Bombas Socks Review: Are They Really That Good?

Are you tired of uncomfortable socks that slip and slide all day long? Well, I’ve got some good news for you – comfortable socks exist and they’re life-changing! Imagine being able to wear socks all day without having to constantly readjust or deal with bunching. It’s like a little hug for your feet!

After reading this review about Bombas socks I’m sure you’ll say goodbye to those rough and scratchy socks and hello to the cozy, comfortable socks you deserve. Your feet will thank you!

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Bombas Socks Review

Bombas was founded in 2013 by David Heath and Randy Goldberg, two friends with a passion for comfortable socks. After they realized what amount of clothing ends up in landfills, they decided to create a product that would not only be comfortable but sustainable as well.

Bombas socks are the socks that are taking the world by storm and for a good reason. With a focus on quality and design, Bombas has made it their mission to improve your sock game.

From the extra cushioning to the reinforced construction, they’ve thought of everything to make your feet happy. And the best part? For every pair you purchase, they donate a pair to someone in need. So not only will you look and feel great, you’ll be spreading some joy too.


  • Comfortable
  • For each pair bought 1 pair is delivered for the ones in need
  • Many different styles
  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Blister tab for preventing blisters
  • Free returns without time limit
  • Outstanding customer reviews


  • No free shipping

What Makes Bombas Socks Different?

Bombas socks have taken comfort and style to the next level. They really have! With extra cushioning, you can kiss blisters goodbye and say hello to happy feet. But, it’s not just about comfort, these socks are also built to last – they feature reinforced construction and high-quality materials. No more holes or stretched-out socks!

The best part? Bombas has thought of every detail when it comes to design. From the patented “Ankle-Lock” technology to the “Stay-Put Cuff,” every aspect of these socks has been designed with your comfort in mind.

Last but not least, Bombas cares about people. For every pair purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. Not only will you look and feel great, but you’ll be making a positive impact on the world too.

Bombas Sock Styles

Bombas offers a wide variety of styles to fit everyone. Some of their most popular styles include

Athletic Socks

When it comes to running, it’s important to have the right socks to ensure comfort and support. Bombas athletic socks are designed with a combination of polyester, nylon, cotton, and spandex for both lightweight flexibility and unbeatable comfort. Their running socks come in quarter and ankle cuts depending on your preference.

But the real key feature is the signature Bombas Hex Tec that provides maximum ventilation and moisture-wicking capabilities. So, you can be assured of a cool, dry, and comfortable run no matter how hard you push yourself.

Dress Socks

Bombas dress socks are designed to provide comfort and style for any occasion whether it’s a morning commute or a business meeting. They offer a range of calf, knee-high, and ribbed styles for both men and women with their signature honeycomb support technology. Made from the highest quality materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex, their dress socks are perfect for any outfit. Their balance of elasticity and tension keeps the sock in place without compromising comfort or style.

No-Show Socks

Bombas No-Show socks are designed to offer supreme comfort and support while being barely visible. These socks are constructed with extra-long staple cotton, a premium fiber that is soft, durable, and smooth against the skin. This material shrinks minimally upon washing, so it retains its shape over time, providing exceptional wearability. The footbed is cushiony, offering maximum comfort and support for your feet. Plus, the Honeycomb Arch Support System cradles the arch of your foot, just like a comfortable hug that won’t let go!

Ankle Socks

Bombas Ankle Socks feature the extra-long staple cotton that provides cushioned footbeds that are incredibly soft, while the honeycomb arch support system offers comfortable support with every step. The feature I like the most is a blister tab – a tab that helps to prevent blisters. Furthermore, there’s a Y-stitched heel and seamless toe for extra durability.

Merino Wool

Bombas Merino Wool Socks offer durability and comfort which makes them a great choice for everyday wear. They are made of wool, polyester, spandex, and nylon and are designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking. Bombas merino wool socks come in a variety of cuts from no-show to knee-high, so you can find a pair that fits your style and needs. Plus, the fabric naturally resists odor and bacteria, meaning these socks will stay fresher longer.

So, whether you’re looking for socks for working out, dressing up, or just lounging around, Bombas has got you covered with a wide range of styles to choose from.

What Do Customers Think?

Customers are raving about Bombas socks on review websites like Trustpilot. They love the extra cushioning, the stylish designs, and the overall comfort of the socks. Many people say that they have tried other brands in the past, but Bombas is their go-to choice because they don’t slip, they don’t bunch up, and they’re durable enough to last wash after wash. Customers also appreciate the social responsibility aspect of the brand, and the fact that for every pair purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need.

Shipping and Returns

Speaking of returns, Bombas continues to impress. Their Happiness Guarantee covers free returns (including free shipping) with no time limit.

When it comes to shipping, if you’re from the US and you go for standard shipping, you’ll get your Bombas in 5-8 business days. Also, a flat shipping rate applies – $5.95

For international orders, if you’re from Canada, there’s a $35 USD flat rate and it takes 7-12 business days.

If you’re from Australia, there’s a $15 USD flat rate and it takes 7-12 business days.

If you’re from the UK there’s a $35 USD flat rate and it takes 9-12 business days.

The Bottom Line

Bombas socks are truly a game-changer in the world of socks. Not only are they designed with comfort in mind, with extra cushioning in all the right places, but they’re also made to last. No more constantly having to replace your socks due to holes or stretching. The stylish designs and wide variety of styles mean that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re hitting the gym, the office, or just lounging at home.

And let’s not forget about Bombas’ social responsibility aspect – for every pair purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. This means that not only are you treating yourself to a comfortable, stylish, and high-quality pair of socks, but you’re also making a positive impact in the world.

So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of socks, do yourself a favor and give Bombas a try. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Happy shopping!

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