Gorjana Vs Mejuri: Which Has The Best Jewelry?

If you have been on social media in the last few weeks, you might’ve stumbled upon either Ana Luisa, Mejuri, Aurate, or Gorjana. All four of them specialize in jewelry. And all four are known for being places you go for jewelry.

But how different are they, and which one should you pick? Well, we put each of them under the microscope to see what their strongest suits are, and to see how well they compare to each other.

Whether you’re shopping for a gift or yourself, there are times which one would make sense over the other. What follows is a detailed look into how each brand ticks, and a comprehensive overview of each one individually.

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Shopping At Ana Luisa, Mejuri, Aurate & Gorjana – Is It Better?

Ana Luisa Rings

Yes. I really wanted to be as straight to the point as possible here, it is in some cases better to shop at any of these four, then go out in search of high-quality jewelry. This isn’t me saying that it is always necessarily better to shop for jewelry online though. There are times when it make sense, and times when it doesn’t.

Back in the day, online jewelry brands weren’t even close to the caliber of these four. Additionally, not many of them could, in fact, deliver the quality needed to be an alternative option to regular shopping.

I’m delighted to say that, with these three, that’s not the case.

With these four, you’re getting the best of the best, albeit, all from the comfort of your own home. With that said, let’s compare them side-by-side, to see what some of their differences or similarities are.

Ana Luisa VS Mejuri VS Aurate VS Gorjana – In-Depth Comparison

There are some similarities between these four brands, but ultimately, all four offer something different. Some are more affordable and less premium options, and others are straight-up luxury brands.

Just so we have a clearer picture moving forward, we put all four in a table below, and compared them on multiple variables and aspects. What follows is an in-depth comparison of Ana Luisa, Mejuri, Aurate, and Gorjana:

Jewelry Comparison
Ana Luisa VS Mejuri VS Aurate VS Gorjana
PricingBudget-friendlyIn-the-middle price rangeHigh-endIn-the-middle price range
QualityCan Be Improved 2/5Adequate on most products, poor on others 3/5Exceptional 5/5Very Good 5/5
Design StylesElegant & ColorfulMinimalistic & High-EndExtremely Elegant & UniqueMinimalistic & Colorful
Return PolicyReturns accepted on items within 30 days of the purchase date.Returns accepted on items within 60 days of the purchase date. – Changed from 30 to 60 days until further notice.Returns accepted on items within 30 days of the purchase date.Returns accepted on items within 30 days of the purchase date.
ShippingFree within the US. Free on orders above $125 for international orders.Free in the US & Canada. Internationally, prices vary. – Consult with the FAQs for further information.Free within the US. Shipping fee varies for international orders.Free in the US and Puerto Rico. International orders have a flat shipping fee of $16.
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Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

Ana Luisa Meesh Necklace

Ana Luisa is about as famous as Mejuri, and it is easy to see why. Most of the pieces are minimalistic and yet elegant. Ana Luisa is a bit more of a budget option when compared to the others, but that’s good, particularly if you’re looking for more affordable jewelry.

Now, in terms of quality, the feedback is a little mixed. The issue is there is a huge contrast among the reviews we say, with no middle ground really. It seems like the experience is a hit-or-miss most of the time, with chances of getting some excellent quality products, or just straight up poorly made, or incorrect sizing/product.

Other things which were the subject of a lot of criticism were the poor international return policy, and some of the designs not being the same as the ones advertised.

However, there were some positive experiences we saw that people have here and there. It seems like a lot of research is due, whenever you’re choosing a particular product. Some products are straight up great bang-for-the-buck, while others lack quality, don’t look like advertised, and poorly made.

We would love for Ana Luisa to improve on these things, or the things that most customers are complaining about, because most of the products do look very stylish and desirable. With that said, let’s get into the pros and cons of Ana Luisa:


  • Cost-effective
  • Designs are minimalistic, stylish, and elegant
  • A lot of options


  • Some products lack quality and/or are poorly made
  • Poor international return policy
  • Some jewelry has been criticized for being, quote: ‘Cheap-feeling’

Mejuri Jewelry Review

Mejuri Choker Necklace

Mejuri has got everything from ring, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, to wedding jewelry. Mejuri’s repertoire is quite impressive in terms of how many products are available for customers. But is all the jewelry from Mejuri made to the same standard?

I would put it lightly, and say that your best bet if you like Mejuri is to go for their neckleces. They’ve been the most positively reviewed from any of their other product lineups, and it seems like they’re one of the best in the biz.

That being said, some of their other products are not exactly at the same standard as their necklaces. Their rings have been caught to cause issues after some time of wearing, particularly to their color.

Still, most of their products are loved, especially their earrings and bracelets, along with, of course, the necklaces. All in all though, I would say, go with Mejuri if you want a very high-quality and elegant necklace, and don’t mind to pay a bit of extra, since Mejuri uses some very valuable materials.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of Mejuri while we’re at it:


  • Great necklaces
  • Quality is excellent (for most products)
  • More high-end materials
  • Both minimalistic and flamboyant designs
  • A lot of information on how to care for Mejuri’s products
  • Impressive repertoire of designs


  • Color shade changes after long-time use (only on a few products)
  • Customer service is hit-or-miss

Aurate Jewelry Review

Aurate Short Gold Bar Drop Necklace

Aurate is my personal favorite, without a shadow of a doubt. Thing is, is not practical, really. In fact, Aurate’s jewelry is weird. There, I said it. But that’s the whole point. It’s a statement, not an accessory, it’s the whole experience and the feeling you get when wearing it that’s powerful with Aurate.

It is much less popular than Ana Luisa or Mejuri sure, but Aurate is slowly catching on, and there are thousands of loyal customers now, and it’s kind of expected.

The overall design of the jewelry is the most unique out of all four, and you get the sense that when it was designed, even the designer must have thought: “Is this a bit too much?”, but oh it works, it definitely does.

The passion is there, and it seems like it was designed and made by people that absolutely adore jewelry. Aurate also has a much more positive feedback all-round, with only a small fraction being negative. Furthermore, there is much less contrast between the reviews, meaning, there is more of a middle-ground, and less of a hit-or-miss experience.

*See Aurate Best Sellers here

I do have to mention that the only thing that we’ve heard complaints about was somewhat incorrect shipping dates, and poor customer service, nothing about the jewelry’s quality.Let’s review the pros and cons of Aurate then:


  • Unusual and most unique designs
  • Quality is more than impressive
  • A lot of different styles of products
  • Products don’t wear out much over time
  • A sense of excellence and empowerment
  • Made with a passion for jewelry


  • Sometimes, the site can be finnicky with shipping dates
  • Some have complained about poor customer service

Gorjana Jewelry Review

Gorjana’s Nico Huggies Earrings

Gorjana is also a budget option, but they do have some exceptional pieces.

There is a much wider gap in terms of the design styles compared to some of the others. What I mean is, that, there are much more design styles, whether that be minimalistic, bulky, elegant, etc.

Gorjana’s initial goal sums up what you might get if you’re going so choose to go with them. Basically, Gorjana was created, so that it can provide people with jewelry that is quote: “Multi-generational” and “versatile” at the same time.

Gorjana has put a lot of focus and effort into making it last the distance, and if most of the feedback is something to go by, the jewelry from Gorjana can last very long without no clear signs of deterioration. There are both more budget-friendly pieces, but there are also some which come with a bigger price tag, but with improved materials, and more elegant. All in all, Gorjana is a great option, and there are a lot of designs to choose from.

Here are all of Gorjana’s pros and cons:


  • A lot of different design styles
  • Timeless designs
  • Made to last
  • Very good quality
  • Premium materials


  • Average customer service

The Verdict: Which Has The Best Jewelry?

I would say that this answer will depend on what you’re looking for. While Ana Luisa is a budget option, the others offer some lesser high-end pieces which cost as much as the products from Ana Luisa. With that said, and with the complains about the poor quality, we think that you’re better off with the other three.

But which company from the “other three”? Well, if you’re looking for a necklace, consider going through Mejuri’s store. As we said before, they’ve got some interesting necklace designs, and high-quality ones for that matter.

I would say that the best one overall is Aurate It has the most unique designs of all four, and it feels special. They’re high-quality pieces made to last, and there are both budget-friendly and expensive pieces available.

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