Borut Udovic

Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch — Which Is Better?

Whether you’re used to using bar soap or liquid soap, it’s always good idea to go with something that is high quality with a good scent. Today, we will focus more on bar soap Duke cannon & Dr squatch, more specifically, we’re reviewing the two top brands for bar soap. “EL CUATRO” 4 CT. VARIETY […]

Moon Pod vs Lovesac vs Yogibo — Which Is The Best Bean Bag?

I have always loved bean bags. It’s just something about them, that screams comfort. That’s primarily what they’re designed for, but how different can bean bags like Moon Pod, Lovesac & Yoqibo actually be? MOON POD The Anti-Anxiety Float Chair CHECK MOON POD (25% OFF APPLIED) Turns out, bean bags can be very different. One […]

Cariuma Shoes Review — All the Pros and Cons

Shoes today are not only expensive, but they’re sometimes not good for the environment. These shoes are manufactured with harmful chemicals that are released out into the environment. Not to mention the that footwear is responsible for over 1.4% of the global GHG emissions. But shoes are a part of daily life, so it’s hard […]

Ecco Shoes Review — All the Pros and Cons

If you need stylish casual footwear or something unique for a particular occasion ECCO has it. The brand focuses on premium footwear and handmade leather goods to provide a wide range of clothing options by keeping high-quality standards. But what makes ECCO unique and are the shoes worthy at all? Keep reading to find out. […]

Rimowa Vs Away — Which Luggage Is Better?

Luggage has definitely become a status symbol. One of those are Rimova & Away and if you’re a frequent traveler it doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re on Southwest Airlines or private jet, the thing you’re strolling by your side is what matters. However, there are brands that simply don’t match the phrase “best value for […]

Indochino Review

Let’s be honest, a custom suit is nearly impossible to find under $1000 – $1500. And if you wear suits a few times a year (like I do), spending $1500 is quite an unnecessary expense. Thankfully a few years ago, someone from Canada had a great idea to start an online shop that makes custom […]

Ollie vs Pet Plate vs Nom Nom — Which Dog Food Is Better?

If you walked in the closest convenience store near you, you will find out that most of the dog food on display is dry food, designed to last long on the shelves. But have you ever wondered on whether there are better and healthier choices out there? If so, then Ollie, Pet Plate and Nom […]

Away vs Monos (2023) — Which Luggage is Better?

If your luggage is scuffed, you might’ve looked around for some luggage. Away and Monos are quick to pop up for anyone in the market for higher-quality luggage. On first glances, both Away and Monos seem like great alternatives to conventional luggage brands. But are they really that good? If so, which one of the […]

Jack Mason Review — All the Pros and Cons

Today, many brands offer high-quality products at affordable rates. Why? Because they want to be heard and seen out there. They want to make a name for themselves. A lot of people, especially young, make purchases based on look, performance, and income. Most of us won’t spend a couple of thousands of dollars on a […]