people regularly use it.

With Brooklinen you get much more affordable prices, and a lot more choices for that matter.

Between Parachute and Boll & Branch, What Sheets to Go With?

Between these two, prices are that much different. Even though it may seem like Boll & Branch is much cheaper on first glance, once you start to add up the options like size, colors, and other stuff, the price increases.

When we compared similar packages from the two brands, the prices really didn’t vary that much.

Parachute is still pricier, but only by a little much, so little, that it shouldn’t much impact your decision. Between these two though, I would say this: Boll & Branch does have a lot more interesting designs.

If that is something you’re looking for, then you won’t find it in Parachute. Sure, their sheets are designed beautifully, but they’re a bit bland with only flat color choices. Granted, Boll & Branch also has only flat colors, but there are some interesting designs with stitching here and there.

Parachute has more variability when it comes to fabric, but people that prefer percale over sateen are usually rare. So, that shouldn’t impact much at all.

Parachute has a thread count of 270, while Boll & Branch has 300. There is not much difference here, since variability in thread count this number is such a small amount. On a side note, higher thread counts, while softer, they’re much less breathable and cool.

Between these two I would say that Parachute has slightly higher quality, but the other brand is on par with something you might find at the store.

So, choose one which you like the designs or colors better, or try them both, since both have a sufficient return period.

The Verdict: Brooklinen, Parachute, or Boll & Branch for Sheets?

When I first encountered these three, I wasn’t really sure if they have what it takes to take on sheets that you would find from reputable companies in the department store.

Now I know that Brooklinen, Parachute, and Boll & Branch completely overshadow those.

After all, they’re made with huge dedication to feel, quality, and how well they put up with some conditions. I must say that these sheets, are far better than any type of sheets you might find on the market. Still, not all of these are quite for everybody.

With Brooklinen being so luxurious and affordable, it might be perfect for those looking to upgrade their sheets, particularly those that are looking to get some luxurious sheets relatively affordable.

We’ve already distinguished that the best organic sheets are from Boll & Branch, but the other two don’t really focus on that. So, instead of that, Boll & Branch are by far the most unique sheets, that come with some beautiful stitching designs.

As for Parachute, you could say that it has the highest quality parcel and sateen sheets. Recommended for anyone who doesn’t want to make compromises, and who is used to those two types of fabrics.

Still, in any case, we recommend that you check out each of these brands, as they’re quite unique, and they have flexible return policies if the product is not to your liking.

NOTE: Consult with the return policies of each brands to see under what conditions returns and exchanges are possible.

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