Allbirds Tree Runners Review: Worth It?

Allbirds is a brand that constantly pops up in the shoe industry. In all honesty, it is very easy to see why.

The company is more unconventional compared to regular old shoe manufacturers, focusing more on quality as well as the environment’s health. With using renewable eucalyptus tree fibers, to reversing climate change, Allbirds prides on taking care of mother nature.

But that is not all that it has going for it, oh no. What they focus on the most is excellence. Excellence in using sustainable materials, excellence in comfort, excellence in quality, are just a few things that are important to Allbirds.

One of their main best-sellers are the Tree Runners. These non-flashy, and comfort to no end seem like a viable choice for many. But what should you expect if you’re looking to give in on the Allbirds hype?

Well, we tested the Tree Runners on multiple dimensions, and we will talk about whether they’re worth it, and also how much quality you will get, among other things.

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Are Allbirds Tree Runners Worth It?

Unboxing Allbirds Tree Runners

Honestly, it is not easy to see why not. Based on first glances, these shoes offer a lot more than other options on the market.

Some of their core features include: washable in the laundry machine, minimization of odor, renewable and environmentally-friendly materials, modifies itself to your movement. Plus, there are no flashy logos or visual art on your shoes, which might be appealing to many, considering where the shoe industry is at right now, with colorful designs.

They come in at $95, with free shipping, because all orders above $50 get free shipping on Allbirds. Compared to other shoe brands, particularly high-end ones, the price doesn’t seem that much unreasonable.

As we have seen in the previous two years, prices have sky-rocketed for shoes. Plus, even with the lower price, you’re not missing out on important features, quality, or comfort for that matter.

So, again, to answer the question – the Tree Runners are worth in every aspect.

Allbirds Tree Runners, Everything You Need To Know

AllBirds Tree Runners Elegant Shoes


In terms of accommodating people that have bigger feet, they get some points. But what people found most troubling about Allbirds Tree Runners, and with the brand in general, is that there are not many options for people with smaller feet.

For example, the Tree Runners have sizes ranging anywhere from a size 8 or a 41 EU size, to size 14 or 47-48 EU size. While most of the higher numbers are taken care of, people with lower than size 8, don’t have the options to get the Tree Runners.


From the short 1-2 month period that we tested the Tree Runners, they seem pretty well-made.

That is to say that they’re of high quality especially to touch, and during this trial period, they have held up like a champ. Whether they continue to be durable on longer stretches will highly depend on the care given to the shoes.

Still, they’re low-maintenance, and seem like they would hold up fine. There have been both positive reviews about the durability, and a few among many, that have been negative.

Are They Water Proof?

Unfortunately, the Tree Runners from Allbirds aren’t waterproof. They have some other models similar to the Tree Runners variant that are somewhat waterproof which might be a good choice for many that consider this of great importance.

Nevertheless, like any other non-water-repellant shoe, it does have some threshold to which it cannot allow water to the insides of your shoe.

Ratings Breakdown


Decent quality, especially on touch. Although there have been minor incidents where the Tree Runners have started to deteriorate over some time for some customers.


Based on how much you get for how little, these are a great value shoe.


The way the website is laid out proves very reasonable for shopping experience, getting all the required information easily. The boxes are very interesting, making for a great unboxing experience, and shipping times are very reasonable, especially for the US.


Branding is very interesting, especially the boxes. While they claim they don’t have any flashy logos, they engrave and stich their logo on the Tree Runners, and it does look pretty good.

Who Should Consider the Tree Runners?

The Tree Runners aren’t for everyone, but it is hard to see why that would be from a practical standpoint.

Meaning, practically speaking, these shoes have everything one might be looking for in a shoe. The two utmost important aspects for Allbirds are comfort and breathability. Two things which Allbirds has nailed, along with lightness.

As for those that might have an issue with the Tree Runners, it is more or less because of the design.

Sure, there are many that love the minimalistic look of the Tree Runners, and the flat colors with no flashy logos. But aren’t there people that like some of that flashiness on their shoes?

Well, there are some colors which are much more lively to choose from, and while they won’t be the flashiest shoes, they might do the job for many. We would have loved to see crazier designs and more color choices, particularly, in their limited edition section for the Tree Runners.

One last thing. They’re extremely light. For those that love heavier and more durable shoes, they should consider the fact that these are pretty light.

Allbirds Tree Runners: Pros & Cons

You might have already drawn the positives and negatives about this model from Allbirds, but for the purpose of making it much easier for you, we looked at what are some of the pros and cons to these shoes.

Granted, there aren’t many negatives so to speak, but they should be taken into consideration.

One thing I would say before that, is the fact that these might be either cheap or pricier than usual depending on how much you think is worth spending for shoes. Not many like to overspend on unnecessarily high-priced shoe models, hence some would find these shoes a bit more expensive.

Either way, they might be worth it. Here are the pros and cons of the Tree Runners:


  • High-quality
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Comfy
  • Ergonomic
  • Soles are very soft
  • Good fit
  • Free returns within 30 days, and lightly worn shoes get donated to Soles4Souls
  • Machine washable


  • Not water resistant
  • Not much ankle support
  • There aren’t any sizes lower than size 8 or 41 EU-size
  • Designs aren’t very lively, subjective but important

Are These for Running? – Allbirds Tree Runners

There is a common misconception running wild in the shoe community with many believing that this model is for running. After all, they’re called Tree Runners.

Nonetheless, that is not true. The Tree Runners fall into the everyday sneaker category on Allbirds, meaning that they’re lifestyle shoes.

There are models available on Allbirds which are far more suitable for running, as their designs tend to be focused towards performance and not comfort. They have a much slicker angle, often offering ankle support.

Allbirds Tree Runners Compared to Regular Shoes

We already touched on the fact that when compared to regular shoes, these might be even better.

Allbirds’ Cozy Insoles Emit Less Carbon Because They’re Made with Bean Oil

It is hard to see what you would be missing on if you choose to go with Allbirds for your everyday sneakers. One thing that you will definitely lose, is not going a name brand, particularly higher-end shoes.

But for most people, this rarely makes a difference. If all of the aspects like practicality, comfort, price, and a few others are covered with the Tree Runners, there is not much thought that should be put additionally.

Plus, you get some additional things. Convenience for one, being able to order your shoes online, and a top-notch unboxing experience. The latter adds a bit of personality, one which you don’t get with regular shoes, and it is no doubt a plus. It makes the process of getting fresh shoes much more fun and pleasurable.

Tree Runners: True to Size?

A common question when someone is considering Allbirds, is whether they’re a good fit.

Feedback on this topic is mixed, nonetheless, like with any other shoes. As far as the Tree Runners are concerned though, they’re relatively surprising. Surprising because most of the feedback on this topic is positive.

They’re one of the truest to size models that Allbirds offers, and sit relatively high compared to other brands on the market. It is important to mention though that not many have had the same experience with their other models, which might be too small or too big. Still, under every model, they have a chart which will tell you whether they’re smaller and larger, and it appears to be genuine.

Washing Process for the Tree Runners

Compared to some other similar brands, washing Allbirds’ shoes is mostly very straightforward. What you do is take off the laces and soles, and throw the Tree Runners, and mostly any other model in a delicates bag in the washing machine.

It must be a gentle cycle, meaning a cold wash, with a pretty mild detergent. They shouldn’t be put in the dryer as well, so be careful of that- always let your Allbirds air dry.

The laces and soles can be hand washed separately.

Allbirds has a whole separate page on shoe care and washing, so we recommend that you consult with that before washing any of your Allbirds models.

The Verdict: Should You Buy the Allbirds Tree Runners?

Based on the fact that Allbirds has a pretty flexible return policy, and they are relatively inexpensive, we recommend giving these shoes a noteworthy shot.

They’re impressive among multiple dimensions and spectrums of what might be valuable in a shoe. Usually, direct-to-consumer brands focus on branding to do all of their heavy lifting, but with Allbirds, it is a whole different story.

They let their own shoes do the talking, and oh how well they can talk. These shoes are comfortable to the max, very breathable and light. As for how long they might last, it varies a lot based on how well they’re taken care of.

There have been many cases where they have lasted a substantial amount of time. In any case, if you want a shoe comfortable for the whole day and suitable for the office, but also a restaurant, then we recommend the Tree Runners from Allbirds.

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Allbirds Tree Runners – Light On Your Feet.

Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners

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