Baboon To The Moon Review: Most Versatile Bags Ever (Pros + Cons)

International travel and daily commute are picking up again, and now is the perfect time to shop for a new bag to take to school or travel the world.

When shopping for a new bag, quality and longevity are of the utmost importance since you will use these products to bring your most prized possessions wherever you go.

In this Baboon to the Moon review, we will take a deep dive into the brand, explain all about their products, and help determine whether they can be the solution for your travel or daily bag needs.

You can also read the Pros & Cons at the end for a quick overview of the company.

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What Is Baboon to the Moon?

Baboon To The Moon Limited Run Prints

Baboon to the Moon is a US-based company offering adventure essentials such as bags and quality luggage products that are good for any trip.

All products are made from top-quality materials that can survive even the most careless airport workers.

To ensure their quality, all Baboon to the Moon products come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you will only need one smart purchase instead of buying cheap and low-quality products that will only last you for a few months.

A big part of their brand identity is having fun, which is why you will find plenty of colorful images and smileys on their products.

Even though the products are produced overseas, the brand has made sure that all of its partner factories are not using child labor and promote safe and fair labor practices.

Baboon To The Moon Ratings Breakdown


The brand itself and countless customers state that the durability and the quality of every Baboon to the Moon item is simply impeccable. Each of their products is crafted with care and usually has a surprising number of years lifespan.


We also have to give Baboon to the Moon a lot of credit in terms of value for the money. Their products are durable, practical, and plain cool. Don’t be surprised if you see strangers coming up to you saying how awesome your new bag is when you buy from Baboon to the Moon.


Their website is as simple as it gets. You go to their homepage, browse the collections or go to the “Shop All” section, and simply find what you’re looking for. In addition, there’s a great help center at the bottom of the site where you can find all the necessary contact information regarding customer support, returns, press inquiries, and more. On the downside, there’s no live chat so you may have to wait a bit for a response.


Baboon to the Moon’s products are definitely unique. You won’t find anything quite similar out there. As far as branding and brand identity go, Baboon to the Moon have definitely done an outstanding job. The brand already has a large list of products available but some users also feel that it’s not enough.

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What Do Customers Say About Baboon To The Moon?

With a quick online search, you can get an idea about how satisfied Baboon to the Moon customers are with their products.

People from all ages and backgrounds seem to be fond of the bags, as everyone from business people who frequently travel by plane to parents who are simply looking for a durable everyday bag for their kid has left positive reviews.

A big plus for the customers is the impressive durability of the products, as most report that their bag has lasted for years with little signs of aging. They are also fans of the generous return and replacement policy.

One customer, in particular, reported that once the handle on his luggage broke after a few years of use, all he had to do was email customer support, who promptly sent him a new one.

Product Highlights

Baboon To The Moon – Go-Bags

Baboon to the Moon Go-Bags Review

Whether you’re planning a local cross-country trip or a global adventure, the BttM Go-Bags are a great option. They come in three sizes:

  • Mini (32L) – is great for short trips and beach hangouts. It’s just as strong and durable as larger versions
  • Small (40L) – it is TSA approved as carry-on luggage in airplanes, yet fits nearly a week’s worth of clothing. It is weatherproof and very easy to clean
  • Big (60L) – is great for longer trips and can fit the belongings of multiple people. If traveling by car, you can easily fit it in the trunk

These bags are made with the highest-grade materials and are designed to last. They come in dozens of different colors, and you can also get them with a sticker.

These are the biggest bags you will find in this store and are ideal if you are a frequent traveler looking for a durable bag to support all of your possessions.

Baboon to the Moon Day Bags Review

Contrary to the Go-Bags, the Day-Bags are the smallest ones available and are great for everyday use such as walks and going to work or school. There are three types of day Day-Bags:

  • Sling Bag (1.2L) – the smallest bag available where you can keep your essentials such as phone or wallet
  • Fanny Pack (3L) – a great place to keep your most prized possessions while you’re out
  • Mega Canvas Tote – excellent for shopping or an elegant walk across town

Each of these products is available in different color/sticker combinations.

Baboon to the Moon Org Bags Review

The Org Bags, short for “organization bags,” are a great addition to one of the other larger bags.

The Org Bags are smaller and made of the best possible materials, allowing you to organize your adventure more easily by keeping certain items such as hygiene supplies in an Org Bag. You can choose from:

  • Monomesh Pouch Set – made from ultra-light yet strong moon mesh materials, allowing you to see what you have stored inside. The set comes with one Small and one Large Pouch of the same color.
  • Dopp Kit – is used for keeping smaller electronics, toiletry kit, makeup, or even junk. These bags are waterproof, will last for a long time, and will withstand anything you throw in them.
  • Alphabet Dopp Kit – if you would like to add your name initial to your Dopp Kit, you can do so by buying the “Alphabet” version that comes with a small extra fee.

Baboon to the Moon Adventure Sets

If you like more than one of the products available, you can save by purchasing some of the adventure sets. There are four adventure sets:

  • Go-Bag Set – save over $100 by buying all three bags from the Go-Bag set at once.
  • Go-Bag & Fanny Pack Sets – these three sets allow you to get any of the Go-Bag sizes (mini, small, and big) along with a fanny pack.

Is Baboon to the Moon Luggage Worth It?

The quality you will get from purchasing Baboon to the Moon luggage is undeniable. All of their satisfied customers can attest to how long these bags last and how comfortable they are to carry around.

Their Go-Bags are truly some of the best on the market for relatively short trips, and if you get them with the fanny pack from the adventure sets, you’ll be ready to go with one quick purchase.

With that said, this brand isn’t necessarily the cheapest you can find, so whether you’re willing to pay a little extra for some added quality is up to you.

Pros & Cons


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Top-quality materials
  • Good customer service
  • Available worldwide


  • High price
  • Limited product variety

Final Verdict

From what we’ve seen in this Baboon to the Moon review, a few things that are certain about the brand include its impeccable product quality, great offers for saving some money, and the wonderful designs of their luggage options.

With Baboon to the Moon, you may have to pay a bit extra than what your ordinary go bag would cost but you’re getting a top-quality product that looks great and will last a surprisingly long time.

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