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Direct-to-consumer companies are ever-more present these days. Hugely compelling brand arguments pass through our minds each day! Most of the time, what these brands offer is far more than the usual off-the-shelf products and items that many would find.

However, the main question is: Are these claims backed up, is this too good to be true? Well, we at WhatBrandReview strive to answer those questions. We put huge brands that specialize in a particular product and we pin them against each other.

Backed By Research

All of our pieces are backed up by an extensive amount of research. Better yet, most of our team has real-world experience with some of the products we review. These days, it is great to know more about something, before making the deciding move to buy a product. We look at all of the angles, consider all of the objective views, and offer to give you information and stances that aren’t subjective at all.

Nowadays, it is even more difficult to keep up with new technologies, and the innovation that these D2C brings to the table. In many cases, we also look at research papers, or even consult with experts in order to give you as much valuable and accurate information as possible.

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We welcome any questions, suggestions or inquiries – You can reach us over email: [email protected]

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Welcome to What Brand Review.
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