Amberjack Shoes Review: Read Before You Buy

Men’s business suits have gone through a revolution within the last decade or so.

They’ve transformed from dark and standardized designs into more colorful ones full of creativity and personal expression. With that, a new demand arose for shoes that will fit this new style of men’s formal wear.

This Amberjack review will introduce you to a brand that can add lots of value to your personal style. It’s a new brand of dress shoes that has garnered much attention and a long waiting list of orders.

We will learn how the company was founded, how it differentiates from its competitors, and whether its products are worth buying.

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What Is “Amberjack Shoes”?

Amberjack Slate

Amberjack is a men’s shoewear company inspired by the lack of innovation in the dress shoe market.

They decided it was time to make changes, and so they started their brand in an effort to provide men with comfortable and stylish dress shoes. Currently, you can only buy their products on the official Amberjack website.

They combine the best materials with expert craftsmanship in their factory in Portugal to provide men from all over the world with reliable and high-quality dress shoe options.

The shoes are not only very comfortable to wear but also look stylish and presentable for the office or any other formal occasion.

Ratings Breakdown


There’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to Amberjack’s shoe quality. They share the materials they use to make their top-tier shoes which many customers find highly satisfying. On top of that, they’re quite comfortable as well.


At first glance, Amberjack Shoes aren’t the cheapest you might find when doing a simple Google search for dress shoes. However, they also aren’t cheap in terms of quality and comfort. Most of their customers were pleasantly surprised by the value of these shoes. Many mentioned that they were definitely worth the price.


The customer experience with Amberjack Shoes is one of the brand’s best qualities. Customers are free to find answers to some of the most popular questions on their FAQ page. In addition, the brand is easy to contact via text messages, email, and on social media. On top of all that, free shipping is available for everyone, regardless of location.


The brand itself is decent. It is a bit newer than other popular brands that feature similar products but they seem to be off to a great start. Everything about their shoes is publicly displayed in the “About” section of the page and more information is also available on their social media accounts.

What Do Customers Say About Amberjack Shoes?

Customers are generally very satisfied with Amberjack, primarily for their quality and comfort, but also the good customer service, quick shipping times, and favorable return policy.

Most of them are also perfectly fine with the price, which they find fair and inexpensive for a shoe of that quality.

In reviews posted by customers, many of them stated that the shoes were very comfortable to wear, and they even wore them for more casual activities such as taking a walk in the park.

Some concluded that, unlike most other dress shoes, “The Originals” didn’t have a trade-off between style and comfort, and they even look forward to wearing them in the office.

Comfort is especially important for young professionals who aren’t used to wearing anything else than sneakers.

With Amberjack, many young customers were delighted to be able to look presentable in the workplace yet still enjoy that same comfort that they’re used to.

Amberjack Shoes Production Process

Amberjack cooperates with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Their proprietary comfort technology was created with help from the same supplier that developed Adidas Boost – one of the comfiest shoes on the market.

Their leather is also of the highest quality, as they use A-grade 100% full-grain American steer, the same type of leather used in many luxury cars.

Since Amberjack deal directly with their suppliers instead of dealing with contract manufacturers, they are able to offer their products at a very affordable price for the quality.

The shoes are made in the Felgueiras region in the north of Portugal. A place that is historically known for shoemaking. The factory that they work with is of the highest standard and collaborates with other prominent brands.

Amberjack Shoes Products – The Originals

Amberjack “The Originals” in Honey Color

As a newer brand, Amberjack currently only have one shoe line available, called “The Original.” This line is built with both comfort and dress shoe components, which gel perfectly to create the ultimate comfy dress shoe that you can wear with any non-athletic combination, whether it’s jeans and shirt or even a suit.

The shoe’s look closely resembles a classic dress shoe, with a leather Derby upper, yet underneath it sits on comfortable padding that makes walking a breeze.

The padding might be a little too noticeable for a dress shoe in certain color combinations such as Onyx, Cobalt, and Stone, but it still gels perfectly with the rest of the shoe.

As many customers can attest, The Originals are one of the comfiest shoes on the market. They feel great throughout the day no matter how long you wear them. You can even wear them without socks without noticing a difference.

The insole is very cozy as well, with some added thickness in the heel area providing maximum comfort.

The Originals collection comes in seven different styles:

  • Honey;
  • Chestnut;
  • Onyx;
  • Stone;
  • Slate;
  • Cobalt;
  • Sand.

All of these styles are offered in sizes 8 through 13. However, with so many orders to fulfill, not all sizes may be available at all times.

Are Amberjack Shoes Worth It?

With a price tag of $179, The Originals fall somewhere in the middle for dress shoes when it comes to price. If you’re looking for quality, though, they are definitely near the top on the list, so their price is totally worth it.

The only reason why the shoes aren’t priced higher is that Amberjack deals directly with their suppliers, which cuts their costs and allows them to offer their product for less.

This is a great opportunity to get a hold of a high-quality dress shoe for a fraction of the price that you would normally pay, especially with extremely popular brands.

Amberjack Shoes Pros & Cons


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • A-grade quality leather and materials
  • Simple yet diverse shoe catalog
  • Free shipping, returns for US orders
  • Free shipping everywhere in the world


  • No sizes smaller than 8 or bigger than 13
  • Some of the style/color combinations may give away that you’re wearing comfort shoes

Final Verdict

Amberjack Chesnut

Amberjack is a great up-and-coming professional shoe brand for men. Instead of rushing production of many different products, they currently only offer “The Originals,” but you can expect plenty more from them in the future.

The Originals are one of the comfiest dress shoes on the market. They are produced with the highest quality leather and other materials. They were designed with the help of prominent suppliers within the industry.

All in all, if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe yet stylish enough to take to work, there aren’t many better options than The Originals from Amberjack.

The price is also reasonable for the quality, and you get free shipping on top of that.

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