Bloomscape vs The Sill: Best Plant Delivery Service

It is crazy how far we have come as a species in terms of how much stuff we can actually get, without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. And, with the pandemic hitting the world as hard as it did, it just make sense.

Have you ever wondered if you could get some plants online? Sure, you can get plastic and non-living plants which is no surprise, but we’re talking about the real deal.

Well, wonder no more, because Bloomscape and The Sill are bringing this revolutionary concept to reality.

Now, it all sounds nifty and perfect, but it is quite hard to choose one of these two. They’re of relatively the same caliber, which makes choosing between them, a nightmare. This is why we put these two under the microscope, oh, and also did an in-depth comparison, in order to find out which one is for you.

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Why Bloomscape & The Sill Just Work

It would be daft not to mention that this concept has been adopted by greenhouses all over the world, but that’s not the point. We’re talking about plant quality. Since most of the greenhouses are supplied by questionable suppliers, Bloomscape’s and The Sill’s quality might be above-average.

The suppliers aren’t really the biggest issue. Some greenhouses are supplied within 30-days of ordering, which means the plants go from one truck to another, and often end up without water or sunlight.

Both Bloomscape and The Sill know this, and that is why, instead of quantity, customers are getting quality and heritage.

Case in point is Bloomscape. Built on history and heritage, the Bloomscape brand became what it is today with five generations of greenhouse growers and floral industry innovators.

The Sill is also similar, founded by Eliza Blank, and apparently Eliza has a passion for plants. So, compared to your usual greenhouse, you’re getting a bit more for your buck.

What Are The Differences Between Bloomscape & The Sill? – In-Depth Comparison

In order to progress further, it would be a good idea to list some of the key differences between the two. Look at it as a TL;DR (too long didn’t read). This is also a good way to see whether one of the two fits the criteria for what you’re looking for.

What follows is an in-depth comparison of Bloomscape and The Sill:

Bloomscape vs The Sill Plants Comparison
ShippingFree on orders above $75
$5 – $25
Pot Materials80% Recycled Plastic – Ecopots Clay – XS CollectionCeramic, fiberglass, clay, and others.
Pot SizesFive sizes ranging from XS to XL.Five sizes ranging from Mini to Large or 2.5” to 12”.
Drainage HolesAvailableAvailable
Return PolicyExchanges possible if the plant is dead, or the pot is damaged within 30-days. Returns aren’t accepted.Exchanges possible on damaged and/or dead plants and pots. The return policy is vaguely written with little information, and no time period given.
Subscription Available?NoYes
Plant ChoicesClose to 80Close to 60 (live plants), with other additional faux, dried or preserved choices.
Prices$39 – $249$5 – $115

It may appear as though Bloomscape is the more pricy option from both, and while that might be the case sometimes, the prices aren’t really a good variable to use when it comes to plants.

This is mainly because both brands have different types of plants, with different pots, pot sizes, and other factors.

The Sill’s Subscription

One thing which might be appealing to most though, is the fact that The Sill offers a subscription. There are two plans available for it- Plant Lovers and Pet Parents. Both vary in terms of what you get each month, but both are very interesting.

The Sill’s subscription costs either $60 or $65 depending on the plan you get, and for both you get a 6” grow pot each month with a different plant.

It includes an easy-to-care-for plant, with a ceramic pot.

Customers can skip a month or cancel the Sill subscription after the first three deliveries, so beware of that. By the way, in the subscription plans’ price, shipping is included as well.

Bloomscape Review

Bloomscape Bromeliad Pineapple

We found Bloomscape to be very friendly and forgiving, especially for beginners like me.

Bloomscape knows that each plant requires different attention, has different needs, so, included with you plant will be instructions on how to properly care for your plant. Also, since they’ve got a lot of experts behind the scenes, their customer care team is always there to assist you.

Quality is impeccable, which is to be expected, considering how much family history of horticulture this brand has. Each of the plant that is delivered is approximately the same size as it is advertised on their website.

We already touched on what type of pots you can get, but you do have a lot of color choices if you want to match-up your pots with the general theme of your home and/or garden.

Anything from Peperomia Watermelon to Schefflera Arboricola is available at Bloomscape. They do have quite a bit of choices, which is considerably more than The Sill.

Also, for those in need of horticulture tools, Bloomscape also has places to get your accessories, pots, or tools, separately, should you need them.

Like any other direct-to-consumer brand for plants, Bloomscape does have a few cons as well, albeit, considerably less than pros:


  • Beginner-friendly
  • A lot of choices
  • Very helpful Customer Care team
  • Returns available within 30-days
  • Free shipping on orders above $75
  • Easy shopping experience


  • In some cases, users found that it is challenging to get the formula right

The Sill Review

The Sill Large Majesty Palm

First off, The Sill does have a lot of similarities to Bloomscape.

The Sill too gives customers instructions on care, and also has a team available to help out customers, should anyone need it. While the instructions might not be as detailed as Bloomscape, they’re really helpful.

Once you order, you get a plant shipped to you in a nursery pot, within the planter. This is to give the plant the best chance at living in shipping, since The Sill knows that things can get rough in transport.

Since The Sill offers many different pots to choose from, things can get a little bit at the pricy side, even though it might not appear that way on first glance. Contrary to Bloomscape, The Sill also has actual physical stores customers can go to, should they want to see the plants first-hand.

But by-far, the biggest difference to its competitor, The Sill has a subscription. Personally, the subscription is appealing to me. It gives customers the ability to enrich their homes with plants, at a low cost. Plants arrive each month, and there is no need to make a hefty order right away.

Plus, there is something about not knowing what you’re going to get that is very fun. The Sill also has other products available like candles, herbal coffee, bath kits, and a lot of different items. The point is, The Sill has some diverse repertoire of products.

With all that said, let’s check out the positive and negative sides of The Sill, or in order words, the pros and cons:


  • Different pots available
  • Plants are shipped in nursery pots
  • Physical locations available
  • Subscription available


  • Not that beginner-friendly
  • Not many plant choices

Head-to-Head Comparison

So, which one do you go with? Well, it is not as simple as that.

Now, we’ve already covered most of the details and practical aspects that one should know about each brand and the type of services and products they offer, but in order to truly determine which is better, we pinned them against each other.

Read on to see which is better between Bloomscape and The Sill.

Bloomscape vs The Sill : The Big Plant Battle

In all honesty, it is really hard to determine which of these is ultimately better, since what works for some, might not work for others. In other words, they’re different in what they offer, and the lifestyle impact is different as well.

For starters, The Sill is a pretty good idea if want to try to spice things up in your home. It may not be as beginner-friendly as Bloomscape, but with the subscription, and the fact that they put a lot of emphasis on indoor plants, they seem perfect for indoors.

With the additional pot options, you also get a bit more flexibility, but ultimately, it can be considered as the most bang for buck option out there. This is mostly due to the fact that you can get some interesting plants for affordable prices.

As for Bloomscape, we do have to mention that on average, quality-wise, Bloomscape seems unbeatable. The fact that there is so much history with this brand, it makes sense that Bloomscape is impeccable or near-perfect with quality of plants and pots.

Again, it is quite an easy way to get into horticulture, but if you’re choosing Bloomscape, then it might be because of their premium plants like Staggered Yucca Cane, Schefflera Arboriola, Fiddle Leaf Fig, or any one of their ultra-premium looking plants.

All of this is to say that, Bloomscape has more choices, and more luxury choices for that matter.

The Verdict: Best Plant Delivery Service – Bloomscape vs The Sill

In terms of quality, Bloomscape is unbeatable. But does this mean that you shouldn’t go with The Sill if it seems more appealing to you? No.

The Sill is perfect for those that are looking to get some good-looking plants, albeit, for an affordable price. In addition, The Sill can be more forgiving in terms of taking care of your plant. Plus, customers also have the option for a subscription with two plans, from which, one plan is a pet-friendly plan.

This means that you can get plants every month which aren’t toxic, and won’t cause any harm to you pets.

On the other hand, if you have the time and dedication for some exquisite plants, Bloomscape exceeds expectations. There are tons of choices for different plants, and most of the plants are pretty rare and can’t be found at your usual greenhouse store.

Some of the exquisite plants are with a big price tag, but thankfully, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed about your plant getting damaged or dying during shipping, since there is a 30-day guarantee with Bloomscape.

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