Bearaby vs Yaasa: Which Weighted Blanket Gives a Better Hug

Do you think a good night’s sleep matters? I do. I certainly do.

However, I lot of people struggle with insomnia, sleep-related anxiety, or pre-bed anxiety.

Now, here’s a shocking discovery – according to sleep expert, Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., for people who suffer from sleep-related anxiety or pre-bed anxiety, a weighted blanket can be an effective tool for calming down and relaxing before bed.

Because of their weight you’ve got the feeling of being hugged by a huge blanket. People who use weighted blankets experience Deep Touch Pressure stimulation that calms them and provides deeper and longer sleep.

Now, as I said I wasn’t quite a believer that this deep pressure stimulation can treat issues such as insomnia, but as I dug deeper, I started to believe.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to two top-of-the-class weighted blanket brands – Bearaby and Yaasa.

Bearaby vs Yaasa – Weighted Blankets Comparison

Bearaby vs Yaasa:
Weighted Blankets
Weighted blanket options available64
Weight options available43
Color optionsMultiple colorsMultiple colors
ValueGreat Value – $Good Value – $$
MaterialsOrganic cotton, Spandex TENCEL , Recycled polyesterOrganic cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, Fibers, Bamboo

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About Bearaby & Yasa Weighted Blankets

Bearaby is a young company – founded in 2018 with a focus on sustainable weighted blankets. Their mission is quite simple – we want to bring you a guilt-free sleep without a pill in sight.

Their products are made from sustainable materials therefore they are not just taking care of us but the planet as well.

According to CNN “If you buy only one weighted blanket, make it Bearaby”. Wow. That was a fierce start.

Yaasa was founded in 2016 and its focus isn’t solely on weighted blankets but on easily-adjusted furniture as well. They have adjustable bed frames, office desks, chairs, etc.

As people at Yaasa like to say “We create products that enhance your individual living experience, whether at work or at home.”

Well said. According to Forbes “Yaasa award-winning blanket helps to reduce stress.”

Now, let’s analyze their products that not just offer restful sleep but lessen anxiety, relieve pain, and improve overall mood.

Bearaby Review

Bearaby offers 6 different weighted blankets:

  1. Bearaby Cotton Napper is Bearaby’s flagship model. The soft, chunky, hand-knit weighted blanket is good as it looks. Made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex for stretch.
  1. Bearaby Nappling is a product made to accommodate kids. It’s lighter than the other blankets so children can sleep tight and you don’t have to worry whether the blanket is too heavy.

    Remember, some blankets weigh over 20 pounds (9kg) so if you’re planning to get a big one for your child, make sure they can remove it by themselves.
  1. Bearaby Tree Napper is ideal for hot sleepers. Made of TENCEL, engineered for exceptional cooling, still looks chunky thanks to its hand-knit design.
  1. Bearaby Hugger is ideal for couples. Its queen size covers the entire bed, therefore you don’t have to worry about fighting with your partner for your Bearaby. Just like the others, it’s made from organic cotton.
  1. Velvet Napper – if you’re up to cozying in style, then this luxuriously soft and snugly eco-velvet blanket is for you. Unlike typical velvet, sustainable eco-velvet is made from ocean-bound plastic.
  1. Travel Napper is a great trip companion. It weighs only 10 lb (4.5kg) and it comes in a handy bag. This travel-weight blanket is made from organic cotton.

Considering the fact that chunky, knit blankets have been increasingly popular lately, no wonder why Bearanby decided to follow the trend.

They’ve made a comfy, hand-knit weighted blanket, but they’ve decided to move a step forward making them more breathable than the majority of the weighted blankets on the market.

This is a significant feature for hot sleepers.

Moreover, most blankets are filled with microfiber beads that make them heavy, Bearaby Weighted blanket is made solely from cotton/spandex yarn.

Cotton, which Bearaby uses, is organic, ethnically sourced, and sustainable. Eco-shoppers will definitely love that fact.

Even though it may be a bit expensive for budget shoppers, the materials it’s made of are high-quality and highly durable so you’ll end up using your Bearaby for years, instead of spending the same amount of money on buying multiple cheaper blankets.

Bearaby – Size Options

Bearaby offers various size options depending on the weight you choose. For example, the Cotton Napper and Tree Napper are for one person and the sizes vary from twin size to nearly full size.

The Nappling is made for kids, therefore it’s the smallest option.

The Bearaby Hugger comes only in a queen size.

Bearaby – Overall Rating

Bearaby has exceptional blankets that are high-quality, durable, and made from sustainable materials and they allow consumers to experience Deep Touch Stimulation.

Considering all the things I’ve mentioned it’s no wonder Bearaby scored excellently on the performance test.

Most weighted blankets have some sort of glass or plastic bead fill. Bearaby blankets contain 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex for stretch.

Since it has no conventional fill, it distributes weight evenly, therefore you don’t have to worry about weight shifting.

Speaking of airflow, Bearaby’s hand-knit design allows ample airflow. Hot sleepers will love this. On the other hand, on cool nights, don’t expect this blanket to keep you warm.

Finally, weight options, and how to choose the best one.

The Cotton Napper comes in four different weight options 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds.

When choosing a weighted blanket use the rule of thumb – a weighted blanket should be around 10 percent of the sleeper’s body weight. If your weight is in between, choose the heavier one.


  • 6 blanket options
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Excellent for hot sleepers
  • Instantly calming
  • Breathable
  • Nine colors
  • Hand-knit design


  • Not for cool nights

Yaasa Review

As I mentioned Yaasa is not a solely weighted blanket-oriented business. However, they made a huge success with their weighted blankets that come in 4 different options:

  1. Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket Even though it doesn’t have the word “signature” in its name, this one is definitely Yaasa’s flagship model. The highly breathable, hand-knitted weighted blanket promotes more restful sleep and calms instantly.
  1. Signature Weighted Blanket This weighted blanket has it all – it’s designed for every sleeper and all seasons. Compared to others, this one contains silicon beads which I’m not a fan of.
  1. Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket As the name suggests, this is Yaasa’s luxury weighted blanket. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Luxe Weighted Blanket provides unmatched comfort and best-in-class weight distribution.
  1. Signature MINI Weighted Blanket This weighted blanket is specially designed for our little ones. Sleeping under a weighted blanket is proven to help kids relax the body into a naturally deep, longer sleep.

Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket is super similar to Bearaby Cotton Napper. Its hand-knit design makes it beautiful and the cotton exterior promotes breathability and airflow.

On the other hand, not everyone fancies large and wide knits (or toes stuck in them).

Just like Bearaby, most Yaasa weighted blankets are made from 100% organic cotton (the exception is the Signature Weighted Blanket made from recycled polyester and bamboo).

Yaasa falls in a similar price range with Bearaby, making it a bit more pricey compared to the other weighted blankets. However, most weighted blankets are filled with plastic or glass beads that add on weight. The Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket is filled entirely with organic cotton making it more durable and eco-friendly.

Yaasa – Size and Weight Options

Compared to Bearaby, you don’t really have the luxury to choose the size of your weighted blanket.

All the weighted blankets come in only one size (except the Luxe Organic Weighted Bed which comes in two size options).

Speaking of the weight options, most blankets come in 3 weight options – 10lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs

If you apply the rule of thumb – the ideal weighted blanket should be 10% of your weight, then you’ll realize that most of us (non-athlete folks) won’t be able to grab the ideal one unless we spend some time in the gym and on a diet.

Yaasa Overall Rating

Yaasa has made outstanding weighted blankets, one of the best in the market, that’s for sure.

Their blankets contain no plastic or glass beads and are made from organic cotton.

The hand-knit design promotes airflow and breathability making it a perfect choice for hot sleepers. If you’re looking for an all-season option, go with the Signature Weighted Blanket.

On the inside, the polypropylene fibers provide warmth and keep the weight evenly distributed.

Let me grab a quote from their website that perfectly describes Yaasa Weighted Blankets – “The blanket that hugs you back”.


  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Excellent for hot sleepers
  • Instantly calming
  • Breathable
  • Made for all seasons
  • Hand-knit design


  • No trial option
  • Not for heavy sleepers 200lbs max

Bearaby vs Yaasa The Verdict

Yaasa and Bearaby have outstanding blankets from sustainable materials. Both brands made sure to deliver stylish, durable, instantly calming weighted blankets.

Now, let’s try to compare them head to head and choose the winner.

Material Quality – Yaasa vs Bearaby?

Both brands gave their share to preserve the environment. Bearaby uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL while Yaasa uses organic cotton, polypropylene fibers, recycled polyester, and bamboo.

However, I’d like to mention that Bearaby made sure that ALL of its weighted blankets are not bead quilted.

On the other hand, Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket’s fill contains 92% silicone beads.

That would be the only reason Bearaby won this round.

Size and Weight

Bearaby offers 6 blankets in 4 different weight options and 4 size options.

Yaasa offers 4 blankets in 3 different weight options and 1 size.

You do the math…

Yes, Yaasa Luxe Weighted Blanket comes in 2 sizes, but Bearaby offers all weighted blankets except the Hugger in at least 3 weight and size options.

Well played Bearaby.


The main con with Bearaby is that it’s not for cool nights. It’s great for hot sleepers and warm nights, but it simply can’t both cool you and warm you.

Yaasa solved this issue. Their Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket does exactly the same thing Bearaby does, BUT their Signature Weighted Blanket is brilliantly designed for all seasons and every sleeper.

Bravo Yaasa!

Bearaby vs Yaasa Weighted Blankets – Winner Is?

Before I announce the winner, I’d like to say that these blankets make people sleep… again. Deep, healthy sleep.

People have forgotten about insomnia and pre-bed anxiety, people have overcome social distancing thanks to these weighted blankets.

So first, of all THANK YOU Bearaby and Yaasa for making these miraculous products!

Okay, so Bearaby makes blankets using slightly better materials while Yaasa made them more versatile, but Bearaby offers more options to consumers.
We all love options!

So the winner iiiiiiiss… Bearaby!

They’re said to aid in sleep, anxiety, and pain relief—why don’t we all own one (or three!) already?

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