Birddogs vs Chubbies vs Lululemon: Best Shorts on The Market

Even though 2020 and 2021 were years when we all were pretty much locked down, many were starting to consider to stock up their wardrobe.

Since it is getting much wormer now, there is a growing need for great shorts. Unfortunately, the store’s regular shorts just don’t cut it, and don’t tick many boxes for people. That is where Bird Dogs, Chubbies, and Lululemon come in.

These three specialize in clothing, but their main selling point is shorts. But like with any other direct-to-consumer brand, many people are asking themselves; Are these the same quality as store-bought shorts, and will they provide the great functionality and practicality?

These are reasonable questions. Furthermore, even if you already decided to get shorts from an online brand such as these three, it is really difficult to find out which is the best one out of the bunch.

Nonetheless, we’ve got the answer for you.

We put Chubbies, Lululemon, and Bird Dogs under the microscope in order to see what brand will work for some, and which won’t. Join us as we pin these brands head-to-head to see what’s the deal!

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What Are the Differences Between Bird Dogs, Chubbies, and Lululemon?

Well, for starters, Lululemon immediately stands out from the bunch.

Lululemon has a much bigger reputation, and it is chosen by many every day of the week, over traditional in-store clothing. However, even though they’re the famous one out of the bunch, they also do much more clothing.

Lululemon’s repertoire is quite impressive:

  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • T-shirts
  • Polos
  • Bags
  • Gloves
  • Water Bottles
  • Yoga Accessories and Mats
  • and much more.

Frankly, it would take quite a while to list all of Lululemon’s products. The point is that Lululemon’s takes a traditional approach to clothes. There are different kinds of every product, and for shorts as well. Whether you want running shorts, workout shorts, classy shorts, etc.

As for Bird Dogs and Chubbies, they tend to focus on one thing, and market their products that way.

One is apparent right out of the gate, and that is that, Bird Dogs is one for versatility and multi-purpose shorts, while Chubbies focuses on having the most-stretch shorts.

Both Chubbies and Bird Dogs are particularly impressive because of their multi-function nature. As for Lululemon, they tend to be “what you see is what you get” in terms of versatility. Nevertheless, that is not to say that Lululemon is not as good as the other two, quite the opposite.

So, there are many things that are unique about each of the shorts from these brands, but how do they compare to shorts that one can get at the store?

How Do Chubbies, Bird Dogs, & Lululemon Fare Against Regular Shorts?

To start this off, these types of shorts pane out very well against traditional shorts and traditional short brands.

However, this is not a great way to distinguish whether that is true. Meaning, while these might be great compared to some traditional shorts, they fall quite short against some that specialize in sports wear or casual wear.

In any case, the point is that, these are store-worthy, and they are as good as they look online. Whether they would overshadow some shorts from Adidas and Nike is quite hard to tell, but one thing is for sure, and that is that, they might beat some models of high-end sportswear products.

What is probably the most interesting thing about Chubbies and Bird Dogs, is the fact that you don’t find these types of shorts in the mall. They’re unique, and the multi-purpose nature of the shorts is something that is quite are from other well-known traditional brands.

So, to answer the question, these three – Bird Dogs, Chubbies, and Lululemon, will be as good as they look online, and will be as good as traditional brands’ shorts, if not better in some ways.

Which Have the Best Shorts: Lululemon, Chubbies, or Bird Dogs?

This is a tough one.

We need to take a few steps back. When it comes to D2C brands for shorts, one thing is important, and that is what the consumer is looking for. Without a doubt, it can be said that all of these three have great shorts, but they aren’t for everyone.

My proposition is this: instead of looking for the best one out of the bunch, look for one that is most suitable for you.

When it comes to quality, all three are great, although there have been some cases with some models, where the shorts didn’t feel well-made. One thing that has happened with Chubbies is that many people have negative feedback about their swim shorts.

However, as time went by, the swim short models have had some touch-ups on their design, and particularly what type of liner they have.

Still, all of the three are subject to some heavy negative feedback once in a while, and this is mainly due to the fact that Bird Dogs’ shorts aren’t for everyone, Chubbies’ shorts aren’t for all, and same goes for Lululemon, and not because the shorts aren’t well-made or not good enough.

Bird Dogs’ shorts are for highly-active people that want something comfortable for a few runs with the dog, and are suitable for a high-end café. The same goes for Chubbies.

Lululemon instead, is for the people that frequently change their look during the day, and want one-purpose shorts either for a workout, or some active work. People that want to get in and out of their workout clothes as soon as possible, and get to their office.

Best Shorts for You: Bird Dogs VS Chubbies VS Lululemon

Like I said, it mostly boils down to what type of shorts you’re looking for, and for what price. Otherwise, all of these three brands have sufficient quality shorts, that can be pinned against some of the top sportwear and casualwear brands out there.

One other thing which we overlooked is design. Seems like Lululemon has much more down-to-earth designs for their shorts, while Bird Dogs and Chubbies do like to have some fun. In other words, they tend to be more flamboyant, but they have some regular designs as well.

What is a plus with all three brands, is the fact that all three do returns, and Bird Dogs and Chubbies do exchanges as well.

This is all well and good, since getting your fit on the first try is quite difficult. However, one thing that is a drawback is that Bird Dogs only does returns and exchanges on US orders only, and it seems that case with Chubbies.

Nevertheless, let’s view all three objectively, and put them in a mini head-to-head, to see which one of these three is for you:

Best Shorts Comparsion
Bird Dogs VS Chubbies VS Lululemon
LinerSome models come with a soft liner, and some are without.Same as Bird Dogs.Comfortable liner, not a mesh liner.
PurposeSeparate model for different needs.Multi-purpose, with great stretching capabilities.Multi-purpose, great for those that are highly active, and always moving.
DesignGenerally, more flat color designs.Again, same as Bird Dogs. Some are suitable for the café, and others for a pool party.Great design, some are regular golf shorts, and some are quite flamboyant.
PracticalitySome models come with laces, and have great deep pockets.Adequate number of pockets, with some models having buttons.Great number of pockets, and the back pocket is usually with a zip.
ComfortableExceptionally breathable and comfortable.Adequate, but not as good as Lululemon.Comfortable, especially for those that like soft liners.
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It is fair to mention that, depending on where you live, these shorts tend to be quite pricier than the ones you would find at the store.

The real question is whether to trade price for practicality and uniqueness.

Which Has the Greatest Gym Shorts? Bird Dogs VS Chubbies VS Lululemon

What a review of shorts it would be if we didn’t look at which has the best shorts.

Honestly, it came to a surprise that all three were very different in terms of their gym shorts. It came to a surprise because, even though there were some major key differences between the bunch, pretty much they all had the same goal.

In any case, the point is that for gym shorts, there is much more distinction to be made.

Bird Dogs

While Bird Dogs has some great liners that are extremely comfortable, it is a downside that all of their gym shorts come with liners.

While many do like that, there are also many that prefer linerless designs. Furthemore, even though they offer great movement and are great for working out, they don’t have any laces. That is a huge no-no for me, and I’m guessing for many.

When you work out, it would’ve been great to have the possibility to tighten your shorts for different exercises. Truly, a bummer.

But it is great to have the option to choose from short all the way to long shorts for all of the designs and models available.


Chubbies is very impressive when it comes to gym shorts. They have the most stretchable shorts from the bunch, and it helps a lot that some have laces and there are models that don’t have any liners.

However, it is fair to mention that they are quite light, but they tend to feel a bit too light.

Meaning, they tend to feel cheap, but they’re far from it. They also come with liner pockets for your phone and similar stuff. That is great for running. One negative thing that stands out is the fact that most of the models are short, with only a handful of long options.


Lululemon takes some points here like Chubbies. In similar fashion, there are options for shorts that are without liners, and most of the models come with great laces.

There are options for long, short, or regular shorts, which is always a plus. Thankfully, there are sufficient number of choices for each of the size options. Only drawback here is that Lululemon’s shorts tend to feel heavier than Chubbies and Bird Dogs on average.

Bird Dogs Shorts Review

Bird Dogs Blue Babes

For those that are fans of liner shorts Bird Dogs is the way to go. They have really made the most comfortable shorts out there, if not most comfortable, at least somewhere on the top.

Bird Dogs was on Shark Tank back in 2018, and even on the show, they were so confident that they were going to reinvent shorts forever. Honestly, I think they did it. Not only are the shorts very comfortable, they look exceptional, with unique designs.

The point is that Bird Dogs shorts are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, but they are also very versatile, which means that active people will enjoy them a lot.

While they aren’t as exquisite as some of Chubbies models, they’re damn near perfect.

After all, it is great to be unique among the crowd, and if you go with Bird Dogs, you will definitely feel that way.

There are a handful of models to choose from, and it is possible to fill in your shorts wardrobe only with Bird Dogs. Here are the types of shorts that Bird Dogs offer:

  • Gym Shorts
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Oxford Shorts
  • Seersucker Shorts
  • Swim Shorts

All in all, every type of shorts that Bird Dogs offer feel very well-made, but some products are definitely on the overpriced side, for example, the swim shorts which come in at $95.

But it comes down to whether you want to spend that extra for comfortability. Generally, there are some pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration:


  • Great for everyday wear
  • Multi-purpose
  • Very Comfortable
  • Returns and exchange available for US orders
  • Well-priced
  • High-quality liners
  • Many pockets, some with zips
  • Great designs


  • No laces on the gym shorts
  • There aren’t any shorts without liners
  • Some products are sold out for a while

Chubbies Shorts Review

I wasn’t sold on the whole the most stretchable shorts out there, but wearing Chubbies does feel great. The possibility to go into a formal setting with them feels very nice. It isn’t that often that you can do that with shorts.

The point is that Chubbies’ designs are exceptional, and one can consider them to be more traditional, and not as unique as Bird Dogs.

Still, that is not to say that Bird Dogs are better in any way. It is just great to have some ultra-comfortable shorts, which look regular, but you can do much more in them than you would with regular shorts. Quite a mouthful, but it is true.

For some reason, even though these shorts can stretch a lot, in some situations they may feel tight.

This is partly because the bridge in the middle is slightly lower than with regular shorts, and while it looks cleaner, it comes with that tight-feeling downside. Still, they compensate with the amount that they can stretch.

While there aren’t many flamboyant designs, the flat colors might work for many. Not everyone likes to walk around with eight different colors on them.

Moreover, Chubbies shares an awful lot of similarities with Bird Dogs, and it may come down to personal preference when it comes to choosing between them.

Lastly, if you’re interested in Chubbies, here are some of the types of shorts you can get:

  • Everywear Stretch Shorts
  • Everywear Seersucker Shorts
  • Stretch Originals
  • Oxford Stretch Shorts
  • Chino Shorts
  • Lake Shorts
  • Compression Lined Shorts
  • Unlined Sports Shorts
  • Swim Trunks

To get a better picture of whether you should go with Chubbies, we made a pros and cons list:


  • They look good for different environments and scenarios
  • Highly stretchable
  • Both formal and casual shorts
  • Very light
  • A lot of choices
  • Returns available
  • Amazing gym shorts
  • Both liner and no liner choices
  • Pockets in liners


  • No flamboyant designs
  • Button might not be for everyone
  • Laces and button on the same shorts, on some designs

Lululemon Shorts Review

Lululemon Elegant Shorts – Commission Short 7″ Oxford

Lululemon has by-far the most extensive line-up of shorts from the three. Not only that, like I said previously, they do tend to look like the ones you would buy from the store.

When looking at some of the models they do scream quality, at least, much more than the other two. The threshold for quality from Lululemon is much higher than the other two, and there is a drastic difference.

While it may be small, it can be felt most when wearing the shorts, that’s when the difference feels gigantic.

There are many designs and colors to choose from, so there are great chances that you would find something that would appeal to you. However, the main issue with Lululemon is that you don’t get the same versatility as you would from Chubbies and even Bird Dogs.

Additionally, as it is said above, the Lululemon gym shorts tend to feel much heavier, which might be a drawback to those who tend to look for light gym shorts. Still, they’re adequate, and they come with liners or no liners.

There is almost a ten-dollar difference on average on certain models of Lululemon, which might be a downside for many. Especially, since most of these are already a lot pricier than store-bought shorts.

Frankly, there is a lot of choices at Lululemon, and one cannot present some of the most notable choices, without doing Lululemon a disservice. Visit Lululemon to see all the available models.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering Lululemon, then you it is important to know about the upsides and downsides to that:


  • Much more choices compared to Bird Dogs and Chubbies
  • Many designs
  • Many sizes, regular, short, or long
  • Returns possible – unwashed and unworn, with the tags still on
  • Great liner and non-liner shorts
  • Perfect for multiple occasions


  • Gym shorts are particularly heavy to wear
  • Not many flamboyant designs

Head-to-Head Comparisons

By now, I’m sure that many would have chosen the “right” one to go with. Overall, we’re very impressed with the shorts of each of these brands, and all deserve to be tried.

However, like I’ve said extensively already some are not meant for everyone. For example, what works for many, doesn’t for others.

To make it as clear as possible, or if you’re having doubts between any two, we will pin these brands against each other to see in each scenario, which would be the perfect shorts for you.

Bird Dogs VS Chubbies: Which Is Better?

It is true, Chubbies and Bird Dogs share a lot of similarities, but they’re quite different.

Bird Dogs is more targeted toward those that are active, and need to move a lot during the day. Granted, Chubbies aims for the same objective, but tends to be much more exquisite and elegant, meaning, you can go into a restaurant with some of their shorts.

That is not to say that Bird Dogs isn’t the same, but on average, Chubbies has a lot more choices, and flatter colors for a session on the golf course for example.

Okay, they may be more similar than I thought.

In any case, between these two, it definitely comes down to personal preference. For example, if you have no issues with using liners on shorts, then Bird Dogs has one of the best liners out there. If that is not an option, then Chubbies has some shorts which don’t come with liners.

Nonetheless, other stuff like whether you want laces on your shorts, pocket type, and branding should be considered as well.

Yes, they’re similar and they will work for many in terms of practicality, but be sure to find out minor details like the aforementioned to see what would better work for you.

Which One to Pick, Chubbies or Lululemon?

Pocket For Cellphone – Chubbie

When it comes to these two, people can think about versatility.

Chubbies has some versatile shorts, and well, they tend do feel very light, great for those who are on the go. Lululemon is a little different, and leans more towards the traditional style of shorts, which doesn’t focus that much on versatility.

Still, some models are quite light, but they miss the mark when it comes to comfort. That might be subjective, but should be taken into consideration.

Nonetheless, Lululemon also has some great and beautiful designs, but the biggest downside is the price. Chubbies and Bird Dogs are pricier than store shorts, and they’re still cheap compared to Lululemon.

It comes down to the increase in quality you get from Lululemon for that extra bucks. In this comparison, you either go with great practicality or elegance.

Meaning, Chubbies are the ones which when you wear them you feel like you can do anything, while with Lululemon, that isn’t the case. But Lululemon shorts tend to be the perfect choice if you want some shorts only for going out.

Bird Dogs or Lululemon?

Quite frankly, it is the same case as Chubbies or Lululemon, with Bird Dogs. Bird Dogs like Chubbies, is trying to reinvent the wheel, with its short and its style, while Lululemon is only focused on one thing: make great shorts.

The fact that Bird Dogs only has shorts with liners might be a deal-breaker for many. Not everyone likes to wear liners, and while they do tend to get a lot of positive feedback for their liners, some just don’t like liners.

In the case that you are fond of liners, then Lululemon will be the clear choice. It will be a bummer spending the extra for no type of improvement in versatility, but at least you get an increase in quality.

When it comes to those that have used and enjoy liners, then everything changes. I would recommend Bird Dogs any day of the week, because of how comfortable the shorts actually are.

Not only that, but when wearing them, it gives you the feeling that you can move much more, encouraging you to do so.

Final Verdict: Best Shorts – Bird Dogs VS Chubbies VS Lululemon

We’ve seen that it is quite frankly impossible to go wrong with any of these three.

Shorts have come a long way, and it is all thanks to these three who are trying something different, something that will change the way we feel about clothing forever.

Bird Dogs are the ones which offer the most comfort, but on top of that, they are very versatile, which means that they’re multi-purpose.

If you’re highly active and wants some shorts that can be great for a golf session or for a quick coffee at the local café, then you should consider either Bird Dogs or Chubbies. There isn’t much difference between them, just minor differences in style, and different design, but they strive for the same purpose.

Lululemon on the other hand, has some great quality shorts, there is no doubt about that. But they lack the versatility of Bird Dogs and Chubbies, and are quite expensive compared to them.

Still, if you’re paying the same amount for store shorts already, then you can consider Lululemon, especially if you’re looking for shorts that would be great for some special occasions.

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