Bloomscape Review : Read This Before You Buy

Buying plants online have never been easier. Bloomscape is here to satisfy all of the plant lovers’ needs for new and exotic plants gathered from across the world.

Bloomscape is a company that’s goal is to make you build relationships with your plants and believe that the world should be greener and will do everything they can in order to give more green to the world.

They will ship all of your orders right in front of your door and will give everything to make the plants go safe to their destination. Safe shipping is their number one priority. Nobody likes to get the flower that they were waiting for damaged, so their goal is going give you the best experience for your hard-earned money.

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About Bloomscape

As they claim on their website, Bloomscape is coming from five generations of greenhouse growers, and that is a lot of time and experience gathered throughout the years.

Unlike other companies that sell plants, Bloomscape does things differently. Their products come directly from their greenhouses. So instead of the plant traveling for weeks in some uncontrolled environment, they manage to shorten this time from the greenhouse to your home, to a couple of days. This guarantees that the plants will arrive in perfect health and you will enjoy them.

All of their pots implement a modern design and are made from recycled eco plastic. They come in five different color options for you to choose from.

The shipping is free above 75$ which is also a nice option to have if you order more expensive products.

They also offer experienced customer support that will answer all of your queries about the order and the shipping of the plants.

Bloomcape Reviews

Although there aren’t any review sites that have reviewed Bloomscape services. There were a few comparisons of Bloomscape with competitor services posted on Business Insider and Seattle Times.

Business insider reviewed a few companies together with Bloomscape and said that Bloomscape was the best out of the bunch because it offered something new and unique at an affordable price and also the 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are also plenty of Reddit testimonials that had praised Bloomscape and its professional service. Even though there were some negative reviews where people reported that their product was damaged, but that was probably caused by the shipping company.

But before we dive deep into reviews first let’s discuss the pros and cons of Bloomscape. Because every company has strong points and weak points.


  • They offer a wide variety of plants that you cannot find anywhere else
  • Plants are matured and extremely healthy when they are transferred to you
  • Their pots are made from recycled eco plasticOnly $5 for the first month
  • Free shipping for orders higher than 75$
  • Delivery is speedy with only 2-6 days
  • 30-day guarantee, it means that your plant will be delivered in perfect condition and stay that way
  • Customer support that will answer all of your queries


  • No international shipping
  • No free shipping with orders below 75$

Peperomia Watermelon Review

The Peperomia is a plant that is easy to take care of. The peperomia watermelon plant has light green leaves with edges which color varies from yellowish to pinkish color. The plant is highly adaptable and is very easy to maintain in shape, most notably because of its high adaptability.

This plant comes from the south American rainforests where it grows as a ground cover. This plant will make a perfect gift for your loved ones and will make the household really beautiful without taking much space at all.

The plant comes in 5 different colors of ecopots to choose from. The size is small at around 7” tall. It doesn’t require much attention and is easy to take care of. You should place the plan in indirect light because it may burn if you place it in the sun. It is pet-friendly and also may remove harmful toxins from the air. Shipping time is between 2-6 days. It comes at a price of 49$.

Mini Money Tree

If you want to get that tropical vibe at your house, the Mini Money Tree is the perfect plant to buy. With its stout stem and the bright green palm-looking leaves is going to make a big impact on your house because it looks like a tiny palm and a tree at the same time. It is native to Mexico and South America. This plant has also gained some traction in the East Asian countries, namely Taiwan.

It gets its name because of the Feng Shui practice that believes that this plant will make the owner filled with positive energy and also good luck that will follow them throughout the year. It is believed that this plant will help reduce your stress and also is going to help out if you have any sleeping disorders.

The plant comes in 5 different color ecopots for you to choose from. It is a bit bigger plant coming at 9-15 inches in height. It is very easy to be taken care of, it is pet friendly also. It will purify the air in your home from the toxins around the house. It comes at an affordable price of only 49$.

Bamboo Palm Review

The Bamboo Palm is one of the tropical indoor plants that will be a perfect fit for your home and will fill your room with positive energy. It should not be confused with the real bamboo. This plant is really easy to be taken care of and requires very low to little maintenance.

This plant is native to South and Central America, namely Mexico. These bamboo palms grow in the shade of larger threes and what differentiates them from larger palms is their adaptability, because they can survive in some low light conditions, making it a perfect choice for an office plant.

The plant comes in 5 different colors of ecopots to choose from. It is very large in size, ranging from 44-55 inches in height. It is very easy to be taken care of since it doesn’t require any attention at all. It is nontoxic and also pet-friendly. It cleans the air and removes the toxins.

Bromeliad Pineapple Review

If you want to add some tropical vibe to your house this is the plant you have been looking for. It is native to South America and is one of the two types of Bromeliads that can produce edible fruit. This plant is going to be a perfect start for any conversations with your guests because there is so much to talk about it.

It is grown all over the world and each of these plants’ flowers only once. Soon after fruiting, it will create some offshoots, the offshoots are new baby pineapples that will grow into a new plant.

It comes in three colors of ecopots. It is a medium-sized plant and its height is from 12-16 inches. It is very carefree to maintain and doesn’t need much attention. You should take note that the plant is not that pet friendly and it may cause dermatitis. It will clean your air and remove toxic pollutants.

Red Prayer Plant Review

This plant is colorful and bold it will bring some positivity to your home. It has dark green leaves with feathered red veins that make this plant very recognizable. The colorful appearance and its slow growth will make this plant perfect for your window sill or shelves that need some color to be added at.

The Red Prayer gets its name from its leaves that are folding in the evening and make a resemblance to hands that are folded in prayer. These plants are native to Brazil and even though they may be tolerant to low light conditions it is a better idea to put it somewhere where it can get more sun, indirect sun preferably.

It comes with a choice of 5 different ecopots. It is a small plant at only 7 to 12 inches in height, easy to maintain. It should be placed into indirect light. It is pet-friendly and nontoxic. It removes the toxins from the air. It comes at a price of only 39$.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink Review

The Bromeliad Aechmea Pink is a colorful bromeliad with beautiful pink blooms. Its blooms are known for their longevity because they last for quite some time. This plant also features silver-green leaves and pink blooms. If you want some tropical feel at your home this is the right plant for you.

These Bromeliads are native to South America, namely Brazil. There they grow on trees as epiphytes And because of this they don’t have big roots and are absorbing most of their nutrients from their leaves.

It comes in three colors of eco pots. It is a medium-sized plant with 15 to 20 inches in height. It is a relatively easy plant to be taken care of and doesn’t require some attention. It should be exposed to indirect light. It is not a toxic plant but it may cause dermatitis, so you should take that in mind if you own pets. It is also known for its role as an air cleaner and removes the toxins from the air.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Review

This plant is extremely recognizable for its distinctive foliage. This plant is tall and large. It also has some very large veiny leaves that are violin-shaped and grow upright. The plant is not bushy, this makes it perfect for your home. Just lay it in a corner and will fill up your space with positivity.

It is native to Western Africa. It likes warm, bright, and humid conditions. Because of these characteristics, they are also challenging if you keep them indoors. But they are extremely tough plants and they can withstand in less than perfect situations.

These plants require an area that has filtered air and also if you have an eastern facing window. Keep the temperature on point and this plant is going to flourish.

It comes in 5 different ecopot colors to choose from. It is an extra-large plant coming at 44 to 58 inches in height. This plan requires some extra care and is more demanding than other plants, it should be exposed to indirect light. It is not pet-friendly because it may cause mouth irritation and digestive reactions. It acts as an air cleaner and helps removes the toxins from the room.

Monstera Review

If you give Monstera plant the right conditions it is known to grow a lot in size. They are extremely easy to be taken care of, and you should also give them a little space for them to grow. And as it grows it is going to develop long ribbons and holes that are going to give it that very distinctive and graphic appearance.

These tropical plants are taking their roots from Central America, namely Mexico. They are extremely adaptable plants and can live in almost every condition. Monsteras love bright environments that have indirect light. Monsteras are also known to climb and as they grow will want to vine out. This plant is tolerant of irregular watering. And that makes it pretty much ideal for every home.

It comes in 5 different ecopot color choices. It is a very large plant, starting from 26 and goes up to 32 inches in height. It is relatively carefree to take care of. It requires indirect sunlight but it can also live under fluorescent light. It is not pet-friendly and may cause irritation and digestive reaction. It may act as an air purifier and will remove the toxins from the air.

Kimberly Queen Fern Review

The Kimberly Queen Fern compared to its cousins the Dallas and the Boston Fern is quite easier to be taken care of, namely because of its compact size and overall better form factor. This plant usually grows upright, this characteristic makes it perfect for hanging baskets. The Kimberly Queen Fern is a low-maintenance plant because it doesn’t ask for much attention.

It is native to Australia and the Kimberly Queen is tougher than other Fern-type plants because it is more resilient to drought, heat, and direct sun. This adaptable plant will look perfect during the winter in your dining room and also on the balcony in the summer since it enjoys the hot weather.

It comes in three ecopot colors. The Kimberly Queen Fern is a medium-sized plant, coming at 14 to 20 inches in height. It requires low to zero maintenance and is considered to be pet friendly because it doesn’t contain toxins, it will also remove the toxins from the air at your house.

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