Away vs Monos vs Beis (2023): Which Luggage is Better?

We got hit pretty hard in the last year or two. Our lives changed drastically; we were in lockdown. But as the situation gets better, so do the restrictions as they get lifted.

Many are considering to go and travel somewhere, but when was the last time you have shopped for luggage? When was the last time you have treated yourself with a new travel case or a bag? Truthfully, we had more on our minds than travel bags.

But now it is time to think about that.

Each day there are models of suitcases that are being advertised to us, as the next big thing in travel luggage. One thing is for certain, and that is that, most of the world is changing. Exceptional brands such as Away, Monos, and Beis are redefining how personal we get with our suitcases.

They’re making luggage that would be much closer to our hearts, and after all, our luggage is an extension of ourselves. And yet, not many of us think of our suitcase that way. The bigger question is why not travel in style?

Well, with these three you can. But which one should you go with?

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Why Bother Going With, Away, Monos, or Beis?

Source : Monos

This is a reasonable question, and a question that many ask when they see some appealing advertisement from direct-to-consumer brands. However, even if you’re used to shopping traditionally for your luggage, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

We were surprised that this kind of shopping might be even better than going to the stores for your luggage. This is because of a couple of factors.

First off, there is much more customizability this way. Meaning, if a models is particularly appealing to you, there are options to customize it with all of the three brands. In the stores, usually, it is “what you see is what you get”.

Secondly, it is very convenient. It is hard to say that these days, it isn’t much easier to shop. Going online customizing and getting your luggage to your door is quite convenient, hence why so many have fallen in love with Away, Monos and Beis.

Another thing which is interesting is the fact that these brands offer trail periods. So, even if you’re not sold on the idea of getting your luggage from these brands, you can try them out for 100 days. Granted, only Away and Monos do this, although there are returns available with Beis as well.

So, there really isn’t anything to lose to try these out for some time.

NOTE: Some of their customer-customized luggage cannot be returned. Please consult their individual return policies for more info.

What Are The Differences? Away VS Monos VS Beis Luggage

Monos Hybrid – Ziperless Aluminium Frame

While the arsenal of products is impressive for each brand, it might appear as though these brands blend together.

This cannot be further from the truth.

While they may have more or less the same type of products, each of them specialize in different ones. Away and Monos are more focused on making the best carry-ons, while Beis is an elegant brand that also focuses on handbags, backpacks, pouches, and more.

It is fair to mention that Away does that too, but their signature products are the carry-ons and their small and yet impressive backpacks.

Let’s kick this off by mentioning what type of products you might want to check out from Away:

  • Carry-ons – They offer a lot of models, aluminum ones, different sizes, expandable carry-ons, daily drivers, kids’ carry-ons, and similar.
  • Handbags
  • Pet Carriers
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Bags
  • Sling Bags, and more.

They offer some additional accessories as well, like wallets, different tags, pouches and more. They’re worth to check out also. Monos is more or less focusing on similar products:

  • Carry-ons – A lot of variety like, Hybrids, expendables, different sizes, different practicality features, and more.
  • Duffel bags – The Metro Duffel is one of their best products.
  • Backpacks
  • Packing Cubes
  • UVC Sterilizer
  • More accessories.

When it comes to Beis, their main selling point is handbags. Because of that, they have some very exceptional handbags, with exquisite designs. There are only a handful of carry-on models, but they’re of the same quality as their handbags.

Although, you won’t get the same customizability that you get from Away or Monos, as far as their carry-ons are concerned.

Which Luggage Is For You? Away VS Monos VS Beis

As much as I like the saying “it’s down to personal preference”, it doesn’t apply here.

In fact, the roots of each of these brands is different, and the way they do things is quite different. They’re different based on your travel needs, and some of these might not work for you. I was surprised to see that the designs don’t vary that much though. Meaning, most of the options available for carry-ons are similar solid colors, and the locks pay some resemblance as well.

Still, there a brand here that could be considered more stylish, and elegant, and that is Beis. So, if looks play a big role for you, then Beis can be considered a “designer” company. But the other two have some great designs, but not as elegant or flamboyant.

In any case, looks only matter if every practical aspect is taken care of. One is that these suitcases get you to where you need to travel without having to worry about space, and different storage compartments.

Since these are direct-to-consumer brands, they tend to be more unique from the ones you can buy from the store. So, chances are that you will stand out at the airport or bus stop.

To make this much easier for you, we devised a table where we break down the main check boxes and see if each brand covers that. Here is a comparison of these three luggage brands:

Luggage Comparison Away VS Monos VS Beis
PracticalityExceptional 5/5.Good 4/5. A lot more compartments inside the carry-on, with beautiful straps.Great 5/5. The removable compartment is pretty good to have, plus there are a lot of compartments underneath.
DesignGood enough, but may be considered “nothing special”. – Traditional design.Very sleek design with much more “popping” colors.Very unique, with beautiful branding in the front.
QualityUnparalleled. Feels much more high-quality than the other two. Liner inside might not be as good as the other two.Great quality. Only downside is the wheels, which in some cases have caused trouble.Sadly, not as good the other two. But while the outside is that way, the inside is much better.
Locking MechanismYesYesYes
ZippersGreat zippers, easy to open and close.Same quality as Away.They feel much cheaper, although their handles are beautifully made. Zippers themselves, not so much.
Price – Medium model carry-on used from each brand for comparison$397$267$258

We see a lot of disparity when it comes to these brands. Some have great upsides, but then there are also downsides. In order to see whether you truly like one of these brands, we need to get more personal with them.

Away Luggage Review

It is important to mention one thing. Away has been in the game for a while, and from the bunch, it is probably the one which is most reputable. Although, one huge different that it has compared to the other two are the prices.

If you’re looking to go with Away, then it’s a big price tag. The tag that you can put your initials on when ordering isn’t enough to compensate for that gap.

What can compensate though is the improvement in quality. Their luggage does appear much sturdier, much more compact, and there are many models that would fit to any lifestyle or traveling needs out there. The liner isn’t as exceptional as the whole carry-on, but it is more than good.

All in all, it is a great package, if only you can get over the fact that it is much pricier than Monos or Beis. As for what lifestyle it would accommodate, I would say that this brand is tailored for those that travel multiple times a month, and need high-quality luggage.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of using Away as you main source for luggage needs:


  • Very high-quality
  • Easy to pack in
  • Suited for many traveling needs
  • Sturdy design
  • Great wheels
  • Custom tag to go along with your luggage
  • Convenient
  • Trial period of 100 days


  • Liner isn’t as high-quality as the whole luggage
  • Not many compartments
  • Flat colors

Monos Luggage Review

Monos – Hybrid Carry-On

With Monos, we found the compartments inside very well designed. Their placement is great, and it is basically all that you would need in terms of how many there are. There are three just in the front, sufficient enough for socks, underwear, and hygiene products.

On top of that, the design is much more eventful than Away, being much slicker, and much more modern-looking.

One quirky thing is the handle, which seems very weak. Although, it is fair to mention that there haven’t been any reports that we know of suggesting that it breaks or doesn’t hold up very well. In terms of quality, it isn’t as far up as Away, but it is damn near close which is impressive in and of itself.

There are also a few size options, which means that even if you’re a heavy traveler, chances are that they have a bag or a suitcase for you.

Monos seems a reasonable choice, so let’s review what are some of the pros and cons to using it:


  • Sleek designs
  • A lot of size options
  • Impressive in quality
  • Compartments inside luggage are positioned near-perfect
  • Zippers are good, and don’t lock up often
  • Well-priced
  • 100-day trial period


  • Straps are below-average
  • Flimsy handle
  • To lock the bag, you need to position your zippers where the locking mechanism is – it is the same as Away and Beis

Beis Luggage Review

Beis The Carry-On Roller in Beige

Beis is the brand that focuses most on designer pieces. Now, they have some great handbags to say the least, but their carry-on lineup is also exceptional. The luggage seems much more beautifully designed, but there is a big downside.

While it may be of similar quality to luggage that you would find in the store, it doesn’t come very close in terms of quality compared to something like Away or Monos. Their handbags might, but the luggage, while it is beautiful, that’s the negative aspect.

However, when you open a Beis bag, you’re in for a surprise. Much like Monos, the inside compartments are placed at the right positions, but Beis also has much more than Monos or Away.

And they tend to feel great, not like the scratchy materials for liners you would find in normal luggage. So, this is a huge bonus for Beis, since what’s more important than the inside of your luggage?

Nevertheless, here are the upsides and downsides to using Beis:


  • Great compartments
  • The materials inside feel quality
  • Much cheaper than the other two
  • Size options
  • Returns available
  • The straps placement holds things very well
  • Amazing design with good branding


  • Feels cheaper than the other two in terms of quality
  • Not that much expandability
  • Only a few color options to choose from
  • Most products are sold out often

Even though there are some downsides to using Beis, the price is very appealing, and it is great for people that don’t travel much during the year.

Head-to-Head Comparisons

You might’ve already come to a decision to use a brand of the aforementioned. But for some of you that are favoring two, it might be hard to make a decision. That’s why we will pin each of these, to figure out which one is the best fit for your needs.

Away or Monos?

Both of these are exceptional. They fare pretty well against high-end luggage options from the store, which makes them very favorable compared to other brands on the market.

But in terms of practicality, they’re a touch different.

For one, I would say that Away is for those that are traveling extensively. There are so many choices that would fit any of your needs like expandable, non-expandable, lightweight aluminum carry-ons and more. Additionally, they feel very sturdy, and it is reasonable to get over the price if you’re going to be using this luggage a lot.

But from a financial standpoint, and if you’re not that big of a traveler, then Monos makes most sense. The price gap is big, and it would take a lot to say that Monos doesn’t have what Away is offering.

It has a lot of features and great compartment placement inside, and it is perfect for the occasional summer trip. In any case, both are very optimized, and will work for many people.

Which One Should You Get? Away VS Beis

It is much the same case as Away VS Monos, for this comparison. There is a big price difference, and for those that will travel a lot, Away makes the most sense.

Nonetheless, it is hard to get over the fact that Beis has some great luggage, but it doesn’t feel as sturdy as Away. Meaning, Away suitcases usually feel like they can take a whole lot of beating before they give out. Something which makes them perfect for airports.

For those that are not travelers and want something that has some soul, and something to look cool with, then Beis does make a lot of sense.

The Underdogs, Monos or Beis?

It is pretty apparent that Away is the most famous one of the bunch. What is hard to ignore though, is the affordable prices that Monos and Beis offer. When you’re on a budget, which one of these you should consider?

Truth be told, both are great. But if the whole “looking good” fiasco didn’t matter to you that much, I feel as though Monos is the whole package.

It is only a touch pricier than Beis, but it feels much better to hold and pack your valuables inside. Although, Beis is a good package also, it falls under Monos in terms of quality.

Still, Monos has some sleek designs, which shouldn’t make that “looking good” factor matter that much. In any case, with this one, I would say Monos should be considered.

The Verdict: Best Luggage For You – Away VS Monos VS Beis

With finally some freedom for travel in some places, these three are all well-equipped to handle your luggage needs. Still, like we touched on this before, each might be for a different lifestyle.

Away has hugely impressed many over the globe, and it is easy to see why. It is a high-quality oriented brand, looking to fulfill the needs for heavy-travelers. Sturdy and practical, something which those who travel much will enjoy.

Monos is also impressive, coming in with some great value to practicality, it is the budget option for those that travel a lot or occasionally. It also has a much sleeker design than Away.

As for Beis, it might be for those that aren’t afraid to express themselves. It is for those that see beauty in normal things, and ultimately, want to travel in style.

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