10 Best Alternative Brands Like Lululemon

Feeling like you need to switch it up a bit and change the branded clothing you wear? Looking to see some alternatives to our wonderful Lululemon? Well, then you are in the right place!

Many people sometimes want to change the style that they are wearing and sometimes their favorite brand does not have that style. Doing that small change and looking into different alternative brands which have similarities to your favorite one is great and will allow you to have a better selection of your clothing pieces.

That is why here we will discuss our top 10 best alternative brands for Lululemon!

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Alternative Clothing Brands Similar To Lululemon

Alternative brands are those brands that have products that will satisfy you more rather than the ones you use. Sometimes it can be the price that is dragging you behind from purchasing it, or even the style is not how you want it.

Let’s dig in and see which are the top 10 alternative brands to Lululemon.

Not to worry, there are a ton of alternatives out there for you to try out!

1. Athleta

Athleta is an amazing brand that can help you choose between many different clothing styles. An amazing part about Athleta is that they have stores everywhere in the U.S. and their prices are not even that high, some would say that they are pretty cheap for the high quality they provide to their customers.

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The only downfall of Athleta is that they don’t ship their products towards other continents.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons for Athleta.


  • Different Styles Of Clothing
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Great Choice For Outdoor And Indoor Clothing
  • Comfortable Activewear


  • Not The Greatest Online Shopping Experience
  • Does Not Ship Outside The U.S.


If you are looking for a more unique look then MNML Clothing is the perfect alternative for you. In MNML you can choose a very specific set of clothing as well as some good accessories to keep you fresh and separated from the crowd.

For more information about MNML Clothing Review.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons for MNML.


  • International Shipping
  • Return Policy
  • Affordable Prices
  • Comfortable And Fashionable Products


  • Some Products Are Made From Low-Quality Materials
  • Customers Have Difficulties With Online Services


Loft Clothing will always offer you great casual looks for ladies. This woman-based clothing brand will help you choose between many types of clothing pieces and will also make sure that they fit well together.

Each piece in Loft Clothing has been tested and verified to be comfortable and made out of high-quality products.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Loft Clothing


  • Comfort Clothing
  • Made From High-Quality Materials
  • Return Policy
  • Well-Organized Website
  • Different Sizes


  • Only A Listed Number Of Countries For Shipping
  • Customers Sometimes Have Issues With Shipping

4. Pact

If you are looking for an alternative to Lululemon and want to verify that all materials are organic and sustainable, then Pact Clothing is the perfect place for you.

Pact clothing claims that all of its pieces are organic and sustainable. It utilizes mainly organic cotton to manufacture its apparel, using less water, and no harmful dyes or chemical substances, giving you the best-looking and comfortable clothes for you to wear.

They have managed to create clothing in all sizes and help you choose between exact measurements for your body.

To get more information about Pact clothing, click here to view our article.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons for Pact Clothing.


  • Lightweight Clothing Pieces
  • Made From High-Quality Materials
  • Affordable
  • Available In Many Sizes
  • You Can Choose A Specific Measurement
  • Organic And Sustainable


  • Unforgiving when it comes to washing and caring. Consult the individual care guide for any of the items you get before washing

5. Outdoor Voices

The name speaks for itself. This clothing brand is ready to offer you almost everything that can be used for outdoor activities. The brand itself is representing freedom and movement.

Outdoor voices are an all-in-one brand that offer different types of clothes for both males and females. From sporty outfits, casual outfits, and even for comfy ones that are great for relaxation.

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Here are some of the Pros and Cons for Outdoor Voices.


  • Free Shipping on orders over $75
  • Returns Available Only Within 45 Days Of Purchase
  • High-Quality Products Made From Sustainable Materials
  • Eco-Conscious Brand


  • No International Shipping

6. Bonobos

Bonobos is a male-targeted clothing brand that offers a great selection of clothing pieces for men who like to keep their style either unique or casual for all sorts of events.

Want to get the best clothing items for golfing with your friends? Not to worry, Bonobos has you covered with that as well. This brand claims to have some of the highest qualities of clothing pieces which are also made to give the man his best comforting experience.

Bonobos have been successful for more than 10 years and they are still going great.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons about Bonobos.


  • High-Quality Products
  • Positive Feedback From Customers
  • Different Styles To Choose From
  • A Lot Of Sizes To Pick From
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns Within 90 Days
  • International Shipping


  • Products Limited To Men Only

7. Rhone

Rhone is an amazing alternative brand when it comes to sporty outdoor activities outfits. Rhone is a fast-growing clothing brand that offers its male customers. That’s right, Rhone targets the male audience and they tend to focus on men only, therefore the offer is limited to products men usually use – shirts, shorts, pants, socks, bags, swimwear, hoodies, and outerwear.

If you want to see comparison Rhone vs Lululemon.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons about Rhone Clothing.


  • High-quality products
  • Highly positive reviews online
  • Eco-responsible brand
  • Free Shipping


  • Men Products Only

8. Columbia

Looking for some outdoor clothing pieces that will help you be a lot more versatile in different situations? Well Columbia has everything you need.

Columbia uses polyester, and around 80% of the polyester they use is recycled. Moreover, it uses nylon, mostly in waterproof jackets. Columbia’s products are made from high-quality materials. They are breathable, windproof, waterproof, and durable.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons about Columbia.


  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Classic Style
  • Reasonable Prices


  • Some Jackets Lack Breathability
  • Some Jackets Lack Mobility

9. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix will give you some of the best and most affordable clothing pieces that you can lay your hands on. Stitch Fix have created clothing items for men women and even kids.

The slight downfall of this brand is that they don’t have any active outdoor sportswear items to choose from. They love to keep their design casual, great both for outdoor and indoor activities.

To get more information about Stitch Fix.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Stitch Fix.


  • In-Depth Quiz to Know your Preferences
  • Inclusive Sizes for the Entire Family
  • Well Known Brand
  • Many Sizes To Choose From


  • Only A 3-Day Return Window

10. Flamingo

And last but not least on our list is Flamingo. Flamingo is one of the better brands out there that targets the female audience to help them choose between various clothing styles, starting from formal and casual, all the way over to outdoor and sporty clothing pieces.

They are mostly specialized in making high-quality jeans with various styles that come in various shapes and sizes.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons about flamingo clothing.


  • A Very Cheap Woman’s Brand
  • Constant Discounts
  • Return Policy
  • Free Shipping Over $59
  • International Shipping
  • High-Quality Clothes In Different Sizes


  • They Charge Fees
  • Must Have Shipping Delays To A Maximum of 14 Days

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