Adore Me vs Third Love vs Cuup vs Lively: Most Comfortable Bras

Let’s be honest, shopping for a bra that fits is a nightmare. Often times, you’re forced to try on a bra or an underwear in a way too cramped fitting room, and usually with not as much privacy as you would want.

If you have spent more than 20 minutes a day on social media, you might have come across lingerie brands that offer a “seamless” experience plus comfort and sexiness right at your fingertips.

Meet Adore Me, Third Love, Cuup, and Lively.

These four lingerie brands often pop-up to many women daily, and you might be thinking: “how would shopping for a bra work online?” Well, it seems like it does, as there are thousands of women out there, who have chosen one of these four as their primary lingerie supplier.

If you’re thinking about making the next step and trying them out, we thought it would be best to put them under the microscope, and find what works best for some, and what doesn’t.

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What’s All the Fuss About? Adore Me VS Third Love VS Cuup VS Lively

For starters, these brands are direct-to-consumer brands, and often times they have very appealing advertisements, and their websites greatly represent what each brand stands for.

But all in all, the reason why there is so much hype around these is because it’s convenient.

Imagine, not having to go to the store and subject yourself to trying on bras for hours on end. With these, it is as simple as clicking a button. But how would you guess your right size, and not order the incorrect one?

Aha. This is what Adore Me, Third Love, Cuup, and Lively do best. They all have some sort of test or an interview to determine the correct size for you, usually even better than determining it yourself. It can be said that they took note that many would ask the same question, hence why all of them went to such lengths to ensure that people don’t have that problem when choosing a bra.

Are There Any Differences Between Adore Me, Third Love, Cuup, & Lively?

Well, yes, of course. Each of these brands offers comfort and great fitment, but the styles and the type of products they offer is different.

Adore Me has by-far the most extensive and impressive line-up, offering anything ranging from sleep PJs to swim bikinis. Even though there is so much on their website, surprisingly it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Anything you need you can find easily, and sometimes you would be clicking away uncontrollably to see the other products they offer as well.

With Third Love, all I can say is “comfort, comfort, comfort”. Granted, maybe not as much as Cuup, as they tend to focus on sex appeal, and compromise on comfort. Same goes for Adore Me.

Lively seems like it has the best of both worlds, and what is very appealing with Lively is the fact that all of their bras cost $35, which is very convenient.

I would say that the differences between these brands are the following:

  • Shopping process
  • Finding the right size
  • Prices
  • Quality
  • Style and design
  • Comfort

The One For You? Adore Me VS Third Love VS Cuup VS Lively

Like everything, these bras will not work for all. Well, that’s a bit misleading.

The point is that these brands have a lot of different models, sizes, designs, and more, and there is the right one that will work for you from the four. As we see, even though there are differences between these, their mission is more-or-less the same: “easy to get the right-size, comfort level high, with some sex appeal”.

As much as we hate to say it, they differ in quality. To be honest, all have sufficient high-quality, but compared between each other, some have a higher bar for quality.

In any case, finding the right brand for you is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, most of these have good return policies if you don’t like the product, as we will see below. To make this decision as easy as possible, we created a table below, where we break down some factors and compare the four:

Bra Comparison: Adore Me VS Third Love VS Cuup VS Lively
SexinessVery High 5/5Good 4/5Adequate 3/5Great 4/5
ComfortSome models are a bit uncomfortable, but on average, really comfortable.Same as Adore Me. Some models tend to feel tight, and not as open.Very comfortable. It could be said that it is their main selling point.Light and not that tight, with some great designs.
PricingVery Cheap 5/5Pricy 2/5Pricy 2/5Affordable 5/5
Sizes30A to 46GFrom AA to H30A to 38H32A to 38DDD
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Most of the time, it comes down to whether these brands offer sizes which will be a good fit for you. As we can see, Adore Me is the most impressive, offering the most variety in sizes.

Adore Me Review

Adore Me – Kimmy Push Up

Adore Me is the most reputable one of the bunch, and it is very easy to see why. They offer huge sex appeal, as most of their bras and underwear come with great designs. Furthermore, the fact that they have such a wide-range in sizes is great.

Their products are on par with what you would find in high-end stores. They also have a subscription package that will give you your bra essentials every month. On top of that, they also have a VIP membership that comes with some privileges:

  • A deduction of $10 for every item
  • First item will only set you back $25
  • Offers and promotions only for VIPs
  • Every sixth item free
  • Shipping + Exchanges is completely free

So, while the bras are already cheap, if you get the VIP package, they’re even cheaper. Plus, you’re getting bras which are comfortable, look amazing, and of very high quality.

One issue with Adore Me is the fact that it is very difficult to cancel a VIP membership or a subscription package. Also, there have been many instances where customers have tried to buy one product, and instead, ended up with a VIP package only.

These minor details should be taken into consideration. But all in all, you get a lot for your money.

Let’s see some of Adore Me’s pros and cons:


  • VIP package
  • Subscription boxes
  • Huge sex appeal
  • Very affordable prices
  • Free US shipping and exchanges
  • A lot of promotional packages and sales often
  • Wide-range of sizes
  • High comfort


  • Possibility to mistakenly purchase VIP package
  • Heavier bras
  • Some models come with unorthodox straps

Third Love Review

ThirdLove – Classic T-Shirt Bra

Third Love is the second most reputable brand in this list.

First off, I would like to start of by saying, their “Fitting Room” – quiz to find the perfect size for you is very well-made. They make the process of finding the right size for you really easy, plus, all of the questions seem to be very thought out.

In terms of what you should expect quality wise, it is mostly the same like Adore Me. Their products come first and then branding and everything else.

Between Adore Me and Third Love, it comes down to what you prefer more in terms of style. Both have radically different designs, but in all honesty, Third Love is a tad bit more comfortable on average. Sure, there are some bras from Adore Me which are extremely comfortable, but you can tell that Third Love has put a lot of emphasis on comfort.

Only downside is the fact that it is much more pricy than Adore Me, and yet, you’re getting mostly the same package, only with higher comfort.

Still, Third Love does tend to have regular sales, which makes some great and pricy models come in at a price which is much more affordable.

But what are some of the positives and negatives when using Third Love? Well, here’s a list of them:


  • Very compact
  • Good-looking models
  • A lot of size options
  • A whopping 60-day exchange & return possibility
  • Great fitment quiz
  • Feel like they’re high-quality


  • Very pricy compared to Adore Me
  • Not a whole lot of models
  • Some models tend to feel tight and too heavy
  • Uncomfortable straps – on some models

Cuup Review

Cuup – The Balconette Bra

Cuup takes a different approach than the other two. For starters, usually, their cups are sewn and not molded. Furthemore, they’re made with very light-weight underwire, which we all now is the most comfortable.

Nonetheless, the point is that Cuup usually focuses on being very light-weight and very comfortable to wear.

Whether you’re a fan of transparent cups or not, there is a chance that you might like Cuup, just because of how comfortable it is. Unfortunately, for those that aren’t much fans of the transparent cups, there aren’t much model choices for regular ones.

Additionally, one might say that their lingerie tends to be on the expensive side. Whether that should be the case considering the fact that the bras are transparent and very light-weight is the question. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for extreme comfort and you don’t mind transparent bras, then maybe you should consider Cuup.

Still, if you’re unsure about Cuup yet, there is a chance you can try it out to see if it is a good fit for you. They offer 30-day return window, only within the US though.

NOTE: The bra’s must be unworn and in an undamaged condition in order to return it. Trying out the bra once won’t make your product not eligible for return. Consult the return policy of Cuup for further information.

With that said, let’s look at what are the pros and cons to going with Cuup:


  • Lightweight
  • Sewn Cups
  • Very breathable and open
  • A great fit quiz
  • 30-days to return or exchange an item – US
  • Unique bras


  • Transparent models only – subjective
  • Very pricy
  • Flat colors not that many flamboyant designs

Lively Review

Lively: The No-Wire Balconette Bra

Lively was founded by a former Victoria’s Secret employee, named Cordeiro Grant. With her years of experience, she had no trouble finding out what is missing in the lingerie industry. What was missing was properly fitting bras that are very comfortable and light-weight, while also having some sex appeal.

Today, they have a huge number of models each incorporating all of the aforementioned aspects into one bra.

One great sentence which they have used extensively to remind women that shouldn’t bother with uncomfortable bras is: “Your day starts at 6am-like you have time for an uncomfortable bra”. This one really struck close to home.

With Lively you do not make any compromises on anything. All you need in one bra. Sure, one thing which might not work for many is the designs, often times with flat and unflamboyant colors. Still, for those that want a “full-package”, this is it.

A quick reminder-Lively’s bras all cost $35! Yes, only that amount for a bra, plus, they have packages with multiple bras for $80.

Lively seems appealing in many ways. But what is good and what is bad with going Lively? Here’s a list of the pros and cons:


  • Great value
  • Good overall package – comfort, sexiness, price
  • Variety in models
  • A lot of helpful information on finding the right fit
  • Huge sex appeal
  • Compact
  • $35 for every model
  • 30-day return policy within the US


  • Heavier bras
  • Slightly less comfort
  • Some models are tight and not as open

Head-to-Head Comparisons

Based on the previous experience that you have with some bras; you might be in a dilemma between two brands from this list. Frankly, choosing between brands that are so appealing is such a difficult task.

Because of that, we thought it be best if we put these brands in a sort of a mini head-to-head. In any scenario, which one should you choose?

Adore Me VS Third Love

Both of these are similar in many ways. Both come in with the same bar for quality, and the two focus on comfort, but also put a lot of emphasis on sex appeal.

Financially though, Adore Me makes most sense. However, if you’re not used to heavier bras, then you should consider Third Love. They’re much more comfortable, and they fit much better than Adore Me. Still, the price gap is very high, and frankly Adore Me has much more appealing bras and underwear.

Cuup or Adore Me, Which Is Better?

It is no secret, the Cuup bras are very easy to get the right fit. Even if you’re off by the slightest bit, since the cups are sewn, it provides a much better fitment. I would say that for those that want the most comfort, and are in the market for a light-weight bra, Cuup fills that role.

While Cuup advertises their bra as very sexy, they don’t come close to Adore Me’s bras. They’re uneventful and usually with flat colors.

Not saying that they aren’t sexy at all, but in this comparison, props must be given to Adore Me. Plus, Adore Me is much more affordable, coming in with half the prices on average from Cuup.

Which Is for You, Adore Me or Lively?

Lively – Confidence Boosting Bra

When it comes to these two, there isn’t a great gap between the prices.

Both of them come in at affordable prices, and both offer more-or-less the same package. Meaning, both are tailored for comfort and sexiness as well. In all honesty, Adore Me does feel a bit higher quality, but that is misleading, since Lively has good quality, but it just isn’t up there with Adore Me.

If there aren’t much gaps between the factors that matter most, it mostly comes down to what you like more. Plus, the shopping experience should be taken into consideration.

If the VIP is appealing to you, and the subscription boxes, then Adore Me might be the perfect choice. However, if those aren’t a deal breaker for you Lively is a good value, plus their fit guide helps out a ton when choosing the right size and model.

Between Third Love & Cuup, Which One Should You Go With?

Third Love and Cuup are both radically different in terms of design. Even from afar, it can be seen that Third Love bras tend to be heavier, but also sturdier and more compact.

Cuup is the light-weight and comfort solution, but they do not offer a lot of esthetically pleasing models. It then comes down to what design you like more and what comfort levels are you looking for. In terms of pricing, they’re not that far off, both being a tad bit pricier than your regular bra.

Lively or Third Love?

Third Love’s bras feel much more compact than Lively’s ones, but it is that enough to fill the huge gap between the prices? Lively comes in almost half-price compared to Third Love, and honestly, it is hard to see why.

Lively offers great designs, and they are very comfortable. Yes, Third Love’s bras are more compact and higher quality, but the difference is only small.

However, Lively might not have you size, even if it might be the better option for some. On the contrary, Third Love offers a wide-range of sizes.

The Two Underdogs: Cuup or Lively?

Yes, these two are less popular than Adore Me and Third Love, but they have been very promising.

They do not just focus on a facade. Instead, they’re well-designed bras that are loved by many. They’re very different, and the biggest difference is the cup style. Lively’s are much more compact and heavier, while Cuup’s ones are even transparent.

Granted, Cuup’s bras are very light and comfortable. So, when it comes to these two is either extreme comfort – Cuup, or the whole package – Lively.

Lively’s bras offer more sex appeal and are much more compact, but they miss out on the comfort department. Still, they’re much more affordable, coming in half from Cuup on average. Still, personal preference might play a huge role here, and overshadow the price difference.

The Verdict: Adore Me, Third Love, Cuup, or Lively? – Best Bras

First off, it is important to mention that all of these four are impressive. Seems like the industry is changing rapidly, and one does not need to leave their door in order to get exceptional bras, all can be done with a push of a button.

But not all are for everyone. Each of these offers a different style and a different feel which might not be for many. The question isn’t which of these is the best bras, but which of these is for you.

If you’re looking to spice things up and get something with a very high sex appeal and quality, then Adore Me is the way to go. Plus, the price is very affordable!

As for Third Love, it is the best of both worlds – good sex appeal and comfort. This hybrid is for those that like to feel comfortable, while looking good. Price is a bit higher, but it’s still lower than some high-end brands on the market.

Lively is also similar to Third Love offering great value for money, while also having a lot of sex appeal and comfort.

When it comes to Cuup though, it is for the comfort seekers, or it can be a great bra to wear at home with it being so light and comfortable. Plus, if you’re having issues with getting your size right, Cuup is very forgiving with its size. It fits perfectly even if you have missed the mark on your exact size.

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