APT2B Furniture Review

When we want to buy new furniture we want to choose the best, and mostly we are attracted to the fixtures which are comfortable and with fancy design.

If you are looking to find unique pieces of furniture, then you must visit the APT2B Furniture shop or their website, and I assure you will be absolutely satisfied with their models.

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About APT2B Furniture

Isn’t great that you can buy,, Made in the US’’ products, and yes this furniture is made in the US, and the furniture that isn’t made there, belongs to their curated collections of exclusive imports.

Apt2B was started in 2010 by two guys, who were motivated by the fact that furniture was better quality than the Scandinavian superstore we all know, but more affordable and less precious than a luxury boutique.

They are located in Los Angeles and managed by an organized team located across the country.

There you can find a variety of stylish products, from furniture to decor, and all of them can be created like the ones from your imagination and will definitely suit your design vision. Especially their made-to-order sofas, sectionals and sleepers.

On their website they have posted their emails and numbers, so feel free to contact them if you have any troubles or unwanted situations, and they will be happy to help.

APT2B Review

Here you can buy different types of sofas, and different fixtures for your home office like office chairs, bookcases, and desks or you can buy elements to decorate, add brightness to your room or to upgrade the space with nightstands or side tables.

You can find a complete prepared dining room or buy separate pieces to upgrade your kitchen.

The fact that you have guides on their website which will help you choose and decide what decoration you want is so supportive because we are all picky when it comes to choosing something new that we want to last long-term.

APT2B – DECIDE LATER Program And Free Swatches Opportunity

This program is so adorable because you don’t need to rush when choosing your décor for the sofa you choose, you only have to click on the,, Decide Later’’ button.

That is a great option because of the fact that you don’t have to worry about the big sale ending before you are ready, so if you have clicked the button at the proper time your discount will be included even when the action is over.

They also offer 10 free swatches, sent straight from the factory to your door in just a few days. So you can feel the fabric, touch them, rub them on your face, spill juice all over them and see how they clean up. You can order the free swatches here.

According to their sayings on the website, you can decide as much time as you need!

APT2B – Products Review

I have chosen some of the APT2B Bestsellers that are my favorites

Melrose Sofa

You can find many structured designs, and you can find sleepers, section sofas, low seats, twin-sized sofas, or other sofas styles.

It’s modern and functional with extra-wide arms that are perfect for placing a book, phone, or drink, freeing up space where an end table might otherwise be needed. It depends only on which of the models you will choose.

The fabric used for each design is breathable, hypoallergenic and easily cleaned. Zippered, removable cushion covers for easy cleaning, and also has an easy-fold steel mechanism with a year manufacturer guarantee.

Each custom-made piece is created in Los Angeles, with a wood frame made of eco-friendly materials. The frame’s workmanship even carries a lifetime guarantee.

According to online reviews, it’s rated 4.7/5.

Stratford Dresser

With his unique wood design, this dresser makes your bedroom spring-like filled. It can easily fit your clothes and underwear, and it’s also a customer’s favorite and rated 5/5, according to the comments and grates on many websites.

It is practical and can make organizing clothes easy because of its deep drawers.

Linden Dining Room – Table And Chairs

Any plans to buy or upgrade your kitchen with comfort and classy? Then the Linden Dining Table and Chairs are the right choice for you.

Designed with incredibly comfortable and cozy material, your back will feel like having a massage while eating. The table is also designed from a block of high-quality wood, and both of the kitchen elements are easy to clean, which Is very facilitating

These products are rated 4/5, and that is only (assuming the online comments) because the table can be a little slippery when putting something wet.

The List of the APT2B Bestsellers is long and all that is due to the quality, comfort, and furniture styles that they are offering.

However, during the research, I have found some negative experiences and most of them were connected with minor damages which have exposure while delivering, lost warranty and some of the chairs were easily breakable.

APT2B – Build Your Own Sofa

Ever imagined ordering a sofa that was in your head for years? APT2B gives you the chance to do it!

By clicking on the link Sectional-Builder Carousel you can start crating your furniture.

APT2B – Delivery System, Return Policy And Warranty

They have their own White Glove Delivery System, and for single products, the delivery is free, but for larger orders, the shipping is 129$ charged. Apt2B does not ship internationally it’s only available in the USA.

Usually, the order is ready from 5 to 10 business days, and to make sure you will receive a confirming email.

If your order is eligible for Free Entryway Delivery or the upgraded White Glove Room of Choice + Assembly service a team member will contact you and keep you updated with information about your order. The average time these products are arriving is from 10-14 business days.

 Any shipping damage or product imperfections must be clearly noted on the shipping documents at the time of delivery, so we recommend immediately opening the package when the furniture arrives, so you don’t have any troubles replacing it. Failure to do so may affect damage claim eligibility.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the individual signing for delivery is authorized to do so.

APT2B has a 100 days return policy, but when it arrives you can’t change your mind and don’t want them (except the damaged ones). If you decide to do so, the return shipping is on your charge.

The cancelation policy is so enthusiastic and they believe it won’t be needed, but if you change your mind or want to cancel the order then for cancellations or changes affected after 24 hours post-purchase, a $49 change fee will apply.

Warranty is the same for all products, and:

  • Wood Frame: Lifetime Guarantee
  • Workmanship (seams, buttons, zippers, etc): Lifetime Guarantee
  • Cushioning: 1-Year Guarantee
  • Fabric: Guaranteed in its Initial Delivered Condition

APT2B – Discounts

By only clicking APT2B discounts online, you will be aware of what are the available discounts.

APT2B Pros And Cons


  • Variety of Furniture with Different Designs
  • Free Shipping
  • Return Policy and Delivery System
  • Discounts
  • Easy to Clean
  • “Decide Before Buying” Program and Free Material Samples
  • Design your Sofa


  • Large Delivery is Charged
  • Doesn’t Ship Internationally

Why Is APT2B Worth Buying

Firstly its quality is confirmed by many customers, and because of the warranty length and the 100days return policy, you shouldn’t have any concerns about trying the comfy APT2B sofas. On the other hand you can be your own sofa designer!

Secondly, shipping is free if ordering a single product, and that can sometimes mean a lot, especially if you are ordering from a longer distance.

In the end, after doing some research I can nothing but only recommend this brand because it’s unique, comfortable, fancy and cool designed, and what is most important is your back will thank you a lot.

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