Angel Jackets Review: Check Which Leather Jacket Is For You

Leather jackets became popular in the 1950s, they are popular today, and they will probably be popular hundred years from now. They are classy and versatile, and they make you look badass.

In this review, I will analyze Angel Jackets, list pros, and cons, show you some best-selling items, and finally, I’ll answer the golden question – are they worth the money?

We Tested: Mens Brown Bomber Leather Jacket + Removable Hood
“Throw on, go out”

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About Angel Jackets

The company was founded in 2012 and the current CEO is Bob Petrick. I couldn’t find much about the brand’s story and how everything started except for a generalized story outline on their website. This doesn’t mean Angel Jackets isn’t legit. The company is quite popular and their jackets have been featured in Forbes, GQ, BuzzFeed, Mens Fashion Magazine, and many other places.

The company cares a lot about its employees and work conditions. They are committed to the highest standards of labor and human rights. There’s no forced laboring, child laboring, corruption, or discrimination in the Angel Jackets’ supply chain, departments, or any part of its business.

Speaking of material sourcing, Angel Jackets is committed to ethical sourcing practices monitored by the company’s team of experts. The leather the company sources is sustainable since it’s sourced from local providers that treat their animals with care. Wool and cotton are organically produced in a warehouse.


  • 100% real lambskin and cowhide leather
  • Affordable
  • Outstanding customer reviews
  • Hundreds of options for both men and women
  • Free shipping


  • No free returns

Angel Jackets Review

Best-Selling Angel Jacket Men’s Leather Jackets Review

Leather jackets could be seen everywhere – among rock, punk, and heavy metal subcultures. Also, you can see some mainstream Hollywood faces wearing them. Basically, leather jackets are for everyone. However, the price tag can be quite repellent. That’s why the managing people behind Angel Jackets decided to make top-quality and luxurious jackets at a reasonable price.

There’s one more thing to consider and it is even more important than quality – fit. No matter how expensive and high-quality the jacket is, if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, everything is in vain. On the company’s website, you can find an excellent guide on how to know if a leather jacket fits you perfectly.

I wear one of the best-selling Angel Jackets products for a few months now, and I’ll be more than happy to share my experience with you. I will analyze other best-selling pieces as well.

Angel Jacket Mens Brown Bomber Leather Jacket With Removable Hood Review

When I finally got my bomber leather jacket I was so excited! I love the way it looks and I love the removable hood feature.

First of all, the jacket had that true leather smell, so I had to leave it outside for a day. The next day, the smell was gone, so I could wear it. Honestly, I’m happy about the smell, because it proves that the jacket is made of 100% real lambskin leather as advertised.

Angel Jackets – Real Leather

The jacket features an inner detachable hood and three exterior and two internal pockets for travel essentials. It comes in 7 different sizes (XS – 3XL) and I recommend checking the size chart on the website for a better fit.

Quality made – leather with pockets

This brown bomber goes perfectly over a cotton tee and jeans or other types of casual pants for a smart casual look.

Angel Jacket Mens Quilted Cafe Racer Distressed Leather Brown Jacket Review

Just imagine a furious bike along this jacket. The Angel Jacket Mens Quilted Cafe Racer features a quilted shoulder pattern, zipper pockets, zip fastener, strap collar, and cuffs. Definitely the best leather motorcycle jacket among the Angel Jacket products.

Just like the bomber jacket, Quilted Cafe Racer is made of 100% lambskin leather. The internal part of the jacket is fully lined with soft polyester. It features four exterior and two inside pockets, as well as one inside extra pocket for your phone.

The jacket comes in 7 different sizes (XS – 3XL) and it’s made for all seasons.

Best-Selling Angel Jacket Women’s Leather Jackets Review

The company makes women’s jackets of both lambskin and cowhide leather. Here are a few things that are mutual for every single piece from the women’s Angel Jackets collection. They are lightweight, super soft, and comfy. The inner side is lined with viscose. Viscose gives the jackets that luxurious look and it also helps the inner part of the jacket slide over your body. Heavy-duty YKK zippers and other hardware parts ensure the long-lasting durability of the jackets.

If you’re wondering about finding a perfect piece for yourself, don’t. Around 115 leather jacket pieces are waiting for you to pick the perfect one. If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is.

There are jackets for every body type and occasion – whether you’re riding a bike, piercing through the morning crowd,  or casually walking down the street.

Angel Jacket Amy Womens Cafe Racer Fitted Leather Jacket Review

This slim-fit biker chic leather jacket is made of 100% real lambskin leather. Real leather gives durability while the soft polyester lining adds comfort. Amy Womens Cafe Racer Fitted Leather Jacket is a piece for all seasons. It features a stand-up collar with a zip YKK closure and an inside pocket.

The jacket comes in 7 different sizes (XS – 3XL).

Angel Jacket Womens Asymmetrical Peplum Black Leather Jacket

This black leather jacket is amazing. It’s trendy and it definitely adds style to your look. The jacket is made of 100% real lambskin leather with internal polyester lining. It features a smooth asymmetrical zip closure and a peplum waist for a feminine look. This jacket screams glamour.

Like other jackets, it’s available in 7 different sizes (XS – 3XL)

Angel Jackets Wool Coats Review

It’s time to shine… and get warm. Wool coats are winter’s best friend. They are so warm and above all super-stylish. Wool coats are the essential garment for winter clothes and picking the right one might be easier than you think. Angel Jackets offers a huge variety of wool coats both for men and women. Let’s have a look at the top-selling ones.

Double Breasted Mens Brown wool coat – Long Trench Coat Review

Here’s a perfect way to combine warmth and style. This double-breasted chocolate brown wool coat is made from a premium-quality wool blend. It features a wide-notch lapel, two exterior pockets, and two inside pockets. The coat matches perfectly with casual and formal dress code.

This coat comes in 7 different sizes (XS – 3XL).

TWM Becky Womens Brown Wool Coat Review

This classy wool coat is produced by “The Wool Maker”. It’s made of high-quality wool fabric while the inside lining is made of soft polyester. It features a double-breasted button closure, and two outer and two inside pockets.

Since this is a classic fit coat, there’s sufficient space for additional layering.

This coat comes in 7 different sizes (XS – 3XL).

Angel Jackets Customer Reviews

Here’s an impressive fact – out of 1709 customers, only 4 of them gave Angel Jackets a 1-star rating. I’m not a math genius, but that’s around 0.2%. Wow, now that’s impressive.

One satisfied customer from far Norway bought one of the jackets – Both with regards to the quality of the product and the extremely fast delivery. I was expecting it to take quite some time, given the time of the year (just before xmas) and my location (Norway) but it arrived within a few days. Looking forward to wear this during the xmas celebrations this year.

Now, I wanted to check what other, independent websites, have on Angel Jackets, and I found another impressive fact on Angel Jackets have a 4.8-star review and over 90% of the reviews were 5-star ones.


Here’s a review of a happy customer from the UK – Easy to navigate website. Nice and clear, good pictures of coats on models, gave a good impression of why your getting. Well made leather coat, good stitching. Nice warm lining not too thick. Fit of coat is perfect as advertised. I’m XL and this XL coat fits great, has room to move and when zipped up over my beer gut still looks good and not tight.

Postage was about 4 days after ordering, excellent. Comes folded neatly in a bag. Just hang it up for a day and any crease is gone. Would recommend these coats.

And finally, Angel Jackets is A-rated by Better Business Bureau.

Well done!

Angel Jackets Shipping And Return Policies

The company offers free shipping to the US, the UK, and Canada. It normally takes 5-8 business days to deliver the products you purchased. For shipping overseas, Angel Jackets uses services such as DHL, FedEx, or USPS.

Speaking of returns, purchased items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days: All items must be unworn, unwashed, and undamaged (unless the item was damaged upon receipt).

You can cancel the order as well, but please notice that cancellation requests can be placed within 1 day of the order or it will result in a flat deduction of 25% from your ordered item’s amount.

Is Angel Jackets Worth It

Honestly, I don’t remember when was the last time I saw so many positive reviews and such an impressive online rating. Well, if customers love it, then it’s definitely worth it!

Angel Jackets make high-quality leather jackets, wool coats, and other clothing items at a reasonable price. The shipping and returns are free, and their customer service is impeccable.

There are so many options to choose from, as well as many different sizes. On their website, you can find a detailed size and fit guide to make sure you order the right size.

Remember, if a leather jacket doesn’t fit perfectly, you won’t be a badass no matter how expensive or high-quality the jacket is.

I love my bomber jacket, and hopefully, you’ll find your new leather hugger.

Let’s ride!

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