Blue Bottle Coffee Review

Hello, there coffee lovers!

If you are here to find the purest, most tasty and the coffee with the best smell, you’re in the right place.

Blue Bottle Coffee is the brand that will try to keep you up and with a smile on your face.

There are plenty of reasons why am I saying that.

We are all searching for the coffee drink that will allow us to have enjoyable moments, will support us through the long night’s work stays and of course will satisfy us with the aroma that is spreading from it.

I bet you that after reading the following information from my research you will want to have this coffee on your kitchen shelves.

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Blue Bottle Coffee- History

KOLSHITSKY is the man to whom we need to be very thankful. He was the first one to open the shop at a time when most parts of Europe were under Turkish occupation.

The very first location where this coffee was transported is Vienna. It can’t be a coincidence to bring such quality coffee to that beautiful city.

After hundreds of years from then, in 2000 California was opened the first Blue Bottle shop by freelance musician James Freeman- the founder.

The very first location where this coffee was transported is Vienna. It can’t be a coincidence to bring such quality coffee to that beautiful city.

And as you can see today they have a high-quality brand, which offers us something worth trying.

If you want to learn more about Blue Bottle Coffee History see here and enjoy the stories while you’re drinking it.

Blue Bottle Coffee- Where To Buy

What’s a little confusing and one more proof that they are different from the other brands, to order the Blue Bottle Coffee Online you will need to download the app, from which you can follow and maintain your order.

Blue Bottle Coffee Review


This brand has one of the most historical and fun histories of the other coffee brands. Despite the historical fact that makes this brand trustworthy, there are also positive comments and great feedback from the Blue Bottle Coffee Consumers.


One more of Blue Bottle Coffee’s strong side that can’t be questioned. Its quality is very high at this moment all that thanks to the processing procedure this brand has invested into. Be sure that your consuming something that takes care of your health and the environment.


Because is extremely fresh coffee whose beans are normally roasted (not like the other brand’s over-roasted beans) it costs 5$ or more depending on the coffee type you want to order. Yes, it’s a higher price but you are going to love it.


You can sign up for a monthly subscription to get your coffee in front of your door. What is Blue Bottle Still working on is expanding the subscription throughout the whole globe. Stay tuned maybe your city is the next lucky place that will be able to have this incredible product.

Blue Bottle Coffee- Products And Coffee Matching

All of their coffee bean types have been classified as organic. That’s a great start to describe this product.

Also, there are plenty of questioning shows that have been researched to compare this brand to the others. And believe they are following even the most popular coffee shops in the world with a standardized procedure that has more quality machines. So have a specific smell of natural substances inside which makes this product smells incredible.

I haven’t seen comments that are saying that this brand has something that’s somehow bad. There are only satisfied, happy and grateful customers that are continuously ordering Blue Bottle Coffee.

Do you have some doubts that they won’t match your taste?

No worries, they have prepared tests that will help them learn more about your test and find the ingredients and coffee beans that will match you perfectly.

Don’t waste your time and take the test to see if they are doing great. I bet that they can offer you something you will be crazy about!

The questions are easy to answer and won’t cost you much time.

Short, but sweet quiz.

Blue Bottle Coffee – Recipe Guides

They do take care to enjoy your Blue Bottle Coffee At home so they have prepared online recipes on how to drink the same coffee from home.

Of course, the taste will be amazing and the recipes are successfully made with Blue Bottle Coffee only.

Check their recipes and choose the mechanism which you’re using to do your coffee. I know. It’s great!

You will also learn how they prepare the coffee for you, that’s one more advantage you can get if you give this trust to this brand.

After finding out that they have taken care of this too, I am no longer shocked why this brand has spread so fast and has so much support from all the coffee lovers.

Blue Bottle Coffee- Discounts and Gifts

They do have periodically discounts and offer gifts for the regular customers

Organized surprises for their non-stop customers with a mug or other product from their shop.

That’s really kind! One more reason to love this brand!

Blue Bottle Coffee- Shipping, Returns and Subscription Policy

Subscription of coffee from your favorite rand in a time that you tend to get it?

Sounds great.

One thing that can be Blue Bottle criticized is that they offer subscriptions in limited areas.

It’s good to know that they only offer just whole-bean coffee in their online store at this time since they find coffee is at its most delicious when freshly ground before brewing.

When it comes to their shipping policy they use USPS or FedEx.

Before shipping, all merchandise takes 1-3 business days to process. After processing, USPS and FedEx have an estimated shipping time of 1-7 days. So for not more than one week, you can get your coffee.

Same as subscriptions they don’t ship internationally. Cost. Blue Bottle Coffee subscriptions can range in cost from $11 to $52 per shipment. All of their shipments including shipping in the price.

They don’t have specific prices on their official website for the shipping costs and how much will it be the price for express shipping.

You are not satisfied with your coffee choice? Blue Bottle has a return policy both for the coffee and all the other products from their shop.

They offer a 30-day from your purchase for online orders. And if you have bought something from their store they can’t refund you but are happy to replace the package.

Blue Bottle Coffee- Pros And Cons


  • High-quality, organic coffee with a great aroma
  • Return Policy
  • Quiz test before you buy
  • Free shipping over 35$ in the USA
  • Different tastes and both strong and light coffee packages


  • Don’t do international shipping and subscription
  • Don’t have a full package pie of information on their site.

Is Blue Bottle Coffee Worth Buying?

I am so addicted to drinking coffee and I always want to trust someone who can offer to constantly give me fresh coffee.

For that, I decided that Blue Bottle Coffee can give me a proper response to that.

Also, don’t forget that you won’t lose anything because they are standing behind the product and offer returns if you tend to have a different coffee taste than the one they have sent to you.

Go and their site and order your coffee match! Enjoy your coffee!

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