Billie Vs Athena Club Vs Flamingo – Best Razor For Women

Shaving is a bit like waxing in some ways. Not the ways that you might be expecting, but in aspects of finding what best works for you. The point is that finding the best razor is a challenge, since there is no exact blueprint to do so, what works for some, might not work for others.

You have to test it out, and find out what best works for you, whether that be static blades, moving blades, lotion goo, and similar factors. There are many brands that come up in this industry that seem to be offering a seamless experience.

Billie, Athena Club, and Flamingo are quite known for their razors. But each are fundamentally different, and when choosing between them, it is very challenging. We put each one under a microscope, and hope to make it clear so you can make a decision for which one to go for.

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What’s The Difference Between Billie, Athena Club & Flamingo?

Source: Athena Club

Well, it is not quite simple as that. There are many differences between these brands, but one thing is for certain: each of them is promising an amazing shaving experience.

Athena and Billie on the surface appear as though they have much in common, for example:

  • Both have a magnetic holder for your shower.
  • Athena Club and Billie offer great 9$ starter kits.
  • Unexpectedly similar designs.
  • Unconventional handles.

As for Flamingo, these razors have taken a different approach. You don’t get any kits for 9$, but rather only a razor. The kit is a bit more expensive, but does have moisturizing lotion and a shave gel, both of which are missing for Billie and Athena Club starter kits.

Flamingo has a similar handle design, although it isn’t the same material and feel. Also, this brand has went with a more conventional and ordinary holder for your razor.

So, all in all, Athena Club and Billie are quite similar in some ways, but Flamingo is the odd one out.

Which Has the Best Handle from Athena Club, Billie & Flamingo?

We have established that Athena Club and Billie razors have been inspired by each other in many ways, and that includes the handles of the razors as well.

Both have the same shape, and interestingly enough, both have the same grip rubber on them. While that might be true, many seem to opt-in for Athena’s handle since it feels much more sturdy and rugged. Billie’s handle might appear flimsy, but is not as bad as many perceive it to be.

Flamingo has the thinnest handle design out of all, but it lacks the grip rubber that the other two shaving razors have. In this case, it all comes down to how slim you want the handle to be, and whether or not have a grip rubber on it.

Because Flamingo is so thin, you might feel the best control with it, so Flamingo does have the best handle. Although, for those that are more used to rubbery handles and haven’t used men’s razors as their go-to before, the Athena handle is the perfect choice.

Best Blade Quality – Billie vs Athena Club vs Flamingo

The truth is that all of these companies do produce great sets of blades. However, even though they’re close in quality and sharpness, in shaving, the slightest difference may cause a world of razor burn nightmares.

One particularly has been criticized the most for causing razor burns, and that is Billie. It seems as though the quality is the slightest inch below the other two.

The appearance of not-so-sharp razor blades might be caused by unusually large goo on the header of the razor, one that Billie has. In the end, the blades might be as sharp as possible, but the goo might prevent the razor from giving you a smooth shave.

Whatever the case may be with Billie, it sets it in the third position as far as razor blade quality is concerned. This is not to say that Billie has particularly bad blades. For many, they will work just fine. It is all about finding the right bundle of things that work for you.

The other two are at the same level, although Flamingo might come out ahead by a bit. Athena Club rarely gives you razor burns, but in some cases in might, especially for those that have sensitive underarms.

Flamingo manufacture their high-quality blades in an outstanding facility in Germany, which might explain why the blades don’t cause any rashes even after being used a couple of times.

Billie vs Athena Club vs Flamingo: Which Razor Subscribtion is For You?

This is a whole lot of information to take in. There are many things to consider like: the ergonomics of the handle, motion of the head and size, sharpness, quality, and more.

That is why we will boil down everything for you, in order to find what could be best for you. There is a lot of individuality and subjectiveness when it comes to shaving, and while we will give a verdict on which one is best from the three, there is a slight possibility that this won’t be the best choice tailored for you.

In order to help you determine which one of these razors is a potential candidate for you, we have compiled the most important factors in a chart:

Comparing Razor Subscription : Billie vs Athena Club vs Flamingo
Price9 – Starter Kit$9 – Razor Kit$16 – Shave Set
Handle (based on preference)Grippy & Curved handle, that is thick as well.Similar handle to Billie, with much better angle, and sturdier.Classic handle, thinner, and easy to hold.
Motion (better is good for tough to shave areas)Less Adequate 2/5Adequate 4/5Surprisingly good 5/5
Good for Thick Hair?Goodish 2/5Great 5/5Amazing 5/5
Blade SharpnessIndustry-Standard 4/5Better than Good 4/5Best 5/5
Lotion from razorGreat for Rugged Skin 5/5Good Enough 3/5In The Middle 3/5
HolderNot that great because it is a magnetic one. Sometimes the razor falls.Same as Billie’s razors, the handle is magnetic, and therefore not that great.A classic holder, which doesn’t look as cool. But definitely holds your razor.
PackageHandle, magnetic holder, & two blades.Handle, magnetic holder, & two blades.Handle, foam shaving gel, body lotion, shower hook, two blades, & recyclable pouch.

Billie’s Razor Review

Source: Billie

Overall, Billie is a good long-term razor. The biggest drawback to it is the fact that at the start, you might have trouble adjusting to it. Typically, those who are used to man’s razor will have this issue.

For someone that hasn’t used this type of a design for a razor, you might get a few extra cuts at the beginning before getting the hang of it. Most of the time is areas like your joints, i.e. knees, elbows, feet, etc. This might be due to the fact that it has a “less-forgiving” cartridge movement.

There are a few upsides to using Billie, but also some downsides as well:


  • Grippy handle, soft to touch.
  • The kit gets you two blades to start with.
  • Good lotion around the blade is sufficient for shaving, and gives you a clean shave.
  • Overtime, it will grow on you.
  • Good for static cartridge lovers.
  • Price is reasonable.


  • The magnetic holder doesn’t hold the razor well. Sometimes it might fall.
  • A lot of time to get used to it.
  • Less motion in the razor’s head.
  • Cuts on sensitive and soft skins around the joint areas of your body.
  • Sideway shaving might cause quite a bit of razor burn.
  • Necessary to get the travel case if you want to take it somewhere, as it gets too much with lotion.

Athena Club’s Razor Review

Source: Athena Club

The common theme is that Athena Club’s razors and Billie share a lot of similarities, although Athena doesn’t have as many downsides. Razor heads are what are considered to be “industry-standard” and they feel much better than Billie, and for some, even Flamingo.

Similar to Billie’s handle, this one is also a bit difficult to get used to, and it doesn’t have some cut-outs where you can place your fingers for the best grip. Overall, it is sturdy and easy for new users to transition to.

For the purpose of making life much easier for you, here are some upsides and downsides to Athena’s Club razor:


  • Because of the cartridge design, great for wavy or thick hair.
  • Don’t have to apply much force.
  • Sturdy and well balanced.
  • Traditional handle angle.
  • Not many cuts or razor burns.
  • Interesting and flamboyant design.
  • Best overall package.


  • Thick handle design.
  • No handle holes for fingers for the best grip.
  • Weak magnetic holder.

Flamingo’s Razor Review

Source: Flamingo

Flamingo is by far the most stable and less flamboyant razor. Nonetheless, not-as-flamboyant isn’t always bad. Flamingo razor can be considered the classy one out of the bunch, and keeps to more traditional traits than the other two.

Since it has the best quality of blades, it can be very effective even after a couple of times of use. The razor’s head has a lot of movement motion, and appears to have a much bigger cartridge then the others.

But not all is great when it comes down to Flamingo as well. There are some notable upsides and seemingly unbelievable downsides to this razor:


  • Flat head, great for longer strokes.
  • The Shave kit is a bit pricier then the other two, but also has: shaving gel, body lotion, shower hook, pouch, and two cartridges.
  • Ergonomically better handle, with cutouts for your fingers.
  • Impressive head motion.
  • Classic holder.


  • Pricier to start with.
  • Challenging for areas like your knees, elbows, and such.
  • Might get a few razor cuts at the beginning.
  • Razor’s reusable head pop-off sometimes.
  • Moisture strip might come off.
  • Less mobility for tricky areas.

Frankly, there are some things that Flamingo does great, but on the other hand, the head will sometimes fall off, or the moisture strip.

The Verdict: Which Razors Are Best? – Billie, Athena Club or Flamingo

It is important to note that, while we have a clear winner, you should keep in mind that in shaving, like waxing, there is a lot of personal preference and the things that work for some, might not work for others.

In any case, all three razors make a strong statement about why they deserve the title. Each is focused on giving you the best shaving experience, and it is fair to say that they are much better than the ones you might buy at the local store.

Some have strong suits like dealing with thick hair exceptionally, and with others, you will definitely run into some trouble.

Based on everything that is outlined above, the best razor is the Flamingo razor. Furthermore, since there is only a seven-dollar difference between it, and the other two, it is also the best package because of the accessories provided with the razor itself.

The price difference isn’t as enormous, that it would affect your choice. The added shaving gels and body lotions are a really nice touch if you’re looking to end your troubles with shaving.

What if Athena Club or Billie is More Suited for Me?

At the end of the day, each of us have different quirks with shaving. It all comes down to what is best, and what works for you most of all. Even though Flamingo is the best razor considering all the evidence, for some, it might be better to go with Billie or Athena Club.

Billie is a great razor, but for the long-run. Most customers reported that the razor is particularly hard to use in the first few weeks, but after that, it does feel much better than conventional razors.

Nonetheless, if you’re thinking about choosing between these two, then my recommendation is the Athena Club razor. Overall, it is a much better razor, with much better quality. And while Billie is far more popular than Athena, that seems to be steadily changing.

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