Bala Vs Clove Vs Vessi Vs Snibbs: Nurse Footwear Battle

Nursing is a very tough occupation. It requires someone to have knowledge of a lot of fields in medicine, though not deep knowledge like doctors. Nevertheless, it goes without saying: It’s a tough gig.

Being a nurse is very exhausting work, and requires a lot of energy to go through the day. Nurses will work up to 12 hours, sometimes even more. You can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for their feet, having to go around a hospital building to help different doctors and patients with different needs.

Which is why brands like Bala, Clove, Vessi, and Snibbs have great footwear products to help nurses be comfortable during their shift, without having to worry about wearing out their shoes.

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Who Are Bala, Clove, Vessi & Snibbs?

Bala’s Nurse Footwear

We have four brands that offer comfortable and stylish footwear for nurses, each have their own features and specifications that allow them to stand out from each other. To properly determine which brand offers the best product for nurses, we will have to pick and choose the best-selling item from each brand.

Starting with Bala, their best-selling item is the Twelves Nocturnal, which is the black version of the Twelves, but we are just sticking to the Twelves as it is the primary product, and the Twelves Nocturnal is simply just the color.

Next up is Clove with their signature Clove Shoes. Clove only sells these pairs of shoes, for both women and men, and offer a variety of colors to select from for each customer to indulge themselves in the wonderful colors offered by Clove.

For Vessi, they have the Everyday Move Shoes. The Everyday Shoes are the basis of all of Vessi’s shoes, allowing them to create other variants like the Everyday Move and the Everyday Sneaker. While they are also popular, the Everyday Move Shoes are considered the best choice for nurses, as the features allow nurses to be comfortable during work.

Lastly is Snibbs with their Spacecloud Work Sneaker. The reason why it’s called Spacecloud is due to its design on the soles, where it’s sprinkled with little dots of colors that make it look like the soles are from space. Also, it looks really cool.

We have our shoes from each brand, but how what’s the difference between these four pairs of shoes?

Differences Between The Four Nurse Footwear Brands – Table Comparison

In order to fully grasp what each shoes offer; we will need to do a table comparison. That way, we can see the features and specifications each brand brings to the table without having to clutter things.

Bala VS Clove VS Vessi VS Snibbs : Nurse Shoes
ModelBala TwelvesClove ShoesVessi Everyday Move ShoesSnibbs Spacecloud Work Sneaker
FeaturesArch M-Brace – Designed to adapt to the arch of your foot
ShiftShield – Makes the shoes resistant to water
Code Grip – Designed to cross hospital floors with ease
HRS Cushioning -Platform designed to absorb the impact and each step and release said energy when moving
Her First – Made with the female foot morphology in mind
Knit Fit – Adapts an individual’s foot shape with additional room for swelling
Clarino, a fabric designed to be liquid-repellant, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, and easy to clean
Neoprene sock for easy slip-on and slip-off
Liquid-repellant at the top layer to allow perforations for breathability
OrthoLite inserts help combat bad odor and bacteria from staying in your shoes
100% Waterproof
Vegan Materials
Breathable Knit
100% Vegan
Built to comfort the feet for 24 hours
Slip resistant
Water resistant
Custom formulated Ortholite insole
Robust materials for the shoes to last longer
Slip-On design with adjustable lace option in mind
ColorsNocturnal, Shade, Daybreak, Flow WhiteFresh Mint, Tangerine Twist, Lunar Fade, Grey Matter, Nigh Shift, Brilliant White, All-Black, Option, Pink Up, Lemon Aid, Lavender, Aqua Blue, Electro, Royal Maroon, Juniper Berry, Clara 1, SageOnyx Black, Onyx Black on Black, Titanium Grey, Polar White, Linen Beige, Wave Blue, Cypress, Green, Tide, Blue, Arizona Pink, Sky Blue, Lavender PurpleWhite, Black, Charcoal, Supernova Pink, Neptune Blue
Free ShippingFree shipping in USFree shipping in USFree standard shipping with orders of $80Free shipping in US
Sizes4 – 11 for men
5 – 12 for women
7 – 13 for men
5 – 12.5 for women
6 – 14 for men
5 – 10 for women
7 – 14 for men
5 – 11 for women
Return PolicyCan return within 45 daysCan be returned within 30 daysCan be returned within 90 daysCan be returned within 30 days
Shop Footwear:

With the table comparison, we can see the differences each brand offers from one another. But is it enough to properly determine which brand is better? No. In order to do that, we will have to do an in-depth review of each product from each brand to properly determine which brand assists nurses better.

Bala Twelves Review

Bala Up Close

The Bala Twelves is by far the most unique out of the four products we have today. The shoes were designed with multiple Bala developed technologies to help achieve maximum comfortability and use for nurses in the front lines.

Working as a nurse is hard on the feet, as you are moving all throughout your shift. Bala made sure to make their shoes as comfortable as possible, while also making the Twelves look stylish.

With features such as the Code Grip, which is specifically designed to help with traction on hospital floors, the Arch M-Brace, which is designed to help you move faster, or even the Knit Fit, which helps make room for the eventual swelling your feet will receive.

However, male nurses with big foot sizes might not get to experience this wonderful pair of shoes, as the maximum size available for men is only 11. Men with size 12 feet and up are unfortunately kept out, which is ironic considering the name of the shoes are Twelves. Bala should really consider including size for men, as it will help their profits.


  • Amazing technology developed for these shoes
  • Helps nurse go through the day with comfort
  • Free shipping


  • Size 12 and up for men are not available

Clove Shoes Review

Clove In Action

Clove doesn’t have a name for their own shoes, as it’s simply just titled Clove Shoes. The Clove Shoes are designed to help nurses, as are the rest of the shoes chosen for this list.

The Clove Shoes were built to last, but also built to comfort any aches nurses will feel during a grueling shift at the hospital. Clarino, a fabric created by Clove, is the primary material that helps keep the Clove Shoes from wearing down faster than other shoes. With Clarino, the shoes are liquid-repellant, resistant to staining, abrasion resistant, and easy to clean.

Another thing that often irks some people, especially those in hospitals, are the loud squeaky noises heard when walking down the hall. Thankfully, Clove Shoes eliminate all possible squeaky noises to ensure nurses and patients don’t have to suffer from the noise.

The Clove Shoes are also incredibly easy to clean. Clove themselves advises to just simply throw the Clove Shoes into the washer and it will come out ready for work again.


  • No squeaky noise
  • Wash friendly
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Free shipping


  • The shoe design looks outdated

Vessi Everyday Move Shoes Review

Vessi – Getting Ready For Work

The Vessi Everyday Move Shoes are your go-to shoes when thinking of purchasing shoes from Vessi. It is designed to be waterproof, light, breathable, and best of all, made with vegan materials.

Thanks to Vessi’s Dyma-tex technology, the Everyday Move shoes prevent any liquid from covering your shoes and making its way inside. It is specifically integrated into the knit, which are designed with nano-sized pores, which are too small for water to pass through, allowing for breathability without having to worry about rain or puddles.

The light feeling when using the Everyday Move allows for customers to feel like they’re walking on clouds. Not only due to its light weight, but also because the outsoles are designed with large rubber zones for better abrasion resistance and a herringbone wave for a much stronger grip when walking.


  • Dyma-tex technology to help with water resistance
  • Shoes so light, you feel like walking on clouds
  • Breathable material to help working through the day easier


  • Free shipping is only possible once you have an order of $80 and up

Snibbs Spacecloud Work Sneaker Review

Snibbs Looking Fine

Snibbs Spacecloud Work Sneakers are, you guessed it, built for work. While sporting a cool, space-like design, these sneakers are made entirely for the purpose of providing comfort throughout your day while working.

Snibbs developed Spacecloud shoes to be your companion when working your shift for the day. Not only are the shoes water resistant, but they are also resistant to slipping. So, you can avoid having to embarrass yourself with these awesome shoes.

The materials for the Spacecloud shoes were selected with longevity in mind. It’s important to make sure your shoes are prepared to endure long hours of the day, which Snibbs has successfully done, as these shoes are popular by not only nurses, but also by barbers, teachers, servers, retail employees and more.


  • Stealthy & Minimalistic design
  • Cool design
  • Built to comfort your feet for 24 hours
  • Built to last
  • Popular among workers
  • 100% Vegan


  • Small variety of colors to choose from

Head-To-Head Comparisons

We’ve reviewed each pair of shoes, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. But if you’re still not sure which brand takes the crown, hopefully the next part helps you out.

Bala VS Clove VS Vessi VS Snibbs: Which Is The Best Stylish Footwear For Nurses?

Blue Snibbs – Represent

Snibbs seem to have an edge with their shoes, as it is popular for those working all day on their feet, and for good reason. Snibbs offers high quality shoes that provide comfort while working a hard day. It’s important to be comfortable if you’re going to work.

However, that doesn’t mean that the other brands aren’t great. They all provide something that the others don’t, which is why it’s hard to say which brand is the best as there is no way to determine that. The only thing we can determine, however, is what is popular among the customers, which happens to be Snibbs.

The Verdict – Wrapping Up

Working is tough, but it puts food on the table and keeps the lights on. You clock in, do your job, go home, and relax. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable.

Brands like Bala, Clove, Vessi, and Snibbs realize that the front liners are working hard to make sure we stay safe and healthy, so the least they can do is help make their job more comfortable at great value.

It’s a tough world we live in, but that doesn’t mean we have to make it tougher on our feet. We use them 90% of the day. If we’re going to be on our feet, working hard to make a living, then at least we can feel good and comfortable doing so.

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