Breeo VS Arteflame: Which Is The Better Fire Pit Grill?

The great thing about having a house is the freedom to invite people, show them your new house and catch up with your friends. Of course, you should always be a good host and prepare some delicious dishes, and what better way to do so than with a fire pit grill.

Fire pits have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. It was used as a way to keep people warm during cold days. Now, fire pits are used as grills to cook up food for your friends and family, making it one of mankind’s longest inventions.

No longer are they literal pits on the ground, they are now modernly updated to suit the world around it, making it a must have item for those who plan on having lots of friends over for years to come. Good thing Breeo and Arteflame are two of the most well-known brands selling these products, but which one is the best?

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What Do Breeo & Arteflame Offer?

Breeo’s Craftsmanship

Both brands offer fire pit grills, but what makes one better than the other? To make things fair, the products chosen from both brands will be their most highly reviewed products, as well as their best sellers.

In Breeo’s corner, we have the X Series 30 Smokeless Fire Pit. This bad boy sports a 34.5 inch outside diameter, allowing the customer to grill 46 burgers (as stated on their website). As the name states, this fire pit prevents smoke from ever generating, thanks to Breeo’s X Airflow system, designed specifically for their products. You have the option to either take the patina vibe of Corten Steel, or the chrome of 304 Stainless Steel. Either way, Breeo developed this fire pit to last.

In the other corner, Arteflame has the One Series 30” Grill. This grill has a sleek design shaped like a cone, built Corten Steel. The grill has a removable 3/8″ thick solid steel cooktop, which turns the grill into a bonfire to huddle around.

Bear in mind that both products only come with the grill, and nothing else. Other accessories like grates and lids are separate purchases. But I would say the accessories are definitely a must have if you want the ultimate fire pit grill experience.

Table Comparison Of Breeo & Arteflame

Both products are pretty similar to each other in terms of functionality. At a glance, you can just brush it off and pick whichever is cheaper. But you’ll want to go get more value out of your purchase. In order to get a fairer comparison, we’ll compare the two side-by-side in a table comparison.

Breeo VS Arteflame: Fire Pit Grills
ModelsBreeo X Series 30 Smokeless Fire PitArteflame One Series 30” Grill
SpecificationsOuter Ring/Inner Fire Bowl: Corten Steel or 304 Stainless Steel
Legs: Stainless Steel
Rim: Stainless Steel
Height: 14.75 in
Outside Diameter of Rim: 34.5 in
Inside Diameter of Rim: 29.5 in
Rim Width: 3.5 in
Searplate Rim Width: 7 in
Weight: 94 lbs
Weight with Searplate: 115 lbs
Smokeless/X Airflow technology
Inner Fire Bowl: Corten Steel
Base: Corten Steel
Height: 31 in
Width: 30 in
Weight: 155 lbs
Kettle Hook
Ash Shovel
Grate Riser
Food Saver
Side Warming Table
Cherry Wood Cutting Board
Rotisserie with Cordless Motor
Pizza Oven with Pizza Grate
Grill Stand
Classic Vinyl Cover
Grill Scrapper
Free ShippingYesNo
Return PolicyCan be returned within 30 days, but return fees must be paid by customer.Can be returned within 14 days.
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As you can see from the table comparison, there are key differences between the two products. But that’s not enough to decide whether Breeo or Arteflame is better. In order to make a responsible purchase, one must scour the internet for reviews. Luckily, we’ll be doing an in-depth review of the two products to help sway your decision.

Breeo X Series 30 Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Breeo Fire Pit Grill In Action

Breeo offers a plethora of fire pit grills, but none more popular than the X Series 30 Smokeless Fire Pit. Despite its mouthful of a name, the fire pit grill has to have the most customization and value out of the two products.

Breeo gives the customer choices when they consider purchasing an X Series 30 grill. Do you want the brown and architectural look of the Corten Steel? No problem. Do you want the chrome shine of the Stainless Steel? Breeo will ship it to you. Then when you’re done selecting the type of steel you want, you get to choose if you want to go with the standard rim, or the Searplate.

The best thing about this grill is the smokeless feature that’s advertised when marketing this product. One thing anyone who owns a grill can agree on is that the smoke is the worst part of grilling food. Not only is it bad for your health, it’s also bad for the environment. Luckily with Breeo’s X Airflow technology, the grill is designed with better airflow, which results and less smoke and hotter fire.

When purchasing a fire pit grill, you have to think about longevity. The issue with most fire pit grills is that they can break within a year or two. Breeo realizes this, which is why the materials they used to make sure the X Series 30 last longer causes the grill to be heavier than normal.

Another good news about the product: free shipping. But the downside to that is the fact that if you ever want to return the product, you can. But you have to pay the shipping fee to return it.

While the X Series 30 seems like a great value for your money, bear in mind that you have to purchase accessories like the lid and cover. They do not come with the product when purchasing it. They are separate purchases, which is a problem because the fire pit itself feels bare without a lid and cover.


  • Smokeless thanks to X Airflow technology
  • Free shipping & Made in USA
  • Customizable to your liking
  • Built to last longer than regular fire pit grills
  • Plethora of accessories to choose from


  • If you want to return the product, you’ll have to pay the shipping fee to return to Breeo

Arteflame One Series 30” Grill Review

Arteflame – Ultimate Fire Pit Grill

Arteflame’s One Series 30” Grill is a great product for those who wants to host a party. The grill, when not cooking anything, can be used as a bonfire to warm up anyone near the grill. The product is a real bang for your buck.

The design of the grill is unique, and offers an earthly aesthetic to the backyard, making it look more natural. The grill is built this way for the heat to spread evenly on the surface, allowing for an even temperature when cooking.

The grill is built to last long, similar to the X Series 30. The inside of the grill, as well as the base, is made with Corten Steel, which allows the grill to last a lifetime. The grill is also considerably taller than the X Series 30, sporting a 31-inch height.

Due to the material, as well as the dimensions of the grill, this makes the One Series 30 the heaviest out of the two, having a whopping 155 lbs weight.

What’s not so great, however, is the fact that there is no free shipping for this product. When checking out your purchase, Arteflame calculates the shipping fee based on where you are located. However, Arteflame offers a free return policy, unlike Breeo.

Just like Breeo, the One Series 30 grill feels bare when purchasing. All the accessories mentioned in the table comparison all have to be separate purchased. Yes, you don’t have to purchase all of them, but it feels like some of them should be included with the grill.


  • Cone design helps with even surface temperature when cooking
  • Can be used as a bonfire of sorts
  • Long lasting design
  • Can be returned for free


  • Very heavy
  • No free shipping

Head-To-Head Comparison

Still struggling to decide which is better? Don’t worry, it’s a hard choice. Both offer something the other doesn’t. Making a big decision like this isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of thinking. Hopefully, a head-to-head will make this choice much more straightforward.

Breeo VS Arteflame – Which Is The Better Fire Pit Grill?

Breeo Fire Pit Grill – Some Backyard Action

Personally, my pick is Breeo’s X Series 30 grill. Mostly because the product is very eco-friendly with its smokeless feature. Plus, its very customizable when ordering online. But it doesn’t mean Arteflame’s grill isn’t good.

Breeo has just been in the game longer than Arteflame, being founded in 2011 while Arteflame was founded in 2015. Breeo knows things that can help them get ahead of the competition, which is why they were able to develop the X Airflow technology to help get rid of the smoke that appears when grilling food.

You shouldn’t be discouraged to purchase anything from Arteflame. They have really good products available for the customers. But all in all, our choice is Breeo, mostly cause it’s a better deal overall.

The Verdict: Wrapping Up – Breeo & Arteflame

Family get togethers, or friend hangouts, can all be ten times together with food around. What better way to bring friends and family together, than with a good old fashion cookout?

Now, brands like Breeo and Arteflame will get you some alternatives if you’re not a conventional grill fan or if you’re looking for something that is more versatile and can be used for different things, not just grilling.

Our top pick is Breeo, although Arteflame can be good enough if you’re looking for something else. At this point, I should stress that this is only our humble opinion.

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