Boll & Branch vs Brooklinen: Which Sheets Are Best For You?

Buying sheets can be a real nightmare. There are so many options, so many retailers, and sometimes, you’re not even sure whether some of them are worth the money.

Well, if you’re looking for premium sheets to enrich a good night’s sleep, this article is for you.

In this brand comparison, I’ll analyze Boll & Branch and Brooklinen – two popular luxury sheet companies and their ultra sustainable, super-comfortable, and environmentally friendly products.

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Brands at a Glance – Boll & Branch VS Brooklinen

Boll And Branch Soft Sheets

Boll & Branch makes sheets using sustainable and organic materials. It is also the first 100% organic Fair Trade Certified bedding company – EVER.

The company proudly claims that the sheets are made with 0 harmful chemicals. Also, the materials they use are 100% traceable “from farm to finish”.

The Classic Hemmed is one of Boll & Branch’s best-selling collections.

Luxe Sateen Sheets By Brooklinen

Brooklinen focuses on making top-quality products at affordable prices. That doesn’t mean they’re using poor-quality materials. On the contrary.

They are using top-quality materials efficiently – they operate directly, without middlemen, and that’s how they can afford to make high-quality products at prices that are accessible to everyone.

The Luxe Sateen is Brooklinen’s best seller.

Boll & Branch VS Brooklinen Comparison

Before I start analyzing the brands’ best-selling sheets in detail, here are some main differences.

Boll and Branch VS
Brooklinen Sheets
SampleClassic Hemmed sheetsLuxe Sateen
MaterialsLong-staple organic cottonLong-staple standard cotton
Thread Count300-thread count480-thread count
Trial Period30 Nights365 Nights
Best forPeople who want to purchase from an ultra ethical brand.
Those who like organic cotton.
All-around sleepers.
People looking for premium sheets.
Individuals with a split king mattress.
People love things that come with a good warranty.
Those who appreciate outstanding customer service.  
People who like sheets in various colors  
Size7 sizes: Twin
Twin XL
California king
Split king
6 sizes: Twin
Twin XL
California king

Boll & Branch Review

Classic Hemmed Sheets are made of long-staple organic cotton and sateen weave for a glossy finish.

Thanks to organic cotton, the sheets are breathable, super comfortable, and soft. Also, if you’re a hot sleeper, there’s nothing to worry about since organic cotton is a cooler sleeping material than standard cotton.

The interesting thing about Classic Hemmed Sheets is that they might seem too big. Don’t worry, you didn’t get the wrong size.

Boll and Branch is an ultra-ethical brand, therefore it doesn’t use any pre-shrunk chemicals, dyes, etc. Your lovely sheets will, after one or two washing-drying cycles, fit perfectly.

The sheets are available in 7 sizes –  twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king.

The bottom line is – if you love organic materials, such as organic cotton, you’ll fall in love with Classic Hemmed Sheets.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you are a hot or cool sleeper, the sheets are made to fit all-around sleepers.

Moreover, if you love purchasing products from environmentally responsible, ethical brands, Boll and Branch is definitely a brand you should consider.


  • Extra Breathable
  • Soft
  • Made of Organic Cotton
  • Made for All-Around Sleepers
  • No Chemicals and Additional Dyes
  • Ultra Ethical Brand


  • No Warranty

Brooklinen Review

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen sheets are made of OEKO-TEX certified long-staple cotton with a sateen weave, meaning they’re free of toxic chemicals.

The sheets have a 480-thread count and 15” deep pockets. Since they aren’t made of organic cotton, they’re not as breathable as Classic Hemmed. On the other hand, Luxe Sheets would be perfectly suitable for a five-star luxury hotel.

Speaking of sizes and colors, Brooklinen has more customizing options than Boll and Branch, but Luxe Sateen sheets come in 6 sizes (no split king sheet set).

There’s one more thing I have to mention – Luxe Sateen sheets (and all other Brooklinen sheets) come with an amazing 365-night trial period. After that, you’ll get a lifetime warranty!


Even though Brooklinen isn’t a sustainable and ethically focused brand like Boll and Branch, they go above and beyond for their customers.

That’s for sure.


  • Toxic Materials Free
  • Many Customizing Options
  • 365 Nights Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Not Ideal for hot Sleepers

Head-to-Head Comparison

Let’s compare the two brands, head-to-head in different categories. Even though they seem quite similar since both brands make luxury sheets, they are, as a matter of fact, quite different.

Commitment to Environment

Boll and Branch is the first 100% organic Fair Trade Certified bedding company – ever.

The company uses organic cotton and it doesn’t stop there. Boll and Branch gathers resources using environmentally-friendly practices every step of the way. That means, the company is getting cotton from sustainable farms where the workers are fairly paid and are working under safe, ethical working conditions.

Also, Boll and Branch makes sure that workers in factories that manufacture sheets and other products are of age (no child labor) and make a livable wage.

Have a look at the numbers.

Thanks to Boll and Branch’s ultra-ethical and sustainable approach they have:

  • Purchased 5,3 million pounds of Fair Trade seed cotton in 2020 only
  • Paid over $880,000 in additional wages to farmers and factory workers to sustain fair wages and invest in their communities since 2014
  • Saved a whopping 592,923,320 gallons of water
  • Made packaging material that is 100% recycled and can be re-purposed
  • Employed over 1000 factory workers who received fair wages
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 21,252 metric tons (which is the same as saving emissions from 4,500 cars a year) by transporting materials using a cargo ship as opposed to planes or trains
  • Made 100% of their products without using harmful chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs

Commitment to Customers

Brooklinen’s vision is quite simple – deliver luxury products at a price that’s accessible to everyone.


Efficient supply chain. Brooklinen has completely cut out the middleman and bypassed costs like wholesaling and designer licensing fees.

Guess who gets all those savings? You do.

Next, if you think Brooklinen has unhappy customers, think again. The company offers free shipping and a 365-night trial period. So you’ve got a whole year to test your new sheets.

Here’s a question – what happens to your sheets if they get damaged or worn out after 10 years?

Brooklinen will take care of it as long as you own it since you get a lifetime warranty when purchasing Brooklinen sheets.

The Verdict – Boll & Branch OR Brooklinen Sheets

I’ve never come across two brands with similar products yet such a different approach.

Honestly, it’s impossible to declare a winner here, since it all depends on your preferences.

Organic products come with a higher price tag, and so does Boll and Branch therefore if you’re willing to pay more for organic products, look no more.

Also, the fact you’re lying on sheets manufactured by fairly paid workers from poor countries, you can’t deny the feeling of being proud. Boll and Branch is one of the top ethical companies in the world.

Speaking of its products, for example, Classic Hemmed sheets, they are super comfortable, breathable, and made for both hot and cool sleepers.

Since they contain zero chemicals the sheets might seem too big at first, but after one or two washing-drying cycles they will fit around your mattress perfectly.

On the other hand, there’s Brooklinen with unbeatable customer satisfaction.

Brooklinen is founded by Rich and Vicki Fulop, who weren’t any textile industry experts. Their mission was quite simple – to create a place where you can buy beautiful and ridiculously comfortable sheets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

And that’s exactly what they did.

How much they care about their customers says the fact they offer a 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty on their products.

So, if you’re up to luxury sheets at affordable prices, go for Brooklinen. Also, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake, since that’s impossible with Brooklinen’s outstanding trial and warranty policies.

Wish you a good night’s sleep.

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