Athena Club Review: Better Than Your Favorite Razor?

With limited options available, many women experience problems when shaving, as most razors aren’t designed to fit their sensitive skin, resulting in annoying cuts and burns.

The razors market is dominated by brands intended for men, so it is always refreshing to see companies that aim to bring quality razors for women’s sensitive skin.

One such company is Athena Club. This Athena Club review will cover everything there is to know about this brand, including their famous razors and other products, which will help you determine whether they’re worth a try.

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What is Athena Club?

Athena Club’s Innovative Razor

Athena Club is a New York-based body care company founded in 2017.

In a very short time, the brand has become a household name within the women’s beauty industry, offering some of the best razors for women, along with other products such as body lotions, supplements, and tampons.

It gained significant publicity after its razors were named the best women’s razors for sensitive skin by Vogue.

Ratings Breakdown


Athena Club’s products have proven time and time again what a quality product looks like. Not just their razors, the majority of items they offer have been reviewed as some of the best on the market, featuring premium ingredients and excellent build quality as well.


The overall value for the money you get with Athena Club is almost always worth it. You can tell this from personal experience as well as from what the majority of their customers are saying online. You will rarely find a product that’s not worth the investment in Athena Club’s arsenal.


Currently, the only way to contact Athena Club is via the single email they’ve left at the bottom of their website footer. There’s no live chat, no ticket system, or anything like that. It’s a bit of a downside that you have to wait quite a while for a response from their support team. However, it’s still worth it given that the brand offers such affordable top-quality products.


Even though Athena Club is not as established or old as other, similar, more popular brands in this niche, there are still plenty of reasons to love them. You can learn all about their products, ingredients, their goals, expert medical advisors in their team, and much more. Overall, the brand is definitely worth looking into.

What Customers Say About Athena Club

Athena Club Natural and sustainable ingredients.

Athena Club has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers on their website and across social media, with thousands of reviews.

Most customers are particularly satisfied with the razor kit, which is very pleasant to use and gives no razor burn. They are also happy with its affordability despite the very high quality.

Customers are also very satisfied with their other products. For example, the All Day Deo has provided many with lasting protection and a pleasant smell.

Finding customer complaints about Athena Club is really hard, so it is easy to conclude that most are very satisfied with their purchase.

Athena Club Production Process and Ingredients

Athena Club products are a result of meticulous research and development efforts to provide the best possible results with an innovative design.

They also take feedback from customers and implement it in future releases, resulting in a continually improving offering.

During the production process, the brand works closely with scientists and experts and utilizes resources from data points and clinical studies to make sure their products are highly effective and innovative.

Athena Club is an environment-friendly company, and they make sure to uphold that with all of their business practices, so you can feel good and guilt-free when buying their products.

When it comes to ingredients, Athena Club only uses the most natural and sustainable ones, without any additives or harsh chemicals. The company does meticulous research before using any new ingredients and makes sure they are carefully sourced.

All of them are lactose and gluten-free.

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Athena Club Products

Athena Club offers products in three categories:

Body Care

Athena Club’s Razor

The body care section of their products contains their most popular item: The Shave Kit, which includes:

  • Ergonomic Razor Handle
  • Magnetic Hook
  • Two Five-Blade Cartridges

This shaving kit is among the most popular and highly regarded ones on the market, earning praise from popular publications such as Vogue, Buzzfeed, Forbes, and others.

It is very affordable yet beautifully designed to accommodate any skin and shave hard-to-reach places. It comes in eight different colors and with a water-activated serum that allows for clean and smooth shaves.

Some other popular products from the “Body Care” category include:

  • Cloud Shave Foam
  • Creamy Body Wash
  • Dewy Body Lotion
  • All Day Deo (works great for men and women) and more.


Athena Club Wellness – Daily Multi

There are two products in the wellness category:

  • Daily Multi – a multivitamin filled with the most bioavailable, clean, and beneficial ingredients. It is a great addition to your diet and is designed for long-term use. Their patented duo-capsule allows your body to easily absorb the ingredients and put them to use. They are to be consumed once daily (two capsules at once).
  • Daily Probiotic – uses four of the best and most highly-researched probiotic strains, to help your body and keep your microbiome in good condition by supporting the gut, immunity, and vaginal health.

Period Care

Having the right products to support you during your period can be crucial, and Athena Club has everything you need, including liners, TLC wipes, Pads, Tampons, and The Cup.

All of the products are made from the highest possible materials and ingredients and can be everything you ever need for proper period care.

Athena Club Sets

Athena Club also offers three distinct sets, containing products bundled in a single item allowing you to save some money. These are:

  • Smooth Skin Trio – comes with the Cloud Shave Foam, Dewy Body Lotion, and Creamy Body Wash for smooth and soft skin.
  • The-Go-Tos – includes three essentials: Dewy Body Lotion, Soft Face Wipes, and All Day Deo for daily hygiene.
  • The Dailies – combines the Daily Multi and Daily Probiotic for optimal wellness recommended for daily use.

Keep in mind that Athena Club is constantly trying to innovate and introduce new products to the market, with the help of feedback from customers, so there might be some additional products available by the time you read this review.

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Athena Club Subscription

With an Athena Club subscription, you can select the set you want and have it delivered when and where you want it.

You can always edit your subscription, skip, or cancel it, no questions asked. The frequency of the deliveries can be edited per your liking in your Athena Club account.

The subscription is a great option to save yourself some time, especially when you know how long it takes you to use up all of the products. Instead of going to the website and selecting all of the products again, you can simply have them automatically delivered to you as soon as you need them.

Is Athena Club Worth It?

Athena Club’s Vitamins & Probiotics

Athena Club is one of the go-to brands for women when it comes to shaving, overall body care, and wellness.

Their razors are perfectly made to accommodate even the most sensitive skin and are very easy to use while also being able to reach anywhere while being just as effective.

The price of the razors is very reasonable, considering the fact that it is of such high-quality and will probably last for a very long time if you take good care of it. Most of the other products are also very affordable and even cheaper than similar options from other brands.

All in all, based on the quality and price, Athena Club is certainly worth it according to the majority of their customers.

Athena Club Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable
  • High-quality ingredients and production process
  • Elegantly designed and packaged
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews
  • Customer-oriented
  • Free shipping


  • Only available in the US
  • No returns

Final Verdict

In a razor market that is dominated by brands for men, Athena Club is a refreshing company that gives women what they’ve long been looking for – a high-quality and affordable razor.

These razors are made from the finest materials and designed in a way that makes them easy to use and be very effective.

Apart from razors, Athena Club has other products supporting women’s health and body care. Their period care products provide everything you may need, and their multivitamin and probiotic capsules are excellent for overall balance and wellness.

The subscription allows you to save even more by combining some of these products into a single set.

All in all, Athena Club is a top brand for women, and it is rightfully earning so much recognition within the industry despite being founded just a few years ago.

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