Best D2C Fashion Brands You Need To Know

Time to renew your wardrobe and prepare yourself for the upcoming season.

What’s really cool is that nowadays you can do that from your home, with just one click on the order button that is placed next to the t-shirt, Jewelry or whatever, you want to buy!

 If you can’t make up your mind about which brand to trust and where to shop, I am here to help and present to you one of the Best D2C Fashion Brands and their best products.

Let’s Start!

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Best D2C Fashion Brands

1. Honey Love Review

Looking for comfortable and good-looking underwear?

You may want to see the latest pieces of Honey Love. These undies are made of incredibly soft materials and a little bit of polyester that will make you feel tight, sexy and comfortable while wearing them.

What’s even more important is that you can find different sizes from S to XXL and all of them in mostly three colors.

They are always at affordable prices or if you’re lucky and follow their page update, you can get them for a lower or a half price, because they have discounts from time to time.

In short terms, this brand is a D2C brand because what they can offer can definitively match different styles and body types.


MNML is a male clothing brand filled with plenty, of various clothing styles. There are so many different clothing pieces that you’ll be lost and ask yourself which style to choose.

T-shirts, pants, freaky tops and cool sneakers, are all in place, always at an affordable price.

You can find your match for every occasion no matter which style you prefer.

One of the most visited male brands online, with an incredibly high number of orders and pleased customers.

There are almost zero chances that you won’t find your favorite piece.

Check out their website at MNML.


Simple, casual and classy!

If you have detected your wish in the previous words then you’ll love what this brand has to offer you.

From bottom to top, all of the clothing pieces and accessories can be ordered directly from their official site and all of that both from men and women.

So, if you like to keep it simple and classy you must give a try to NAADAM.

Check out their website at NAADAM.

4. The Curated

From here you can order mostly coats, blazers and fancy jackets.

This female brand has different types of mostly winter autumn pieces at the moment, which will keep you warm during the upcoming cold season.

Made of high-quality materials, design with the flow for the latest fashion pieces! If you’re looking to buy a coat, you’ll definitely fall in love with their coat designs!

Classy and sassy! Cool isn’t it?

Check out their website at The Curated.

5. Allbirds

If I need to choose one word to describe this sneakers brand it will be – Comfort!

Allbirds brand is one of the few that nowadays take care of the environment too and choose not to go for the materials that are most difficult to recycle.

What can be noticed about this brand even though has to offer you the model of sneakers that can fit the latest fashion pieces, is that they are not waterproof.

And yes you can find sneakers for both genders because most of them are unisex models.

Check out their website at Allbirds.

6. Loft Clothing

One more brand that has high online credibility to earn your trust!

Female clothing pieces, dresses, tops and bottoms, of all sizes are available and you can order them online and just wait until they are in front of your door!

You’ve bought one of the Loft clothing products but don’t know how to wear it?

Don’t worry this brand got you covered because after every product there is a picture that shows you how to combine that piece with other loft clothing pieces.

Check out our review Loft Clothing.

Best D2C Fashion Brands

You can make perfect combinations for the next months with the pieces of clothing that the previously listed brand has to offer.

Other brands are as well D2C because of their quality, but according to my research and online comments, these brands never fail to surprise their customers.

They have more to offer every day, o go and check their official website and order the combination that will match your style!

Enjoy Your Shopping!